9G EXI Digital Metal Gear Servo D213F EXI-Servo-D213F
9G EXI Digital Metal Gear Servo D213F EXI-Servo-D213F

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  Weight Speed Torque Size      
Model# Type g oz sec/60 kg-cm oz/in mm inch Volt Motor Gear-Type
D113F Digital 9 .32 0.13 1.6 22.2 22.6x11.4x22.2 .89x.45x.87 4.8 M20S Nylone Bearing
D213F Digital 9 0.32 0.13 1.6 22.2 22.6x11.4x22.2 .89x.45x.87 4.8 M20S Metal Bearing
D125F Digital 43 1.5 0.22 5 69.4 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
D126F Digital 43 1.5 0.17 4 55.5 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
D121F Digital 37 1.3 0.22 8 111.1 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Nylone Bearing
D122F Digital 37 1.3 0.17 6 83.3 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Nylone Bearing
D123F Digital 50 1.76 0.2 8.5 118 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Metal Bearing
D124F Digital 50 1.76 0.17 6.5 90.3 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Metal Bearing
D226F Digital 60 2.1 0.15 13 180.5 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 Coreless Metal Bearing
D227F Digital 60 2.1 0.09 8 111.1 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 Coreless Metal Bearing
B1221 Standard 43 1.5 0.23 4.5 62.5 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
B1222 Standard 43 1.5 0.18 3 41.7 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
B1226 Standard 120 4.2 1.3/360 11 152.8 58x28x52 2.29x1.10x2.05 6 370 Nylone Bearing
B1227 Standard 115 4.0 0.16 11 152.8 58x28x52 2.29x1.10x2.05 6 370 Nylone Bearing
B1228 Standard 125 4.4 0.16 15 208.3 58x28x52 2.29x1.10x2.05 6 370 Metal Bearing
"5" "Bertrand" "September 20, 2017" "I love these servos I now have 30 of them and almost all in foamie/foamboard aircraft they work well and are extremely reliable as long as exi -D213F servos are available and priced fairly I will continue to purchase them." "5" "Bertrand" "May 25, 2017" "Great little servo I have bought 20 of them so far and all perform well." "5" "mike e" "January 31, 2017" "they work great.....priced right ....love them" "5" "SteveK" "September 14, 2015" "Bought a number of them and their all working well. Good value for money!" "5" "JD" "December 25, 2014" "Amazing change in response and stability over the stock head servos for my Hausler heli. Like having a new heli!" "5" "neal" "September 9, 2014" "Tiny bit grainy but for the price super accurate and fast and tough . Fit the v200d03" "4" "Erik" "August 1, 2014" "I use these on my small scratch builds and they work great." "5" "JB" "August 31, 2013" "this servo is a great choice for for a low cost servo and performance is a plus." "5" "Flygirl" "June 12, 2013" "Bought 3 to replace the plastic geared servos in my V400D02. I can't believe the price on these. They are very good servos and would happily buy them again." "5" "flyinhighagain" "May 26, 2013" "i recently purchesed 3 : EXI-Servo-D213F that lasted me all of one day. at first they seemed better than the e-flight ds76 that came stock on blade 450x fbl. after the second one stripped i decided to inspect them. after opening one up i was amazed to find that there was one plastic gear and the rest were metal. these servos are made to fail with the one plastic gear. the e-flight rebuild gears lasted 5 times what these did. guess ill have to pay up to get a real metal gear servo. but how far up, 20, 30, 50, 100 bucks?" "5" "RoseBowlFlyer26" "April 30, 2013" "Great servos! bought 2 of these, been using them in the Easy Glider Pro ailerons. They work perfect so far, hope they last me for a long time. Yes, I do recommend these servos. In fact, I plan to order 4 more right now, for other planes. Hope my review helps you in your decision." "5" "dcwwcp" "March 20, 2013" "apparently when I gave it 3 stars they would not post my review. so let's try the same review with 5 stars. this servo centers great, is smooth and powerful, but is NOT 9 grams!!! the servo wieghs 13 grams. it should not be in the 9 gram section n matter whether it is a good servo or not, why has nobody else weighed this servo? weight is important on all aircraft. false information on weight is not appreciated the servo is a really nice product for a large application than the one I am looking for." "3" "dcwwcp" "March 8, 2013" "weighed the servo right out of the box. Not 9 grams. Actually weighs 12 grams. they are nice servos, but for the weight, for one more gram, the solar 13 gram digital metal gear servo has more power/torque." "5" "Ted D." "January 19, 2013" "Very good for the money. Use them on many styles of smaller planes." "5" "William Kleckner Sr" "January 7, 2013" "Best kept secret, in RC. No problems, good centering, good power, and I can hook up the electrical connection without