60G EXI Digital Coreless Servo-D226F w/ Metal Gear EXI-Servo-D226F
60G EXI Digital Coreless Servo-D226F w/ Metal Gear EXI-Servo-D226F

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Item #:EXI-Servo-D226F
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       Technical Note: Compatiable w/ 1/10, 1/12, 1/8 RC Cars

  Weight Speed Torque Size      
Model# Type g oz sec/60 kg-cm oz/in mm inch Volt Motor Gear-Type
D113F Digital 9 .32 0.13 1.6 22.2 22.6x11.4x22.2 .89x.45x.87 4.8 M20S Nylone Bearing
D213F Digital 9 0.32 0.13 1.6 22.2 22.6x11.4x22.2 .89x.45x.87 4.8 M20S Metal Bearing
D125F Digital 43 1.5 0.22 5 69.4 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
D126F Digital 43 1.5 0.17 4 55.5 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
D121F Digital 37 1.3 0.22 8 111.1 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Nylone Bearing
D122F Digital 37 1.3 0.17 6 83.3 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Nylone Bearing
D123F Digital 50 1.76 0.2 8.5 118 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Metal Bearing
D124F Digital 50 1.76 0.17 6.5 90.3 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Metal Bearing
D226F Digital 60 2.1 0.15 13 180.5 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 Coreless Metal Bearing
D227F Digital 60 2.1 0.09 8 111.1 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 Coreless Metal Bearing
B1221 Standard 43 1.5 0.23 4.5 62.5 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
B1222 Standard 43 1.5 0.18 3 41.7 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
B1226 Standard 120 4.2 1.3/360 11 152.8 58x28x52 2.29x1.10x2.05 6 370 Nylone Bearing
B1227 Standard 115 4.0 0.16 11 152.8 58x28x52 2.29x1.10x2.05 6 370 Nylone Bearing
B1228 Standard 125 4.4 0.16 15 208.3 58x28x52 2.29x1.10x2.05 6 370 Metal Bearing

"5" "jcl6601" "November 29, 2015" "Great servo!! Best bang for the buck. I use it in my revo conversion with single steering servo and it has plenty of power." "5" "Danny" "April 9, 2015" "I've been using this servos for more than 4 years, a little bit noisy but very strong." "4" "Steve (WINGNUT)" "June 20, 2014" "Great servo for the price. Over 250 oz. inches of torque at 6 volts. I use these in large scale gas airplanes up to 80 inch span. Cannot beat the bang for the buck. They come with heavy duty arms but no grommets. Pllenty fast enough for sport and scale type flying. I only gave four stars due to the lack of supplied grommets." "5" "tom" "May 11, 2014" "I have been using this servo in my 2wd SCT and it has been working great." "5" "stamp4" "November 24, 2013" "I have been running one of these in my brushless emaxx for 6 months now and it has worked flawlessly! With one of these in an emaxx, you have no need for the 2 servo stock set up. PLENTY of torque and mine has never had an issue. AWESOME for the money guys!!!!" "4" "Crazy Ed" "September 3, 2013" "Bought these to replace E-Maxx stock servos. The servos are an upgrade in both power and speed. However the casing is prone to crack and break hence the 4 out of 5 stars. Please note casing broke after near a full years bashing/racing, just never broke a servo casing before. Moral, buy extra casings. When servo was together work as advertised and I was very pleased. I am buying more if that tells you anything." "5" "Aerobob" "August 26, 2013" "Lots of power, but NOTHING else desirable in a digital coreless servo. These are a power hog, very noisy, very slow, and have the worst centering since ever. Within flights, ALL channels drift, then after retrimming, drift on the next flight. There is no such thing as "Center".....buy at your own risk, if you want accurate servos." "5" "Caharris" "July 3, 2013" "What a strong servo. Lots of torque. I'm using them in my 600 clone heli. Haven't flown it just yet, waiting for a couple parts. Very happy still... Thx HPz" "5" "Ken" "May 30, 2013" "Not a bad servo at all. If you are a basher, it is definitely going to be the best all metal geared servo you could find for the price, hands down. I run mine in a Ofna TS2, with a castle sidewinder system. At top speed the servo fumbles a little bit, but for the most part, it gets the job done without any problem. All and all a great product" "5" "Ted D." "April 27, 2013" "Very good servo for the price." "5" "israel" "April 25, 2013" "Good servo for the money. Works flawlessly in my 1/10 scale truck. Would recommend it." "5" "blueraptor700" "October 8, 2012" "Seems to be a good servo a little noisy but pretty strong for a 2wd corr truck" "5" "Jason Runner" "September 28, 2012" "Was very pleased with this servo. I use it on my Axial Wraith. I got it wet one day and the next day it started twitching and turning left all by itself. I opened it up and found 1 plastic gear on the very bottom. thought it was supposed to be METAL gears..like the picture. Will defiantly waterproof the next one and change the grease." "5" "cris newberry" "July 14, 2012" "works