60G EXI Digital Coreless Servo D227F w/ Metal Gear *Super Fast and Responsive* EXI-Servo-D227F
60G EXI Digital Coreless Servo D227F w/ Metal Gear *Super Fast and Responsive* EXI-Servo-D227F

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       Technical Note: Compatiable w/ 1/10, 1/12, 1/8,Trex600

This motor is high quality, all metal gears, super fast and responsive. Highly recommended for those into racing and great for RC cars. Also makes a good tail servo for the Trex 600!

  Weight Speed Torque Size      
Model# Type g oz sec/60 kg-cm oz/in mm inch Volt Motor Gear-Type
D113F Digital 9 .32 0.13 1.6 22.2 22.6x11.4x22.2 .89x.45x.87 4.8 M20S Nylone Bearing
D213F Digital 9 0.32 0.13 1.6 22.2 22.6x11.4x22.2 .89x.45x.87 4.8 M20S Metal Bearing
D125F Digital 43 1.5 0.22 5 69.4 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
D126F Digital 43 1.5 0.17 4 55.5 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
D121F Digital 37 1.3 0.22 8 111.1 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Nylone Bearing
D122F Digital 37 1.3 0.17 6 83.3 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Nylone Bearing
D123F Digital 50 1.76 0.2 8.5 118 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Metal Bearing
D124F Digital 50 1.76 0.17 6.5 90.3 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 030 Metal Bearing
D226F Digital 60 2.1 0.15 13 180.5 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 Coreless Metal Bearing
D227F Digital 60 2.1 0.09 8 111.1 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 Coreless Metal Bearing
B1221 Standard 43 1.5 0.23 4.5 62.5 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
B1222 Standard 43 1.5 0.18 3 41.7 39.3x19.4x38.7 1.54x.76x1.52 6 020 Nylone Bearing
B1226 Standard 120 4.2 1.3/360 11 152.8 58x28x52 2.29x1.10x2.05 6 370 Nylone Bearing
B1227 Standard 115 4.0 0.16 11 152.8 58x28x52 2.29x1.10x2.05 6 370 Nylone Bearing
B1228 Standard 125 4.4 0.16 15 208.3 58x28x52 2.29x1.10x2.05 6 370 Metal Bearing

"4" "Chad" "January 26, 2015" "Great servo but they don't last long, also had several new ones that had various issues. Been through a boatload of these over the past 2 yrs as a reference." "5" "BC" "August 26, 2014" "This servo is an excellent replacement for and stock rtr servo. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this!!!" "4" "Tim S." "July 3, 2014" "Put this in a short course truck. Noisy, but works very well." "5" "robert s" "July 1, 2014" "Great product turns in seconds" "5" "Chris S." "April 21, 2014" "Had for a month now works great. It is a bit loud but when your vehicle is moving you can't even tell. Good speed and torque. The first one I got came with a broken mounting tab, I wrote up a ticket and they sent me a new one no questions asked! Great service! Going to order one for all my 10th scale trucks." "5" "William" "October 27, 2013" "Works great, smooth!" "5" "Craig H" "October 11, 2013" "An Awesome Servo for the price. I have them in all my 1/10 and 1/8 trucks and buggies." "5" "Michael M" "October 3, 2013" "Servo arrived with all of the pieces I need and provides excellent steering for my modded Torment" "3" "Oscar Amador" "July 21, 2013" "Excellent value, super fast servo just be careful when you tighten the screws other than that I love it...." "5" "Frank" "June 24, 2013" "It is a great servo but as others have said it can be a bit loud. I love it. you will too!" "5" "hesham el Badry" "April 22, 2013" "Excellent value, super fast servo" "5" "nate" "March 26, 2013" "i use this in a rc10b4.1 +8mm. it fits, but it's very snug. very strong and fast. a bit noisy and glitchy, but a lot of that went away when i upgraded from the stock AE radio to a Futaba. it's centered well and durable. $25 shipped to your door is a good deal for this servo. i can't speak for the aeronautic people, but this is a nice servo for running 1/10th scale buggies and light trucks" "5" "nate" "January 28, 2013" "cheap & powerful, but a bit twitchy and noisy. fit perfectly in my b4.1" "5" "Matt" "January 5, 2013" "Picked up for my Slash 4x4. much better than stocker. very fast response." "3" "Fenton Painter" "December 26, 2012" "I got a batch of these 2 years ago and they were great. held the tail of my HK600GT great. The last set I got worked, but did not center well and were sloppy.They are the same as the Solar D652 (I tested one of those too). Do not use the current ones on a 600 Helicopter tail - will have a slow wag you can never get rid of. They work OK on cyclic or on a buggy, but not on the tail." "5" "BBJ" "December 17, 2012" "I bought this servo to go in the tail of my nitro