any problem. NO failures yet!! Why pay Triple price?!! Get some for your next project. You wont be disappointed. No, hipe, just fact..." "5" "Cadsbury" "December 2, 2012" "Nice servos, have them on elevator/rudder of several 3D planes. they handle the demand quite well." "5" "Juicy" "November 7, 2012" "I installed 3 of these servos to replace defective or marginal stock ones on my new TechOne Extra 330. They install and work great so far. I recommend them. I just ordered 4 more!" "5" "Jonathan" "September 8, 2012" "Bought four of these for my Cap 232 and to use with my retracts on a PZ Sea Fury. I kept stripping my "plastiques" and not a problem with these beauties. For a little over $8 a piece...go metal." "5" "Phil McDowell" "July 16, 2012" "Item has performed well in a tough situation for some time. Exactually what I eanted it to do." "5" "Darren" "July 16, 2012" "I got 4 of these to put in my Belt CPX and have had not one problem with them. I would recomend these to anyone...." "5" "Mark" "June 25, 2012" "Worked great!" "5" "Toto Jerry" "June 25, 2012" "bought 6 of these metal servo to save S&H, i wished bought more , they're good, a little whining, but hey , they're metal servo, and for the price , really can't complain much......." "5" "leeann" "April 15, 2012" "So far so good... Plastic gears just are not the right choice for heicopters, at least in my first experince so far.. Out of stock again?" "5" "jrprogrammer" "March 31, 2012" "I must of purchased 24 EXI 213 F servos. I use them in gliders and electric planes. I've had better luck with the 213F than Hitec servos! Cheers, Jim" "5" "Harry E" "March 23, 2012" "These servos are a very good value. Reasonable current draw and a good balance of speed, torque and centering resolution. Buy some with a friend and get the free shipping." "5" "Mark" "February 13, 2012" "Being a "Newbie" at the time, I purchased an E-Razor 450. It flew horrible. It was a RTF version. Not knowing squat about radios or servos, or for that matter Nothing, I put it on the shelf. Thinking it was all me. I moved into airplanes, purchased a high end radio, and began learning what most of you guys already knew. After a while, I took another look at the dust covered Heli and gave it another whirl. Put my own receiver and 4 of these EXI servos in it. Holy %#@$%,,, a new Heli! The old ones, even with the new TX and Rx Jumped horribly. Couldn't even hover. Put them all around, even on the tail, and they perform great. Not one of them whine and they center perfectly. The throws are long on these, but I just tone it down with the expo. Gear movement a bit loud but they are metal. For 8 bucks, they are a pretty good little servo. I now have them in all my planes. Definitely worth the price." "5" "Daniel Madrigal" "December 22, 2011" "this servos are excellent they are fast and precise see them work rc F-22-transformers youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQRkxyCtrOA" "5" "Dexter" "November 20, 2011" "Haven't had a chance to install these yet, but they are what I want. Accurate description, good price, fast shipping. These 9gram servos will be used for flaps in my P47." "5" "William Kleckner Sr" "October 13, 2011" "I have these in two planes.In fact I replaced some well known best selling servos. Buy. and you will not be dissapointed. When I need new servos for a 40 inch or smaller project. It will be these!!!Try them, you wont be dissapointed." "5" "electricflyer" "October 12, 2011" "Hard to beat the price and value for metal geared, bearing supported and decent speed of these servos. I recently bought 8 for use on my FPV and other camera pan/tilt quadracopter platforms and I must say that I am 100% satisfied! These servos are smooth and very dependable for my intended purpose and they have been performing flawlessly. 9GXE servos are a great value for under 8USD each!! Shipping time to Hawaii was excellent, as I received my order within a week from Hobby Partz." "5" "Scotidu" "October 11, 2011" "excellant servos. Have used these in multiple applications. Including trex 450, Eflite mini edge 540, eflite ultra stick. And just bought some more for another plane I'm building. There quick, powerful, and strong. They do exhibit a little noise, but well worth the price. HIGHLY recommend these." "4" "Kevin P" "September 15, 2011" "If we're looking from a price-point perspective, these little servos are amazing! The performance is really astounding for the price you pay considering they're digital and have robust metal gears. Having said that however, you still get what you pay for. The speed and accuracy on these are great, but they seem to have a bit of slop in the center. Using them on my ailerons on my Precision Aerobatics Extra 260, they would flutter when at rest