T-Pro Mini Servo SG-90 9G Servo
T-Pro Mini Servo SG-90 9G Servo

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       Technical Note: Great for RC Helis & ParkFlyers

The TP SG90 is similar in size and weight to the Hitec HS-55, and is a good choice for most park flyers and helicopters. Hobbyists from around the world has used the SG90 on famous planes like GWS Slow Stick, E-Flite Airplanes, Great Planes, Thunder Tiger, Align, EDF jets and more. If you are looking for a servo that won't break your arm or leg, this is the perfect choice for you!

TP SG90 servo weighs 0.32 ounces (9.0 grams). Total weight with wire and connector is 0.37 ounces (10.6 grams).

The TP SG90 has the universal "S" type connector that fits most receivers, including Futaba, JR, GWS, Cirrus, Blue Bird, Blue Arrow, Corona, Berg and Hitec.

The wire colors are Red = Battery(+) Brown = Battery(-) Orange = Signal


Dimensions (L x W x H) = 0.86 x 0.45 x 1.0 inch (22.0 x 11.5 x 27 mm)

Weight = 0.32 ounces (9 grams)

Weight with wire and connecter = 0.37 ounce (10.6 grams)

Stall Torque at 4.8 volts = 16.7 oz/in (1.2 kg/cm)

Operating Voltage = 4.0 to 7.2 volts

Operating Speed at 4.8 volts (no load) = 0.12 sec/ 60 degrees

Connector Wire Length = 9.75 inches (248 mm)