great and service was great!" "5" "YK" "July 11, 2012" "I bought two and this is really powerful for 1/10 scale car. you have to use some screw lock to prevent from lost screw." "5" "Michael" "May 5, 2012" "good servo, no jitter or other issues, working great in my 30 CC Sbach 342" "5" "Craig" "April 17, 2012" "As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Very noisy and very stiff - these do not "feel" like other coreless digital servos I have. Those however cost $80 each---- I have them in my 30cc Sukhoi. More to report after I've flown them. Will not likely buy more for aircraft use. These might be great for the car and truck guys." "5" "Charles Smithey" "April 12, 2012" "LOVE IT! That is the most simple way to say it, the centering on them are Dead On! Every time. I built a test stand to run these through the motions and see how they are going to act behind a 60cc Motor twisting a 20x10 prop for a Stephull Airboat I am currently building for a speed record boat, and I will tell you, very impressive. We got tired of dumping out a ton of cash for 35-50$ servos to have them "Supposedly" be Waterproof, got these burned them in for a hour doing servo no load running then another 30min doing load testing runs took them apart cleaned them up really good, used good servo grease, water proofed them myself since they are going to be around the water a lot. I do recommend you take new servos and treat them like any engine, burn them in a little just sit there about 1 hour and turn them slow, fast, ect, take 30min of that time, hook up a light spring on your strait bar for them on each side so you can do the same for a while under a load, DO NOT make it some crazy amount of load, be real with it like the load your expecting the servo to be under for your project, and run them like you would in your craft. If you know how to work on servos take them apart clean the "Factory Grease" out of them, normally it is a basic grease, and use your own and put them back together. This way after you burn them in you refresh the grease. We use a hi-temp grease that wont eat or make plastic into jelly. Can not remember the name of it or I would pass it on been using the stuff for years never had a problem, it also is non conductive. If you take care of your servo's they will last a long time. These servos are very fast and responsive I love them and for the price you can not go wrong. 5Stars to the Servo and 10 Stars for HobbyPartz :) super fast shipping as normal and great people to deal with." "5" "pete findeis" "April 12, 2012" "Great servo. Have bought 3 so far and never had one break yet" "5" "Jeremy" "April 10, 2012" "I'm using this servo in an Ofna LX2e 1/8 buggy. I originally had a Traxxas 2075 servo in it and swapped it out for the EXI. It is way faster and for the price, it just can't be beat. As far as noise... who cares. It's digital and trying to find perfect center, which is what it's supposed to do." "5" "Russ" "April 9, 2012" "So far this works great, it's the second one I've bought, the other one is a little faster geared, both seem to be very durable. They do make some funky sounds and glitch a little when new but seem to break in smoothly over time. Overall a great value for the money." "5" "Taylor" "April 4, 2012" "I bought three of these for the cyclic on my Trex 600 and they work great! There are incredibly strong, relatively quick, and center very well. I was originally a little skeptical, however I have no regrets in throwing these on my 600 and don't plan to buy any more expensive servos." "4" "Demetrius" "March 23, 2012" "For the price, you can't beat it. I'm running these on my T-Rex 600 ESP 8s and for me they are performing well. Nice power and speed, my only complaint is they are a little noisy. I'm no 3D pilot but sport flying the servos work well, great job." "3" "cMahl" "March 22, 2012" "I bought this thinking it would be an upgrade to the servo that came in my Mad Beast but I can't notice any real difference. Works fine. Good price. Slightly noisy. No complaints other than the fact that I was expecting more." "4" "rileyt" "March 19, 2012" "Does the job well. My biggest complaint is that I can't find documentation about the signals required and electrical characteristics (current-draws etc). I'm also a little worried about the support of the counter-shaft in that it's just supported by the plastic top enclosure and the shaft is pretty tiny." "5" "crunchybobjones" "February 22, 2012" "1 of the best servos i have seen in this price range, i have them on all my rc cars for steering servo.. any time i seem them in stock i try to pick up 2 or 3 for friends and spares.." "5" "Tee" "February 19, 2012" "These are great servos for about any RC Vehicle, I had purchased a SCT and came back to Hooby Partz to pick more of these servos for the torque, speed, digital response and durability of this product. My Losi XXX-SCT and Traxxas Slash have the precise steering