due to the slop(trying to find center but bouncing back & forth), but it really didn't affect it at all in-flight once there was airflow over the surfaces. I'd give them 5 stars, but one of the 4 had centering problems straight out of the box, and I can't justify giving a "budget" product 5 stars anyway. But, while there are most certainly better servos out there, what you get here for the price simply can't be beat and I still highly recommend them, especially over the HXT or TPro 9G plastic servos. I will be buying more for future park fliers." "5" "Larry" "September 7, 2011" "Excellent product for hte price. Sevos used and worked very well" "5" "Richard Mathers" "September 6, 2011" "It is exactly what I expected and it does the job" "5" "Mike" "August 28, 2011" "Great servo Price just went up. Wished there wasn't a $50.00 min for free shipping" "4" "Heli guy" "August 22, 2011" "I bought three for an EXI 450 Pro heli. Luckily I checked each one very carefully. One had a loose output shaft and the horn would slip. That was weird! I took the top case apart and it wasn't the horn. The top output shaft support bearing was completely missing from the facotyr! This allowed the output shaft to wobble, engaging/disengaging the driving gear dependiing on which direction you pushed the shaft. HobbyPartz Customer Service was nice enough to send me a replacement. Having said that, the other two was nice and smooth and I would buy these again." "5" "TexasClouds" "August 19, 2011" "They fit the 450 Pro frame with mild modifications to the gussets. They are smooth, nice resolution, and seem to center well. I can't find a better quality servo for under $25 each." "5" "joey" "August 2, 2011" "but this digital servo put it on my 450 pro i had to do some cosmatic but it works really well an not to bad, can't complain a + nice done exi! i would buy more for u guy's" "5" "James" "July 30, 2011" "These are my favorite servo from hobbypartz. I use them for my cyclic and tail on my EXI 250 and they preform flawlessly!" "5" "dwhite" "June 20, 2011" "great servo but takes to long to ship." "5" "Loran" "June 17, 2011" "I changed out my futaba servo units for these and found they are more stable in my 450 Trex. They are a quality servo at an affordable price, who can ask for more?" "5" "GILLES DELAMIRANDE" "June 16, 2011" "PERFECT FIT FOR WALKERA V 400D02 TO REPLACE THE SCRAP ORIGINAL SERVO GOOD PRODUCT" "5" "JMF" "June 9, 2011" "Good servo, poor quality control. One out of the four I purchased had a broken connection. After inspecting the internal wire connections I wound up resoldering all of them in all four servos. Part of the problem stems from the RoHS mandated solder, bad connections are hard to distinguish from good ones. The servos perform well, not too much slop in the metal gear train and are fast enough to perform well in my 450 heli." "5" "Ahmed" "June 6, 2011" "Installed 3 of these on my V400D02, never been better, they might seem quiet when you first get them, but after a while they tend to get very noisy, this is not a problem for me because well it is a helicopter and it is supposed to be noisy sooo.. Other than that they are very strong, durable, fast, can take hits, and center very well indeed, the resolution is fairly well and the travel is a bit too far than the stock servos. I really recommend those for a beginner to start out since they need no reversing, they don't cost a lot, and they will last a while before they finally strip. Just amazing" "4" "Jeff" "June 5, 2011" "Nice servo but unfortunately there is still a plastic gear in the mix. It would be better if all metal. After a crash, expect this servo to need it's gears replaced (at least the plastic one) and the gear set is always out of stock. Otherwise nice, especially for the money. It would be worth an extra $1 for the gears to be all metal." "5" "rc nut" "June 3, 2011" "great little servo got the money, high torque and speed AAAAA+++++ would highly recommend." "5" "MikeRuth" "May 26, 2011" "Holly Smokes these servo's are HOT! Love them, fast, solid, center dead on and powerful. Put them into a Cualris and it Rocks! MikeRuth" "5" "MWS" "May 26, 2011" "I BOUGHT ONE & USED FUTABA ON THE REST OF MY 3D ENIGMA --I THINK IM GOING TO HAVE TO REPLACE THE FUTABA FOR EXI--I ALSO HAVE THESE IN A 450 HELI --THEY ALWAYS STAY THE SAME FROM TIME TO TIME --THANKS" "5" "Ahmed" "May 20, 2011" "Mounted on my V400D02 and they work amazingly They need a bit of work to get them fitted but they run fine The travel on them is a bit far than the stock ones Other than that they are great, quiet, fast, and strong Glad I bought them" "5" "Cale Burkes" "May 6, 2011" "Using these servos on my 3DHS Edge 41". Center well and are fairly quick. You will hear a buzzing sound from