heli, but as it turned out I needed a rudder servo for my 27% EXTRA, so without hesitation I put it on thhe rudder! very fast, and noisy, can't hear it over my 50cc engine, out of all the servo's I have, it's the one I trust the most. need to get me some D226F's for my elevators! very smoth operation,centers great, would recomend to any of my friends!" "5" "jd" "December 2, 2012" "good servo for the money quick and just enough power to turn a tc car wheels a bit noisey" "5" "jd" "October 29, 2012" "ive had no problems with this servo" "5" "cody" "October 18, 2012" "fit right in my ecx torment. huge improvement. you will just have to plan on using the servo horn that comes with it. the teeth on this servo are different then most other manufactures. but no big deal because with a pice of paper you can fix that or just use the horn that comes with it simple no problem. the horn that comes with it imo is better and stronger anyway. great servo cant beat, i am on the waiting list so good luck getting there before me." "4" "Brian" "October 12, 2012" "Great Servo, does as well as the brushless servos. Very fast but a bit noisy." "5" "Dario" "September 9, 2012" "its a preety servo , noisy but it doesnt matter when your out on the track and you get what you pay for" "4" "A-ron" "September 8, 2012" "Super fast, Strong gears! Not so strong case..." "5" "Thomas" "August 27, 2012" "I got 5 of those servos and put them in my revolver from great planes. I'm very satisfied with the speed and the built of the servos. All specs are precise the only bad thing is it comes with no mountning hardware so back to the store. Still great servos defenitley worth the money. Good job hobbyparz" "5" "Chris" "June 28, 2012" "First one I received was DOA. Hobbypartz promptly sent another one. The second one buzzes and jitters constantly and seems to be hunting for center. Not sure how long it will last with the constant jittering. Has good torque and speed." "5" "Dave S" "May 12, 2012" "Great servo for the money.Fast,strong and is good enough to be competitive in 1/10 scale racing.I have also bashed with these servos in stampedes and a slash with no problems.These will need a glitch buster(capacitor) plugged into your RX to keep the voltage from dropping too low.Because of the power they draw." "4" "Jon C" "May 10, 2012" "I ran this in my slash 2wd with a 3s LiPo. it seems to be centering a little off, but its not bad. its not as torquey as I want, and if you put to much strain, it sort of quits, and you have to lift the truck up and turn the wheels like that for a bit. other than that, its completely awesome, and I'm gonna keep it for a while." "5" "Carl E." "April 12, 2012" "I got 6 of these for Ultimate 50c.c. airplane. These are great you have to cycle a few times and then they are fast. I put a 6Volt battery with them, can't belive how fast they are with my plane can't wait to get it up. Quallity Exc. Got them on a sale thanks Hobby Zone." "5" "suntan pilot" "February 22, 2012" "I won't recommend for Trex 550e or Trex 600e for rudder servo it caused tail wagged and could not get rid of it until replaced with Align DS620 with the same setup and it fixed all waggies broblem but it may good for cyclick though, and I used D226f fo my Align Trex 550e and it works great!!" "4" "Joseph Seymour" "February 10, 2012" "This servo is ok for bashing it is way fast and power full. but it does not allays come back to center and its noisy. and if you let it return to center fast it bounces. I love the price and it uses spectrum type horns witch is a bonus. I am planning on racing it in my new xxx-sct in 2 weeks. maybee that will change my mind" "5" "jrolla" "February 1, 2012" "Bought this to replace the stock servo in my SC10rs. Huge difference, fast response, and very quick to center the truck. Can't beat the price!" "5" "Tob" "January 30, 2012" "Having recently got into the hobby and having my SC10 RTR RS factory servo go south on me I needed a replacement that was affordable. Based on the reviews and price I thought this was the perfect servo. I got the servo fast and installed it pretty easily. You will need to use the supplied servo linkage. This servo is larger but it will fit (barely) This servo is much much faster than the factory servo. It also appears to have a lot more torque on tap. The servo does make a few odd noises every now and then but after about 1hr of run time it is working fine. I have not noticed any glitches caused by high current draw using the SC10 factory spd control\ BEC. I do plan on installing a homemade glitch buster but it does not appear to need it at least