Universal "S" type connector fits most receivers

"5" "Slamn Sammy" "December 20, 2013" "Bought 8 of them for $18.00, work just as good as my Hs 55's. The gear's on the To seem to hold up better, just like to know the torque @ 6v! If some one knows, please drop me a line. I figure if there .17 @ 4.8, l'd guess around .20-22?..... just like to know, may not be able to 6v! Contact @ deadmeataircraft@gmail.com" "5" "Hippy" "April 14, 2012" "Use in all my planes good servo" "4" "Dick" "April 3, 2012" "very good performance" "5" "Chris (AKA Epoweredrc)" "March 24, 2012" "What can I say, for $3.00 servos they do the job well, I have about 10 flights on two of the 7 I ordered the thing about this site is you get your item in 2 to 3 days unlike some other places hope they keep up the good work. I have used other Blue,Tp servos these seem to be just as good as them." "5" "Mike Lohr" "December 9, 2011" "Great servovs for the price. Lots of to torque for the size. Smooth operation." "5" "Eggman dave" "November 30, 2011" "These rock. Am Flying 25 size trainer that has been converted to electric. Had hard landing that should have trashed the gears on the nose-wheel. The servo is just fine and flying again after straighten nose gear." "5" "Jeff.S" "November 28, 2011" "Bought 10 of these, For use in my scratch built fomies. Also used two of these in a slow stick works good. Great deal!" "3" "Michael" "November 28, 2011" "Good servo for the price, but doesn't last long. First flight with Trex 450 and one of them stripped a gear. Almost crashed the heli when this happend. Do yourself a favor and get some good servos for your swash. You'll pay a little more, but the chance of this happening are slim" "5" "Corey Hoard" "November 18, 2011" "High quality servos at an amazing price. Using these for some small robots." "5" "Crazy Bob" "November 16, 2011" "Great servo for the price. I used in CR-1 foamy. No problems" "5" "Trent @ MyGeekShow" "November 16, 2011" "A great servo! And you can't beat the price. -Its very light (11g) and small (0.5 in x 1.0 in). -The lead is 10 inches long and the connector is solid. -The arm covers about 2 inches of travel. -I put it under a 10oz load and it still functioned just fine. -Arm travels fast and smooth -After a few months of almost daily use, I've never had any problems with it. See the full review on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbrW7DATMDY" "5" "andy" "November 10, 2011" "I use these servos in everything I build. I am truly surprised at the quality. I hvae almost no failure unless due to a crash and even then they hold up well !!" "5" "Eric G" "October 31, 2011" "I bought 6 of these servos and I am using them in my 3D EPP foamy airplanes. These are the best mini servos I have ever used. You cannot find a better servo for the price, They are very precise and center very well, I will be buying more soon." "5" "Nigel" "October 27, 2011" "Outstanding valve.I will always buy these servos if and when I am in need for this type of application on my plane." "5" "Rusty" "October 24, 2011" "GREAT servos for teh money. plenty for foamies and small builds." "5" "jonathan" "October 19, 2011" "Can't beat these for the money. Smooth and quiet." "5" "Vichhay Sok" "October 13, 2011" "I bought 20 of these servos. It is the first time for my project, and I choose the cheaper one. All those servos are very good quality and helping me with my project. For the next project, I will orders them again. Thanks for fast delivery." "5" "W." "September 29, 2011" "Great servos! Use them all the time, will buy more! Can't beat this little guy!" "5" "Juan Rodriguez" "September 7, 2011" "I bought serveral of these servos and recently placed 4 into service on a scratch built foamy.... So far (limited use yet) they have performed as advertised.....flawlessly ! For the price and performance (so far) I will continue to use them !" "5" "Richard Mathers" "September 6, 2011" "they are used to opening gas valves for hybrid rocket engines they are fone for the job" "4" "Sean" "September 1, 2011" "This is a nice servo and perfect for those who are beginners on a budget just itching to get a bird in the air. I've bought eight of these little servos over the past year and for the most part, they perform well and I don't regret the purchase at all. For about the first 20 flights on my 38in. YAK54 from DWFoamies, they performed well. No signs of wear or failure, but currently, a few months later, my rudder servo is starting to twitch, A LOT! lol Once I'm flying it performs okay, but for under 3 bucks a servo, I'm not complaining ;D When these servos do eventually fail, you get a nice male servo connector and a few spare parts for your other servos too. lol :P Price - 5/5 Build Quality - 4/5 Longevity - 3/5 Overall ~ 4/5" "5" "Mike" "August 28, 2011" "Great little