them now and then but they are worth it. The only issue I have with them is I wish the servo arms were a little longer. For the price they are great!" "5" "navigator" "May 5, 2011" "I used 3 of these metal gear servos in my Walkera V400D02. So far, the servos are working great, but they did require a bit of modding to fit them in the heli. These servos do seem to buzz a lot, but cares as long as they work great!" "5" "Ray Nawara" "April 25, 2011" "For the money it can't be beat." "5" "Rick" "April 18, 2011" "This is a great servo for the price. The stock plastic gear servo for my RC18 is $24." "5" "Kardoc" "April 16, 2011" "I installed 3 of these servos in my V400D02. Not a direct drop in, a lil modification was needed. I have to say,these servos are pretty darn good ! The response of these as compared to the stock servos is amazing. Can't beat the price either..." "5" "Norton" "April 5, 2011" "Good item very strong I use them in 40 size planes and in my lightning jet, works just fine!" "4" "Snerdlyy" "April 4, 2011" "Seems to work just fine. Centers well, plenty or torque; works for me at a good price! Snerdly" "5" "Oakley" "April 3, 2011" "Bought this little guy for my Team Associated RC18T2, and with very little modification, it fit perfectly. this servo took the stock servo saver and screw that comes with the stock servo! the only mod i had to do was shave the servo mount on each side a little bit, and take a small chunk from the lip of the chassis near the servo saver. took 5 minutes to do, and the power is great! very fast and responsive, no centering issues. does make a whining noise from time to time, but that hasn't effected the performance. For 8 bucks and free shipping, its a great deal!" "5" "DJC" "April 2, 2011" "you cant beat this servo for the price they are fast and can take a lickin and keep workin. thumbs up here" "5" "jb" "April 1, 2011" "I purchased a dozen of the EXI D213F servos over a year period, the last order I placed I purchased a dozen more, they are a great value. I build a lot of foamy parkjet type models and have my own foam racer design that flies at over 90 mph and these servos work great! They are a little noisy, just the nature of the digital I guess, I will purchase more." "4" "Jonathan" "March 31, 2011" "I am using 3 on cyclic for a EXI 450 V3 (the 'Pro' fuselage.) The servo mounting tabs are beefy, and the tops of each tab also has 2 gusset braces to further strengthen them. To mount these servos in the EXI 450 V3 (or if you have any other application where you need to mount the servo from the top of the mounting tab) you will first need to use an Xacto knife to carve off those mounting tab gussets Over all the fit and finish of EXI servos is really good. They are all relatively fast, have good torque, they center well, and have little to no overshoot. As some have noted, they do tend to buzz a bit more than other digitals. When I opened the servo cases, I found they often have little or no lube on the gears. I found that adding a bit of some synco-lube (silicon) grease to the gears not only quiets them down but also seems to make them faster--maybe." "4" "stateman" "March 27, 2011" "I Got this servo for my propulse 18th scale truck and it is far superior to the stock one. So far my only complaint is that I had get creative to get it to fit." "5" "Jim Green" "March 20, 2011" "Very nice sevo for the money ..very strong and glitch free. These are what I use in most of my fleet" "4" "Joe" "March 17, 2011" "The only reason I didn't give this servo 5 stars is that there was no mounting hardware included. I mean, c'mon.. a couple mounting screws would have been nice. Other than that, it's a great servo so far. I'll be putting them through the paces again this weekend and I'm looking forward to having another trouble free flight!" "5" "Skilly" "March 13, 2011" "I like these servos. Currently they are riding in mine and my sons V400D02's. They are very good for the price. Much better than the servo that came with these hellies." "5" "Oakley" "March 11, 2011" "Bought this servo to replace the stock servo on the team associated rc18t2, and it fits great! just a little shaving on the servo bracket and it fits like a glove. the stock servo saver and screw fit perfect too! ever once in a while i hear the servo buzz, but it centers well, and the speed is slightly faster than stock. great little servo, highly recommend for the AE RC18T2!" "5" "Shakey" "March 7, 2011" "I use these in my 450 sized heli's. They are quite for digital servos. They center very nicely. I have not had a single failure yet. Highly recommend them, even for the tail servo, unless you really need a higher speed servo. I have found them to be plenty fast and powerful." "4" "kim huynh" "March 4, 2011" "The