when driving on my slick basement floor (its winter here)" "5" "Tee" "November 14, 2011" "I was using the T-Pro SG5010 on my touring car had some centering issues and transit speed time, went through two servos until I gave up on them. This servo was a night and day difference, I would not look back to the T-Pro noted specs. They do not have the same quality of speed and centering that these have. I would suggest sticking to the D227F or D226F for speed and torque without a doubt. You may spend more money compared to the T-Pro servo but they are by far less than a compareble Hitech, Spectrum, Futaba or Savox" "4" "Joel Hains" "November 13, 2011" "I bought one of these servos to use as a throttle/brake servo on my MBX5T truggy. Again for the money it can't be beat. but it is loud. It is strong enough that when I apply the break the truggy will stand on its front wheels! and this servo is incredably fast ans responsive. Aside from the noise this servo makes it is an awesome deal and i plan to buy more of them in the future!" "4" "bigj231" "November 10, 2011" "These servos are really fast, but they draw a lot of current. If you run them in an electric car you might want to consider using a receiver pack or some sort of glitch buster. Also shears drive axles in my losi XXX-NT. Engine dumps torque too fast now." "5" "tevennealy32" "November 9, 2011" "It is what it says it is and add very durable to it and the very little money that you have spent for this servo is more than well worth the money. I use it in my associated rc8 as a throttle and brake servo and it works beautifully." "5" "Rick" "November 6, 2011" "this servo is super fast i'm using it in my b4.5 it does use a lot of power but my esc has a 6v 5a bec so no problems. i only wish they had more in stock so i can buy a few more" "5" "08JJ" "October 14, 2011" "Very nice product and shipped quickly. Solid, responsive and great throw...you'll like this one for the price." "5" "todd brown" "October 8, 2011" "these are some of the best servos i've ran for the money i run mine in a xxxsct and have had no problems out of it i've had to slow it down for the sct which is a good thing i'd say this is a great servo for any 1/10 scale vehicle i don't think i would put it in my 1/8 scale but love it in the sct highly recommend this servo" "5" "geo" "September 27, 2011" "i have this one on all my 1/8 rc's for the throttle.. super fast response.. cant beat them for 3 times the price.. been in use over 2 years and no problems ..16 - 1/8th and 1/10th cars trucks truggys and buggys" "5" "fdj1990" "September 21, 2011" "these are awesome servos, have been running it in my sc10 for over year and it runs like a champ on a really tight track, but when are there going to be more in stock?!?!?!?!?!?!" "5" "mindless" "August 26, 2011" "been running this servo for 2 full seasons with no problems fast and works just wish they would be back in stock" "5" "dude" "August 13, 2011" "its just an overall great servo and it fits like a glove in the tamiya tt 01e" "5" "Aravan" "August 8, 2011" "Great servo!! perfect for my 2wd SC. for the price its the best budget servo you can get!!!" "5" "dexterw1n" "August 7, 2011" "This has been an amazing servo for this low price. I've paid a hell of a lot more for servos and after buying this I am happy just peeved that I spent so much in the past." "5" "ed" "July 23, 2011" "I wanted to ad some corrections so I reposeted. I been using these servos a long time and they are the best!! but you need to know what ive learned... 1) These servos are so high performance you need a ESC with a 3amp BEC minimum for FASST system or the servo will drop out when you try to demand fast response... I also learned over the years that many ESC have an over BEC current limiter so you don't blow the BEC. These servos are so fast that at direction change they draw close to 6amp for a milli-second. Most ESC BEC Limiter will cut out and then come back on causing the servo to hesitate. So,if this happens to you, buy a 1000uf - 4700uf Capacitor @ 10v and connect to your receiver, this will supplement the momentary spike and not trip the ESC's BEC Limiter. Novak sells these capacitors as the "Glitch Buster" and a few other companies also offer them also. 2) I think the reason these servo are so cheap is because the manufacture used the wrong O-ring under the splined output shaft. It puts lots of drag on output shaft and blows the servo eventually. It's my conspiracy theory for selling a great servo for that price.. What you do is take the top cover off every new servo you buy and remove the O-ring. I have now