servo for the price. Have used a lot of them and all preformed well" "5" "TJ M" "August 27, 2011" "These little servos are great for flat foamies and light planes. I've plenty of other brands (ones that cost more too) strip in conditions that they shouldn't in, and I have not had one of these fail me yet! They are light and compact and will fit in most applications." "5" "hookrunner" "August 24, 2011" "Rock 'em, sock 'em servo's!!!! For under 3 bucks who cant use a dozen or so!" "5" "G>B>Greitzer" "August 11, 2011" "Works as well as any servo of this size that I've had at any price." "5" "Joshua" "August 5, 2011" "Great servo, amazing price, this isnt the normal 5$ servo that strips easily. These are great quality servos i still havent had one strip out. and for 3$ there is no better deal anywhere for this price. But i wouldnt put this on a valuable plane its better to spend a little more money if your putting stuff on something valuable" "5" "chris" "July 28, 2011" "great servo i use them in everything and there easy to open and re soilder if u need to reverse them" "5" "DJ" "July 25, 2011" "for general park flying, these little servos can't be beat." "5" "wy long" "July 23, 2011" "Great, no problem with it." "5" "agv0420" "July 11, 2011" "Using these servos in an E-Flite Taylorcraft 450 and an E-Flite Pt-19 450. No problems with either aircraft. Great servo for the price." "5" "Cart Angleberger" "July 11, 2011" "Excellent buy. Great sevo for the price" "5" "Fred" "July 9, 2011" "Fast, great and would do it again." "5" "jack groves" "July 6, 2011" "I have bought 4-5 Dozen of these servos and have never seen one that didn't work properly. Great deal for less than three bucks." "5" "Tom" "July 5, 2011" "All I can say is great servo! I've bought at least 20 of these and only 1 has ever stripped (which was my fault, put too much weight on it). For the price, stock up on these things!" "5" "Sam" "July 2, 2011" "I used them on my 250 Heli, and to my surprise they worked pretty well for the cyclic (Don't expect v fast reflexes but they are good for the money). These are great for someone who is testing their build initially or for beginners as they can be just thrown out and replaced with a new one in case of damage during crash. HobbyPartz has been pretty good except that they don't maintain any proper specs for their products while putting them on display." "5" "Tee" "June 28, 2011" "These servos are very inexpensive and do the job of my Hitec55 and 65 servos at a tenth of the cost. Ordered a dozen and none of them have failed so far. Best deal for the price and purpose...free shipping is even better, what more can you ask for?" "5" "Eddie" "June 20, 2011" "Great servo cant beat the price. Great for park flyers." "5" "Larry C" "June 14, 2011" "Great little servo and unreal price" "5" "Dan Smith" "June 13, 2011" "compact strong and cheap but will last !" "5" "IRDWELDER" "June 8, 2011" "Bought for replacing bad servo on blade 400 .Broke at least 3 eflie servos and was tired of paying 20.00 for them every time I had a blade strike hard or soft one.Tried these and now have replaced all 4 of my 450 helicopters with them great running servos and a price you can't beat and if it brakes just toss it out and it don't brake your wallet. Have had a few strikes and have not striped one yet. I recommend these to anyone especially new pilots because you will crash and these will hold up and are very inexpensive to replace if needed." "5" "Seiko Tokuda" "June 4, 2011" "I use this servo many times on the park flyers, no problem. The price is right" "5" "Garrett" "June 1, 2011" "Works great for my foamy delta, no issues here!" "5" "Dan" "May 26, 2011" "bought 2 for c boat project seems strong will buy more" "5" "nick" "May 21, 2011" "the size dosent matter there small but strong and keep my plane flying fast good pulling and rotation there awesome! will get more!" "5" "Nick" "May 18, 2011" "Awesome! Good control smooth flying and good price works great!" "5" "robin p" "May 7, 2011" "simply awesome little servo, using them on both of my EXI 450'S, great price too" "5" "steve" "May 6, 2011" "you just cant do better for the money" "5" "xzatx" "May 5, 2011" "great price for a nice servo..." "5" "Ben" "April 30, 2011" "There is no other choice to make if you're looking for a great little servo at an unbelievable price!!! I bought 7 of these for use in the 1400 mm warbirds and I am very pleased!! I love HobbyPartz.com!!" "5" "BIGMAN" "April 29, 2011" "BEST DAMN LITTLE SERVO I USED YET AND AT THE PRICE YA JUST CANT PASS IT UP OR YA GOTTA BE NUTZ" "5" "Mark" "April 27, 2011" "Bought a few of these to use on a few different planes. No problems, they're quick, and reliable. I'll buy more for sure!" "5" "jason" "April 22, 2011" "Have used these servo for a few months now on my helis...from 