first time I bought this servo,I use it on my T-rex 450 ,this servo work fast and better hitec I had been use on my 450,good servo with good price" "5" "Dan" "February 26, 2011" "Got 3 of these on my cyclic on a 450 clone working excellent. Very tough, took a hard crash that broke my carbon blades and bent my head and tail boom but servos were unaffected and still work perfect. This was a hard nose in crash." "4" "Howard Leipzig" "December 15, 2010" "Excellent servo for the purpose they were designed. The bad part is there seems to be no spare arms." "5" "Flexnbeef" "December 13, 2010" "Great little servo for the price. survived several crashes with no damage. I use these servo's on all my 450 heli's." "4" "Beachcomber" "November 25, 2010" "I'm using these servos on the cyclic of my CopterX 450 heli. Had a really bad crash that ruined all 3 of my Hitec HS-65. The only difference that I can tell between these D213F and the Hitec are the full stroke of the D213F is slightly shorter than the Hitec. So that means after leveling my swash carefully, I only have to change the setup on my transmitter increasing the numbers in my dual rates and swash-mix-pitch to get the same movement I had before. Great for cyclic, too slow for tail." "5" "Michael" "November 11, 2010" "These are excellent servos, using them in my 450 Clone and precise enough for my flying skills, good centering and acceptibel speed, what else more can you ask for" "5" "Tryin2Fly" "November 8, 2010" "I bought 2 of these awhile ago just to see how well they work for 8 bucks why not They work very well I put one in the HK 450 for the tail much better than hxt900(it got hot) they do however have 1 plastic gear in them but so far no problems with it. I liked them so much that I went back and ordered 6 more for the swash! I also use them in Flat EPP foam scratch built planes too. Get'em for the price they work as good or better than the name brand Why would anyone pay more just for a Name? these things are GREAT!!!!" "5" "scott johnson" "November 1, 2010" "use them in all my edf jets never had a problem sometimes you find a great servo and @ 8 bucks these are it." "4" "scb28" "October 19, 2010" "I installed 3 of these servos in a 2meter e-glider. They seem to work fine. My only complaint is that I get alot of buzzing from one of them. I know digital servos are more prone to this, but it's still annoying." "4" "Harry" "October 15, 2010" "Works great. Using this servo for all movements except rudder and they are very tight and quick. The only minor problem was the size is a little bit larger than the front mount cavities supplied for the EXI 450. I also needed to locate rubber mounting donuts, other than that excellent, good price" "5" "Markwozman" "October 14, 2010" "great servos I have bought 8 of these!! Only one out of the bunch was bad and did not center correctly but for the money who cares saved it for parts and bought more!!" "5" "JRR" "October 10, 2010" "Since I bought the first 4 of these, I've purchased 6 more to replace the funky, prone to break the gears "brand name" servos. These work great for my sailplanes!" "4" "wane" "October 4, 2010" "Installed on my 450 Copterx as a tail servo. Centers good , quick and is moderately quite. seems to hold great and best of all it is a metal gear. Better than those Eflte digital servos that I have used which cost twice the money with nylon gears and strip out with no warning causeing a crash. So far I give this servo 4 stars. I think i"ll buy more of these exi's digital servos." "4" "cecilio palacio" "September 24, 2010" "I used this servo on my exi 450 works great" "5" "Rich" "September 5, 2010" "Really like them, they center nice are smooth and seem quite rugged." "5" "Koi's" "August 3, 2010" "Awesome little servo works great on a 450 heli :) handles mild 3d pretty good i also using them on a multiplex easy glider awesome for the cost" "5" "the#1" "August 1, 2010" "I am using three of these as cyclic servos on my 450 clone and they've survived several knocks with no problems. Collective movement is not perfectly interaction-free but it's pretty good. I'd like to try these in a fast edf and see how they perform! I'll buy more for sure!" "5" "helisurfer" "July 13, 2010" "absolutly great servo. have them on 3 450's with lits of crashes and all still work. you can't really tell with a plastic head if you have a metal head this is the best low cost servo." "5" "Bert" "July 8, 2010" "I ordered four of these before their price was lowered. While my original intention was to use them on a Copter-X 450SE v2, the need arose to have one installed in the wing of my Great Planes ElectroStick where it has proven to be a rock solid performer. I will be ordering more soon, especially at this lowered price." "5" "landpilot" "July 