been racing for over 2yrs with these,demanding racing, and have not blown a servo since I removed the O-rings. I blew two within 1month and every time I could feel the drag of the O-ring. Now, I have them in my SC10, T3, and B4 for 2yrs and not one has blown. I haven't broken any gears also, yes!! I'm very amazed also and now that I wrote that I will probably break some gears. They are $100 servos. I bought 5 backups... You will be happy. Remember 3amps min. for FASST setup and possibly a capacitor to receiver and remove O-ring under cover(very important)..." "4" "moto" "July 21, 2011" "Works great!" "5" "Scott" "June 27, 2011" "I have been sing these as throttle in my 1/8 scale cars and as steering in short course. They now have hardware with them, don't let the price fool yah, it is a quick servo, If using with electric, save yourself the hassle and get a glitch buster cap, these servos need high power." "4" "highsiderider" "June 23, 2011" "nice servo for the price. High torque, high speed servo as stated. Just a little twitchy but it could be my radio. I would recommend it." "4" "Teknic" "June 14, 2011" "Put a D227F in my Hyper 10SC and it performs very well. Only problem I have noticed with it is sometimes when I power up my truck the servo doesn't want to power on with it...sometimes I have to turn the esc on and off a few times to get it to work...once it's on it's fine. Hyper 10SC / MMP w/Spektrum Cap" "4" "Josh" "June 4, 2011" "Bought mine about 6 months ago. Worked good for a while. Seems to be getting weaker, and not centering very well. Super cheap price, but not really strong enough for 4x4 SCT. It's perfect for light (5lbs) 1/10 scale vehicles. Very good for the price." "5" "Josh" "May 31, 2011" "Put one of these in my XXX-SCT and it's much much faster than my RTR servo. Only had about 2 packs through it so I can't speak to the durability/longevity of it, but so far it was worth the $15!" "4" "EJG" "May 26, 2011" "Quick left to right lock. Just a little bit twitchy with small steering input. For the money though... You can't beat it. I bought four!" "5" "02serv" "May 15, 2011" "Bought this to replace the stock servo that came with my t4.1 rtr. This is much faster and stronger its a little shaky at center but nothing I can't live with. I will be buying more of these servos for my other cars when those go out." "5" "Nathan" "May 8, 2011" "Great servo for the price! Have 3 of these two in SC10's and one in a B4.1. Hard to tell the difference between these and the $150 plus servo's other than the noise!" "5" "Mark McKay" "May 1, 2011" "this servo is great for 19.00 you can't beat that i have paid 40 plus for other servos that dont work as good as this one i run it in my blitz and will be getting 2 more for my kids B4 and another Blitz" "5" "Chris" "April 29, 2011" "This is one of the best bang for buck servo you can get. run it in all my race cars(spec sc,4wd buggy,2wd mod) some come with o ring around the output gear that have to be removed to reduce drag. a++" "5" "RayC Andrus" "April 4, 2011" "best bang-for-the-buck servo. Very pleased so far and Ive been using these for close to a year now the with ZERO issues. Im running them on ALL my r/c's - 1/8 Nitro buggy,1/10 TC and SCT (both 2x4 and 4x4) fast and just enough torque to get by." "5" "Fenton Painter" "March 22, 2011" "Astounding value! Servos work great. Note: ships without grommets and eyelets. If your application does not need water resistance(like an RC Truck) you can remove the "O" ring on the output shaft for a little better efficiency. I have them all around on a HK600 Helicopter." "4" "Shane E." "March 6, 2011" "For the price you can't beat this servo... a little chatter with an AM radio but still VERY usable... great for the Truggy/buggy 1/10 sized cars!" "5" "Jason" "February 10, 2011" "Using this servo in my Blitz, centers perfectly and ultra fast. best 15 bucks I have ever spent. I am ordering 2 more." "5" "AWDPete" "February 9, 2011" "Used in a SC Truck and holding up very well. A friend bought one at the same time, I pulled apart to remove the o-ring as suggested and found one servo had a REALLY tight output shaft bearing while the other one was quite loose? Overall a good value and both are still working Great!" "5" "Eric Nussbickel" "January 9, 2011" "This is a great servo. Served me well in my slash 4x4 and now resides happily in my SC10. A really great servo, would be a bargain at twice or three times the price. For higher torque applications, like a stampede or monster truck, get the D226f, which is also great!" "4" "Ace_Constantine" "October 15, 2010" "Great