300 size to 450 size. They center well and the horns are nice and thick.." "5" "Carl" "April 21, 2011" "bought 30 of these servos. installed in an LX A-10 and LX MIG-29. no issues at all. will buy more soon as i decide which plane to build next. BTW. i had to reverse a few of them for some application and it worked wow. save me from buying servo reversers. wish they had the option of selling metal gears for a conversion." "5" "M" "April 14, 2011" "Good price and good quality" "5" "mike" "April 8, 2011" "got two for my slow stick they work great and for 2.77!" "4" "RC Flyer" "April 7, 2011" "excellent quality - super price" "5" "Kenneth Armstrong" "April 7, 2011" "$2.77 It is what it is! Its a throw away servo, that is cheap enough to keep a dozen on hand in your field box. they fit right in the 450 clones, and are perfect for most foamy's, all around good unit. and I hope HP can keep them in stock!" "5" "roger" "April 6, 2011" "servo they work well" "5" "alan" "April 1, 2011" "works great" "5" "Gene Turk" "March 30, 2011" "Excellant servo. Good value. Great centering. No problems" "5" "Ivan Bawa" "March 29, 2011" "Excellent deal! I bought them fro the incredibly low price, not knowing a crash would necessitate a need for two servos, to complete repairs. What do you know! I had 'em, and they are great. Sad about the recent shipping situation being terminated. Was it just to attract a large customer base, then switch?" "5" "eli cortes III" "March 29, 2011" "been using these servos for the last 2 years, and in over 12 different planes and heli's and ive only had 2 go out on me, (none in flight) thank god. cant beat the price." "5" "SB" "March 28, 2011" "I bought 10-15 of these and only one of them was bad. I didn't try to return it because of the low price. This servo is tudy and has a large surface for hot gluing in place. I've very pleased with the quality. SB" "5" "CD" "March 25, 2011" "They do exactly what they are supposed to do at a great price." "5" "bommr63" "March 23, 2011" "great value for the buck. brought 4 of these, all work great." "5" "ww" "March 22, 2011" "great value work great for many different applications good power" "5" "Karl Schwab" "March 19, 2011" "I have purchased dozens of these servos and I give them to my grandsons for there model airplane building; never had a problem with any of them." "5" "M" "March 15, 2011" "So far so good, Great prices." "5" "Kenneth" "March 14, 2011" "I just received my 3 servo's, well packed and they are in good shape, and they include a single, double and a triple steering horn. I have not used them yet, but will use them in my hover craft project, I dont need much torque and these are cheap enough to be throw aways, wont worry about running in a little water. I thought at 2.77 that I would get a turd in a box, but THESE ARE GREAT FOR THE MONEY well worth the buy! I think I will be buying a bunch more before they go out of stock, can be used in a pinch for many applications. I do wish that HP could get them shipped quicker than the 11 days, took 7 days for them to just fill the order, I will post specs when I get them tested." "5" "Robert Szemcsak" "March 12, 2011" "Great product at a really low price. Use them in park foamies. Funjet. Texan, Combat, F-22 and more. It's a good all around servo. Thanks" "5" "Chad" "March 12, 2011" "I like these alot for my park flyers and foaies. Great price, responsive reliable servo." "5" "Keith" "March 9, 2011" "great servos. bought 7 of these, one for a HEAVY scrap built delta, it has heavy duty control surfaces, servos will make it do 3D! Also built a trainer Just for fun. used 2 of these, works great! will buy more!" "5" "Hal" "March 7, 2011" "Price, Delivery and communication were very satisfactory. The servos work perfectly for many applications." "5" "Mike" "March 6, 2011" "Ordered 10 of them and not one is defective,all work really nice.powerful little servo...with a price thats the best around" "5" "Phil Landram" "March 6, 2011" "Use them in all 19 of my park flyer EDF'S! Not a failure yet and I do not expect any problems!" "5" "Troy" "March 6, 2011" "Great quality for the price. Fits and works great for the steering servo on my Losi mini t." "5" "Ren" "March 2, 2011" "Great servos at great price! Strong and reliable...similar to HXT900 but better priced." "5" "Jeremy" "February 24, 2011" "Unbeatable for the price. I can't keep enough of these around. For small scratch built park flyers... No need to look elsewhere. Have yet to have even one fail and I have bought close to 100 in past 4 months." "5" "Terry" "February 22, 2011" "Purchased 16 of these for a friend * 12 for him * 4 for me These servos are excellent for flying in slow sticks... light, durable, quick response...." "5" "ramz70" "February 22, 2011" "cant beat this deal includes shippin. not like the other guys HK????