4, 2010" "exelent servo for the money have 12 of them all in my copters (2- 450) (1- 500) no problems found. have aprox 15 flights on each" "5" "3DFLYER" "June 29, 2010" "First of all these servos are "digital" because you can clearly hear the noise. Secondly, the HS-65 servo horns WILL NOT FIT properly, so don't use them. A heli expert who flys with hi end servos in his equipment flew my copter and he said it was rock solid and felt connected to it." "5" "trex 450" "June 27, 2010" "perfect servo i bought one a while ago and it works perfectly. using it on my trex 450 on the tail and it is fast with the 550 align gyro erfect combo. no drift olds nice." "5" "crash#8" "June 23, 2010" "love it they do the job grate with my trex 450 v2 useing them for my swash and they take a bit more power to run then your avrage 9g so they are a bit faster but nonethe less they do a grate job" "5" "pinoydad" "June 3, 2010" "awsome servos take crashes real good ..." "4" "Ryan B" "May 30, 2010" "it is very reliable the metal gears never strip, i use these on my twin 64mm edf a-10 from bananahobby.com(the new larger epo version) and they power the retracts, and just about everything else. i also use these on my e-flite brio VERY RELIABLE!! the only problem i have is a sort of lack of torque at 4.8 volts (so spend a little extra money on something that will give the reviever 6.0 volts ITS WORTH IT" "5" "JB" "May 27, 2010" "Good servo for the price. I brought several and they all work fine." "3" "Heli User" "March 24, 2010" "Got two of these and they look nice. They seem to fit the space without any modifications. I don't like that mounting tab is open though. They come with a tiny plastic piece that goes in there but it's a pain the butt to screw it on. Plus it tends to pop off. Very annoying. Now I still prefer the servos with the completely enclosed tabs. No space for the screws or adapters to go any where else. Might keep you from stabbing yourself with the screw driver too. So they get 3 stars because of that and because they were a pain to install with those open tabs." "2" "ROF BOARDZ" "March 16, 2010" "Stronger than regular servos, but they still have a base nylon gear. It would be nice if that was in the description, and if they offered replacement gears(at least the nylon one)" "2" "RJ" "March 9, 2010" "I bought one of these to use on the tail of my Blade 400. It's slow but, so am I. The servo I received has a bad case of creep. I had to add 43% sub-trim to finally get it to slow down to a very, very slow creep ...still unacceptable. It may work fine in a plane but, I don't recommend it for helis. RJ" "5" "Alex" "February 8, 2010" "I have been using these servos for about 6 months now. I personally have 4 different helicopters, plus I know of two other helicopters which use these servos for cyclic control. Over all performance is excellent. For digital servos they have very little noise, center very well and resolution is not bad at all. The servo arms are interchangeable with HS-65. Out of 18 servos tested only one had some minor problems, the travel range was a bit larger than for other servos. Additionally these servos are not rated to 6 volts. Even though I have been using them with 5.25 volts, I am not sure what would happen if BEC output is 6 volts. Finally it appears that Hobbypartz got new batch of these servos. New batch has black servo arms, as well as the polarity of the servos has been switched." "5" "copterx" "January 18, 2010" "i used it on my copterx 450 . Buy Em , you wont regret!" "5" "TurboBot" "December 13, 2009" "Quiet, smooth, strong, and no neutral jitter. Much better than T Pro or Cirrus. Highly recommended" "4" "Fenton" "October 30, 2009" "I got 3 of these. they seem to work ok, but I don't think they are really "digital". They don't dither and squeal like a true digital servo. but for $9 a metal gear BB servo is a good value." "4" "SupaTim" "October 18, 2009" "Thought I'd try these as a replacement to the stock Blade 400 servos. Fits in to stock location with NO mods needed. Servos are fast, but seem just a little less "torky" than what I replaced. 12 flights and no regrets yet!" "5" "Vince" "September 8, 2009" "I finally found extra servo horns here- http://www.hobbypartz.com/4011-gearhorn.html" "4" "Vince" "September 8, 2009" "This is a excellent servo for EXI 450 helicopter. The only negative is difficult to order extra horns." "4" "William K." "July 15, 2009" "So far the servo has preformed as advertised. I also have Outrunners ans ESCs from these guys. I am very pleased with everything sofar, now only if they can keep them instock!" "5" "Morgan" "April 14, 2009" "i like this servo and also the d113f. good quality. this one hasnt failed me yet. i'm very happy. thanks!!!"