value. A little shakey at center but not unacceptable." "4" "fenton painter" "September 24, 2010" "Where are the mounting Grommets? I don't care if you want to make a buck,at least have a set for sale on your website. Servo is fast and powerful. I removed the "0" ring on the output shaft to reduce drag." "3" "Ronnie" "July 14, 2010" "I really like this servo but after about 1 gallon in my truggy it just stop working. It's almost like it is not getting enough power and dies out. I cut the car of for a min. Then cut it back on and it works for about 10sec then goes out again. If anyone knows how to fix this please email me. Ron_senters@hotmail.com. Like I said, servo performs great but it just stop working for me." "5" "Bigshades92" "April 24, 2010" "This servo is very strong and fast. In my XX4 buggy, it works well, maybe even too well. I can jiggle the steering, and the servo responds to every twitch, a very fast and responsive servo! The only con i see to this is 1.) It gets rather warm, almost hot. It has not been a problem, but this means it pulls a lot of current, and requires a good BEC (3 Amp). 2.) Upon investigation, not all the gears are Metal. The gear closest to the motor is a plastic/Metal hybrid. I have not had problems with this yet, but you might want to purchase a spare gear set while you order online. Great Value! I'm pleased for about 15 bucks!" "5" "fresno" "April 22, 2010" "my main section in this RC hobby is drifting. this servo is perfect for my setting. with the counter steer setting i needed a fast servo and this servo is more than enough for the job. now im buying more for the rest of my RCs 5*s" "5" "ed" "April 12, 2010" "I been using these servos a long time and they are the best!! but you need to know what ive learned... 1) These servos are so high performance you need a esc with a 3amp bec minimum for FASST system or the servo will drop out when you try to demand fast responce. 2) I think the reason these servo are so cheap is because the manufacture used the wrong o-ring under the splined output shaft. It puts lots of drag on output shaft and blows the servo eventually. So, now they need to sell cheap. What you do is take the top cover off every new servo you buy and remove the oring. I have now been racing for over 6mo, and demanding racing and have not blown a servo since I removed orings. I blew two in past within 1month amd everytime I felt the drag of oring. Now, I have them in my SC10, T3, and B4 for 6mo not one has blown.. They are $100 servos. I bought 5 backups... You will be happy. remeber 3amps min. for FASST setup and remove oring under cover..." "3" "Rotorboy2.4gh" "March 25, 2010" "Why is there no hardware with these servos???? NOTHING TO MOUNT THEM WITH--- WHY??????????? You make things so difficult" "5" "Sean O." "March 9, 2010" "This was my first "cheap" item purchase... I gotta admit, I wasn't expecting this servo to work all that well.. But it really is FAST, has enough torque for SC trucks and centers well.. I have only used it for a short time and will update this review if something changes, but so far.. AWESOME value..." "5" "TOM GOENS" "February 23, 2010" "JUST BOUGHT TWO FOR MY LOSI 8 TRUGGY , VERY IMPRESSED WITH THESE WENT TO THE LOCAL TRACK AND JUST ABUSED THE SERVO,S FOR ABOUT ONE HOUR OF RUN TIME!! HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH THEM, GREAT PRODUCT FOR THE MONEY.... SERVO HAS GOOD HOLDING POWER FOR HARD LANDINGS FROM HIGH JUMPS, AND PLENTY OF SPEED TO KEEP UP WITH MY OS .21 V-SPEC MOTOR, I WILL BUY MORE OF THESE!!!!!!!!! (DEVILDOG)" "3" "Alan" "January 10, 2010" "This servo is strong and fast and tight BUT...don't use it for large control surfaces.On my 22% size plane...... It won't work on a pull-pull setup even when the lines aren't tight. It fights itself and oscillates horribly. Same on the tail. It is TOO fast for that application and there isn't enough damping at ceter to stop the vibes." "5" "Tommy" "January 8, 2010" "I use this in my short corse trucks and they are awesome. i use them in my slash and sc10. going to order a couple more for my other cars." "4" "amdintelxsniperx" "December 30, 2009" "what is the servo spline of these servos ? im wondering if its hitec or futaba , meaning 35 or 23 teeth on the spline" "2" "John Moyer" "December 17, 2009" "I purchassed 6 of these servos to replace those on my GP CAP-580. Upon installation I found that when powered up they rapidl;y oscillate arround center. The servos are fast and seem to be strong enough but the oscillation will not allow me to use them."

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