/ shipping cost more than the items... get real...... how about sellin some plane kits and heli kits????" "5" "Dan Milo" "February 21, 2011" "Very smooth and nice hardware pack." "4" "MikeD" "February 20, 2011" "Great Servos!!, great price!!" "5" "justinvent" "February 17, 2011" "I have used these on many different vehicles from airplanes to a mini boat and a helicopter and they usually do not break, unless there is a lot of stress on them." "5" "AndyF" "February 17, 2011" "Great servo, great price! This is a powerful little sucker. With more power than the HobbyKing 9g servo. I bought 10 I will be buying more." "5" "herb" "February 15, 2011" "i use them in everything from 6 oz flatties to my 48 cap 232 balsa......nice long wires.....all the parts...... I find that last as well as the expensive ones....I have burned several hitec 55 over the years. Last time i bought a dozen. herb" "5" "Captain Cart" "February 14, 2011" "Great price, Great servo and the best OF ALL: NO POSTAGE (FREE SHIPPING) YOU GOT TO LOVE THAT!!" "5" "lees freiborg" "February 11, 2011" "I install 6 of these in a couple of different planes, They Work super, nice smooth servos and the price is right. I will be buying more" "5" "RONBO" "February 8, 2011" "I HAVE THESE ON ALL MY PLANES !!370 CLASS TO 500 CLASS. HAVE HAD NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!! WILL BUY MORE AS NEEDED !!" "5" "Ronald Torrito" "January 23, 2011" "These are GREAT servos for the price and I have ordered MANY of them to date! Accurate centering, rather fast and above all in-expensive. They seem to be reliable as well. You can't beat them for their price range." "5" "Barn Stormer" "January 21, 2011" "This is the best foamy servo for the money. Same servo as sold by importers for more money and more time to ship. Comes with good arms. Great value." "5" "Jim Green" "January 18, 2011" "I have many sets of these servos and some of them have been through crash after crash and they are still going stronge!! These are the Best Value for your Park Flyer and they wont let you down!!" "5" "RONBO" "January 15, 2011" "I HAVE THESE IN ALL MY PARK FLYERS. HAVE NOT HAD ANY PROBLEMS. CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE. WILL BE BUYING MORE !! THANKS HOBBYPARTZ !!!" "5" "J. Nichols" "January 12, 2011" "This servo works just fine, for the price you can't beat it. I have no complaints about this at all. Works great." "5" "richard pridgen" "January 9, 2011" "these servos work great in my edf jets.never had any problems.they are strong and reliable.will keep buying more of these. thanks for making them available. awesome price!!!" "5" "jason" "January 6, 2011" "grate litta servo running on a 49 inch edge no problems as of yet got this to replace a htx i like this one much better" "5" "adam" "January 5, 2011" "great little servos for my foamies" "5" "ahembomb7" "December 29, 2010" "Got a couple of these around a month ago for various uses, both work great and are pretty strong for their size. I haven't used them for anything heavy duty so far, so durability wise, I don't know exactly, but so far they have been problem free." "5" "Charles D." "December 26, 2010" "Why buy from anywhere else in the USA when you can get a great quality servo with free shipping. The bonus is that HP carries all the replacement parts "IF" by any chance something went wrong. Great price, Nice work HP." "5" "R. Manuel" "December 16, 2010" "I have these in planes that do over 100mph. Very precise and very strong! I have gotten probably 20 or more of these and never had one fail." "5" "Melinda" "December 15, 2010" "Great little servo for the price and it works for the EXI 450" "5" "bigdogheli" "December 11, 2010" "Just ordered 3 more! Not cause the first ones quit, just so dang good I wanna get more while they are cheap and in stock!! AWESOME SERVOS!!" "5" "kevinv033" "November 30, 2010" "Great little servo. I have these as cyclic on my EXI 450. They get the job done. I have had a few nice crashes and these survived. Haven't put them through any hard flying, but they do well for general flying. Wil buy more for a beater heli." "5" "michael" "November 29, 2010" "i luv these servoes a buddy of mine ordered 10 because thats his age i gess and he gave me five because he crashed my hawk sky but o well i fixed put sum hs 65 servoes and a nice edf 70 mm on a 4 cell n it rips but or my flaps i have 2 on each side thats 3 servoes a wong i know im stupid but u shud try it dont ask how just try" "5" "Gus Ortiz" "November 26, 2010" "Strong, reliable, and glitch free operation at 1/5th the cost of other equivalent servos. I am very pleased by the smooth immediate response that has surpassed the performance of my other name brand servos costing way more than these little gems. These servos have exceeded my expectations and I