Our warranty/ return / exchange policy is very simple. If the item we sent you is defective when you received the shipment from us (NOT AFTER USE), you can report to us by email for return / exchange / refund arrangement.

Request(s) for return or exchange and report(s) of missing or damaged part(s) must be received within 30 days of your receipt of merchandise(s). We reserves the rights to entertain requests received thereafter.

Items returned must be in as-new conditions with the packing slips, manuals, accessories and all other items intact in original packaging. Returned merchandise must be received from our customer before we will process and ship out any replacement. All merchandise should be returned to us by shipping carriers with safe method which provides proof of shipment (just in case your item does not reach us. so you can check with your local shipping carrier.) We will not responsible for the lost of returned merchandise in shipping.

Shipping and handling charges for all orders are non-refundable, as we have paid the Post Office to send the shipment and the Post Office will NOT refund the postage cost back to us after they processed the shipment. Customer will be responsible for the return shipping cost to send return back to us. For returned merchandise that is found to be genuinely defective, we ship out replacement for free (we pay for the replacement shipping cost) and will not charge additional shipping and handling fees.

We reserves the right to return merchandise to its customer and not refund money, if we in our opinion deem that the merchandise has been used, crashed, abused, misused or modified in any form, or has been damaged by water, dust, or other contaminants.

*** All items are tested by manufactures to make sure they are working properly before we ship them to our customers.

*** Please inspect the product when you received the shipment, identified any issue and report to us BEFORE you try to fly / use it. Please also check over the product (especially the helicopters and air planes) and make sure they are all good every time before use (or taking to the air).

*** Return / exchange / refund is not allowed if the item has been used or flew. Please understand that RC helicopters and airplanes can crash if mistake made or you do not know how to fly, any kind of crash or hard landing may caused damage(s) to the helicopter or plane. We have no control over your flying skill, behavior or the conditions you have chosen to fly in. We tested all products before shipment as we stated above, if you have any problem with the aircraft or other product(s) you ordered from us, please report it at the time when you received the shipment (not after use please).

*** If you used / flew the product, or crashed product, no matter what the reason. We are sorry but we can not be responsible for your crash or use. Hobbypartz.com will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages including bodily injuries and property damages arising from the use of any product(s) that it sells. Hobbypartz.com reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Remote controlled products and accessories can be very dangerous.  Please read the operating manual before use.  We have no control over the correct use, installation, application, or maintenance of our products, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any damages, losses or costs resulting from the use of the products. Any claims arising from the operating, failure or malfunctioning etc. will be denied. We assume no liability for personal injuries, property damages or consequential damages resulting from our products.

*** These terms applied to all sales made from our website, email, phone, or fax. If you do not agree to our terms, please do not make the order.

We reserves the right to amend this policy without further notification(s).

To experience 5-Star Customer Service & Tech Support from HobbyPartz.com, visit us at RCDiscuss.com


Detrum / Dynam 9g Servo 60P-DY-1007
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T-Pro Mini Servo SG-90 9G Servo
Great for RC Helis & ParkFlyers
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8~9G High Speed Micro RC Servo
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9G EXI Digital Servo D113F EXI-Servo-D113F
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9G EXI Digital Metal Gear Servo D213F EXI-Servo-D213F
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9G Micro RC Servo
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