it needed over the stock servos for racing and for my son bashing at the track!!!" "5" "Plcnunn" "February 8, 2012" "This is the best servo (for the money) that I have ever used. Would put it equal to hi-tec!" "5" "Sergey Melnik" "December 23, 2011" "I installed a BEC on my MMP for this servo but didnt really need it and could have gotten away with a cap. In my SC10 its all Ill ever need, fast and powerful." "5" "rener losi strike" "December 15, 2011" "fantastic servo man i could get over the sound when i remember how much i paid for the servo... every part i have purchased from this site has been great sure hope they do restock on alot of items cuz my wife loves the fact i dont spend nearly as much here than my lhs" "5" "Ralph Sirianni" "December 2, 2011" "this is an awesome servo for the money does have a little glitch once in a while but offers extremly powerful turning excellent speed as well as an affordable price as well or better than most higher priced servos would highly recomend for any 1/8 truggy or buggy i currently am using one for the steering in my sons revo and plan to buy more if ever restocked hopefully soon" "5" "Andrew" "November 27, 2011" "This is a decent servo for the price, but I have found it too be a bit twitchy, and quite noisy. It does have a good amount of torque and a decent speed. I probably wont buy another, but for the price Im still happy with it." "4" "Joel Hains" "November 13, 2011" "I bought one of these to use as a steering servo in my MBX5T truggy. I say for the money you can't beat it! It has no trouble turning this truggy no matter what surface I am running on. The only issue whith it is that it is loud. I was conserned when I first plugged it in that there was something wrong with it. I have never heard a servo make this much noise but it performs great and thats all that matters to me. I will be purchasing more of them in the future!" "5" "tevennealy32" "November 9, 2011" "Buy it use it and you will fall in love with it like I have. I use it in my rc8 as a steering servo and it works very well and is very durable." "5" "joraga" "November 5, 2011" "great servo im usei9ng 2 one is my 35% extra 330l and one on my rudder of my 30% edge 540 just wishing they would keep them in stock more i still need 4 more" "5" "Jeff" "November 2, 2011" "Just got 2 of these in. Put one in a Brushless E-Maxx and the other in a Brushed E-Maxx. They both work great. Very responsive sharp quick turns. Blows the stock ones out of the water. For this price you cant go wrong!!!" "5" "TevenNealy32" "October 25, 2011" "Great servo for the price. I have been using it for a month now on my associated rc8 buggie and havent had any problems yet.Very strong servo and very accurate. A little noisie at first but after using it for a while the noise stoped.I would recomend these servos to any one with a buggie." "5" "Cody" "August 28, 2011" "Great servo! I have it in my Traxxas T-maxx and man is it a HUGE improvement over the stock servo. I no longer worry about not making a turn! Highly recomend this servo to ANYONE. Besides look at the Price what have you got to loose?" "5" "Tom" "August 10, 2011" "Good hi power servo" "5" "Mike" "August 9, 2011" "The best servo I've ever used hands down I can't believe I've been using much higher priced servo's! Will order more!" "5" "Paul" "August 7, 2011" "Bought this for my Duratrax st and it works great. Was sure if I wanted to but I am so happy that I did now. Excellent product." "5" "Tee" "July 25, 2011" "I use this servo on my 1/8 scale buggy and truggy. Plenty of speed and torque to handle these vehicles. Well worth worth the money compared to the big names and have not had any performance issue or failure. Great product!!" "5" "scott" "June 27, 2011" "Just received some new ones, Yeah they include grommets and bushings now, I have not had one fail yet in my 1/8 scale buggy's and truggy's" "5" "Joseph K." "June 10, 2011" "Used in an OFNA Lx1 1/8 scale buggy as the steering servo....At least twice as strong as the stock servo and pretty good turning speeds. Did not use it long enough to give it a full review (motor blew in buggy and I sold it) but in the short time I tested it the servo worked perfectly." "5" "JD" "June 1, 2011" "Outstanding servo and the price is unbeatable." "5" "BETTERDEAD" "May 12, 2011" "This servo works excellent in my BLITZ ESE. It's fast, strong and affordable. I would recommend it to anyone." "5" "Adam from LA_RCRepair" "May 5, 2011" "excellent servo, strong! centers well, I use them alot, and well continue to purchase them!!!!!!!A+++++++++++++++" "5" "Justin-Nampa" "March 24, 2011" "Works great, nice and fast, very powerful. does have that annoying scratchy sound sometimes. would recommend great price." "4" "Joe" "March 24, 2011" "Very good value with this servo. I had some fitment issue in my RC10 offroad car. Servo arm or gears slipped during some minor bumps, but installed a servo saver and