have continued to purchase these and other great products offered by Hobby Partz." "5" "Rich" "November 16, 2010" "Great buy-have installed in biplane with 480 exceed motor-vertical power and no servo trouble at all!Very strong-and price wise-can't be beat!" "5" "Carlos" "November 16, 2010" "Have used the metal and standard servos, Like them a lot. The metal are in a Parkzone Stryker and the others are in a Foamy Ultimate. Outstanding stuff." "5" "bryan" "November 10, 2010" "these servos are only good for foamie planes anything else you use them in they will break in a light crash and they are very brittle plastic they fall about if you just barely put pressure on the servo mounting tabs" "5" "Bob F." "November 6, 2010" "Ordered 4 & just installed 2 in a new plane. Works great, great price!!!" "5" "New Hirunworn" "October 31, 2010" "GOOD GREAT SERVO, SUPER FAST, LOOKING FOR MG-90 NEXT, $3 CANT BEAT IT!" "5" "Jim R" "October 17, 2010" "Great value. Ordered 6 and all work well. Seem amazingly strong for their size. Will buy more." "5" "Sean" "October 15, 2010" "There cheap. Disposable and work well. Cant beat 3 dollar servos with free shipping!" "4" "jackson ordean" "October 13, 2010" "Awesome price and function. Lost a star because: many simple foamy flyers, like HZ Super Cub owners hot glue the servo in when modding the planes. When I pulled on a servo, pretty carefully, to turn it around for better access to the Rx, it came apart. Maybe my fault for thinking I can pull on a servo and not expect it to come apart? Got it back together eventually, works, but I don't trust my mini soldering skills with my 1/4" wide tip. 5 Star price, for sure!" "5" "Rumblecloud" "September 25, 2010" "I love these little guys. Inexpensive and work great." "4" "Ed" "September 21, 2010" "Servos are great for the price, will use them in future projects." "4" "bos" "September 20, 2010" "Works great!" "5" "Doug" "September 19, 2010" "Excellent little servo, at an awesome price! I've already bought two more that were shipped out to me today." "5" "RC Bob" "September 15, 2010" "Please check the torque specs. 10 oz/in is not consistent with 1.98 kg/cm. The conversion is about 14 oz/in for every 1 kg/cm. So is this a 10 oz/in or 28 oz/in servo?" "5" "Rumblecloud" "August 4, 2010" "Love 'em. got 'em on my 450 CopterX for cyclic." "5" "George Sara" "July 27, 2010" "they do just what you expect them to do . no surprise's. I've never had one fail" "4" "Roy Creiglow" "July 23, 2010" "I have purchased approx 25-30 of these servos for indoor and outdoor foamies. The resolution is not the greatest, and several of them have bad pots in them, but given the price, I still use the heck out of them. Only one has completely failed so far." "4" "bos" "July 22, 2010" "Easy to use. perfect for small robotic applications!" "5" "Paul" "July 17, 2010" "Just as original. Good quality" "5" "GWJax" "June 29, 2010" "Just bought 18 of these little guys for a prototype Mech Warrior Bot that I'm making before starting the larger one. I had some concerns with them about holding everything up an they work great. With some weight to spare.. If you have not tried these yet, Get them for your compact projects plus you can't beat the price. Will buy more of these on my next project. Thanks for the great product" "5" "tbaumg" "June 28, 2010" "Great servo for the price. Also, I pre-drilled out the tabs before I mounted them, to make install easier." "5" "Mark" "June 2, 2010" "No complaints to date. For a micro servo they work very nicely for the applications they are designed for." "5" "Mike" "May 27, 2010" "A little jittery. Will not center perfect. But a very good value. I will buy more" "3" "Heli User" "March 25, 2010" "I just tried installing these and on one of them, the tabs just disintegrated. Poor casing material. They look like they would work, but if you can't get them installed it's not going to happen. At lest the others seem okay for now. So just make sure not to over tighten. Oh by the way, these tiny micros are a pain to install, specially if they have open tabs." "5" "Timothy" "March 31, 2009" "Well. these servos arrived today. Noise from them is about normal for all metal gears. speed looks good and torque is also." "4" "Eric" "March 24, 2009" "Very nice servos for the price. I use it on almost all the cheapy projects at school and Hobbypartz earns my business with their good price" "5" "Howard" "February 8, 2009" "I've been using Towerpro servo for 3 years and they have yet to fail me. Hobbypartz.com is a great place to get 'em!!!"

Our warranty/ return / exchange policy is very simple. If the item we sent you is defective when you received the shipment from us (NOT AFTER USE), you can report to us by email for return / exchange / refund arrangement.

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