all is good!" "5" "Jason" "March 10, 2011" "i put this a hyper 9e 1/8 scale buggy. Works great only have two battery packs thru the buggy. At $15 its cheaper than fixing hitec or jr servos." "5" "sam" "March 6, 2011" "Great steering servo for my Losi SCTE" "5" "Steve" "January 10, 2011" "Purchased 8 of these servos....Made the decision from reading the specs....Dumb decision....3 out of the 8 do not work at all...The ones that actually worked Grind and skip as they rotate...sound like it's full of stripped gears...Opened one up and there it was a plastic gear under the metal ones.., no grease....and they are very Heavy..Also i don't know where the came up with the ounces of torque rating ..Can easily bind the servo with one finger....And no hardware....The worst purchase I've made in the hobby in 25 years...Noisey, grindy, skippy crappy servos...eat the money it will taste better...." "4" "Johnny S." "November 7, 2010" "internals work in ace an hitec servos incase of structural failure." "5" "Justin" "October 30, 2010" "I use this in my Jammin SCRT10 for steering and it works well. Requires a glitch buster with a Castle MMP esc (the ESC's problem but just noting this so you don't fault the servo). Good torque and fairly snappy, very pleased for the price!" "5" "Nathan" "October 12, 2010" "this servo is awesome tones of power and fast! will buy again.... if needed" "5" "YouTube.com/user/masonis1" "September 10, 2010" "This thing has way to much power to turn 6 1/2 tires under a load. Has super power and speed. Well worth the money. Works better than hitec servos. Recommend for everyone. Used in a exceed rc madstorm with a ltp z.28 r spec 3 and a dynamite 053 pipe. Will easily go 60 mph and steers great at those speeds" "5" "Sein" "August 3, 2010" "I have a Losi 8t 2.0 rtr, and I was looking a good steering servo for the truck. A friend told me to check out this website, so I did. Found the D226F and looked at the performance and was shock at how inexpensive it was. I decided to give it a try, and MAN am I glad I did. This is a great servo period, and for the price you can't beat it at all. I was looking to spend 80 to 100 buck for servos with similar performance. I have over a gallon on this servo right now and it is working great. I will be doing a review on it and post it onto you tube soon. Until then you can check out this video of me running my Losi with the D226F for steering and D227F for throttle and brake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmSonvgYwDY" "4" "jakbruce2008" "July 24, 2010" "These servos are incredibly strong. the torque ratings should be true for the amount of power they put out. Although if the servos are over-torqued the case will fail before the gears/ motor. the holding torque exceeds the structural integrity of the servo. aside from that they are excellent." "5" "Ed Man" "April 11, 2010" "I'm flying these servos in a 1/4 scale Yak 54 and they are better than the H t 9254. they are faster stronger have better dead band you touch the trim one and the servo moves I can't say that about the 9254." "4" "Alan" "January 10, 2010" "I bought 4 for my 22% Yak 54. They work great for the elev. halves and ailerons but DON'T use them for a pull-pull tail. They oscillate horribly and will destroy themselves. I had to either leave the cables too loose or swap the servo . I even tried the D227F first. It was worse because it is even faster." "1" "Bob" "December 10, 2009" "Bench tested (6) pcs ordered @ 6V---quick , but not very smooth w/ noisy circuitry if put to your ear--especially continuous at end points. No mtg grommets, bushing , or screws provided.Linkage holes in arms are huge ? I suspect these are not mean't for anything but cars, etc.--Poor guess buy on my behalf !" "2" "Bill" "December 2, 2009" "The D226F's I received are not the all-metal-gear servos shown in the website photos. The website photos show all metal gears, but the actual product has a mix of metal and plastic gears... Disappointing..." "5" "Stan" "November 20, 2009" "Hey Guy's, these don't include rubber gromlets, bushings, and screws, not a big deal, I probubly have enough used ones to get by, but if not where would you be able to buy these parts?" "5" "John" "July 11, 2009" "I bought 5 of these. I cycled each for 20 minutes and load tested one servo at 169 oz/inch. It was near stall. That is over 10 1/2 pounds. I disassembled all servos and found only one small metal sliver in the gear train. I doubt it would have hurt anything. No gear slop. Great servo for the price and I trust them." "5" "Dave" "June 23, 2009" "This servo was more than I expected...so far I have 2 hours of run time on it with NO problems!! I love it and I'm gonna buy some more....especially at this price!!" "5" "William" "April 14, 2009" "The D226F servo is not bad and the centering is quite good. For the price, it's a great high strength servo!"

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