HobbyWing eZRun-35A Brushless ESC for 1/10 Car (Version 2) w/ Reverse programming
HobbyWing eZRun-35A Brushless ESC for 1/10 Car (Version 2) w/ Reverse programming

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The EZ-RUN ESC series from HobbyWing are programmable car and boat brushless speed controllers. The EZ-RUN series boasts features such as large burst currents, programmable breaking and reverse, low resistance, 2-3 Lipo cell capable and low weight.


EZRUN-35A-SL Brushless ESC for 1/12 and 1/10 Cars (Version 2)


User Manual


Program Card for Car ESC



1   Specification
1.1 Output: Continuous current 35A, burst current 190A.
1.2 Input: 4-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2-3 cells LiPo.  
1.3 BEC Output: 6V/1.5A.
1.4 Resistance: 0.0015 Ohm.
1.5 Motor Supported: Sensorless Brushless Motor
1.6 Suitable Brushless Motor:
        With 4-6 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2 cells Lipo:   On-Road≥9T, Off-Road≥12T;
        With 6-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 3 cells Lipo:   On-Road≥12T, Off-Road≥18T;
1.7 Suitable Car:  1/12, 1/10 on-road or off-road cars / trucks for normal race or sportful race.
1.8 Size: 
31.5mm(L) * 27.5mm(W) * 24mm(H).
1.9 Weight:  30g(Without wires)
2   Features
2.1 Compatible with all sonsorless brushless motor.
2.2 Use top quality electronic components to enhance the current endurance ability of the ESC. 
2.3 Excellent start-up, acceleration and linearity features.
2.4 With 3 running modes: Racing mode (Forward),  Forward/Backward mode and Rock Crawler mode.
2.5 With 4 steps of maximum reverse force adjustment.
2.6 Proportional ABS brake function with 4 steps of maximum brake force adjustment, 8 steps of drag-brake force adjustment and 4 steps of initial brake force adjustment.
2.7 With 9 start modes (Also called "Punch" ) from "Soft" to "Very aggressive" to suitable for different tracks.
2.8 Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection for lithium or nickel battery / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection / Motor blocked protection.
2.9 With 8 steps of timing adjustment to get the best compatibility with various of motors.
Easily program with only one button and compatible with pocket-sized program card.
2.11 The ESC is USB supported. The firmware of the ESC can be updated through an USB adapter on the Advanced LCD Program Box (Optional device).
3   Programmable Items   
For detail information, please read the user manual for reference.
"5" "Miguelito" "December 10, 2015" "Can't beat the price and quality of the product. my RCs go super fast now. Thanks." "5" "Jason" "October 27, 2014" "Been using this in a 2wd Stampede and 2wd Slash with Tacon 3660-540L-8T Brushless Motor 3000KV and Have not had any issues. Runs cool with 19 tooth pinion with stock spur. Love it and would purchase again." "5" "John" "April 17, 2014" "This is a great speed control at an affordable price. I paired it with a Tacon 3500kv and am very happy with the setup, and will be using it on many of my vehicles. I recommend getting the programming box to maximize the performance for whatever vehicle you put it in." "4" "Josh" "March 30, 2014" "I rated it at 4 stars because I intended to use it with a brushed motor in my Axial SCX10 scaler. I didn't see anywhere that it wouldn't work with a brushed motor so I went a head and got it. Its really easy to program an the fan certainly does its job. I was kinda bumbed about it not working with a brushed motor, because that's why I bought it! But it works really nicely with a brushless motor. I don't know if I messed something up with it, but it has no brake at all. When I flying down the road at 40mph and tap reverse, it looses control and spins out. Those are the only 2 bad things that I found out about this ESC." "5" "kc" "March 26, 2014" "Very good esc with 3650 3200 'kv tacon motor on stampede xl5" "5" "Shaun" "December 1, 2013" "Used the ESC with a TACON 3500KV brushless to bring an old T3 back to life works great and shipping was super fast" "5" "Brad" "July 14, 2013" "Awesome ESC, works great with Tacon 2600kv brushless motor. Takes a little bit to program without the programming card but other thank that flawless." "5" "Hank" "May 5, 2013" "Awesome ESC, used it the first day I got it and was very impressed. good quality for the price, would recommend to others" "5" "dirttrackbandit52577" "November 26, 2012" "this thing is amazing better than the valenion or castel iv had both and this is way way better. thank u hobbypartz" "5" "Tom" "June 23, 2012" "This is a really nice ESC. The Ver.2 has goo build quality and comes with a Tamiya(?) connector. I run this on a 1/10 ECX buggy with a Tacon 2858 380XL motor, and it FLIES! The ESC doesn't overheat whatsoever. Great buy, make sure to get a program card tho." "5" "Rico" "June 19, 2012" "I saw the reviews, i took the chance, im HAPPY i did. I bought 3 of these, and 1 to just keep as a backup. At this price you cannot find better. these things are very easy to set up. build quality seems to be top notch. Solid dense materials, they dont feel cheap." "5" "Matt Kim" "May 28, 2012" "I have two of these 35a esc's. They both have problems with starting off slow and then reaches full speed (green to red LED) with a slight delay, about 1 second. I played around with all the settings and tried multiple batteries... going from Nimh to Lipo seemed to reduce the slow startup, but it's still there. Anyone else have this issue?" "5" "zack" "May 1, 2012" "Awesome esc and motor!!! love it in my buggy, it is insanely fast. I would recommend also buying a gyro and metal gears for your drivetrain. Also dont forget to supply the fan from the receiver if you decide to bump up to a 3 cell battery. I noticed some of you were saying they were burning up. Anyways, buy this if ya wanna go fast! :D" "5" "ghost_wander" "April 5, 2012" "these escs i see everywhere now and i love this esc the fact that its affordable,and program able" "4" "Hymnath" "April 2, 2012" "First off the description does not tell you, that the fan is only good for up to two cell lipo. If you would like to run 3 cell, you need to use an optional 12v. fan. I used the ESC., in a Losi Mini-8ight, on 3 cell lipo, and the space was quite tight, so I pulled the fan anyway. The speed control stays very cool in this setup, even though it is enclosed in the body. I have a HobbyWing 2 in 1 program box, that makes programming very easy. The comprehensive programming features are the reason I wanted this ESC, in this buggy. It tames it quite nicely." "5" "jon" "March 31, 2012" "perfect no problem" "4" "Crasncal" "March 23, 2012" "Very good esc for the price. not easy to program" "4" "cMahl" "March 22, 2012" "Performs great so far(had it for about a month). I boght this for my sons 1/10th Truggy to run a Tacon motor. Absolutely no complains on the performance. Doesn't overheat as I was worried it might for that scale of car. The only problem is that the cooling fan already went out. But I think that's only like $3 to replace. I plan on buying another one for my other sons truck." "5" "Jdub" "March 2, 2012" "awesome esc, at an even better price. running on 2s lipo with an 11t motor and handles no problem! fan keeps the electronics cool and it is TINY!!! Love it. Just bought the 25a version for my son's truck!" "5" "OAS30" "February 28, 2012" "First one burned itself up when i tried to set the transmitter signals. the fan just keep going faster and faster until it started leaking blue smoke. sent it back got a new one now it works perfect." "5" "carlos" "February 18, 2012" "I have play on water and mud and I have not have a problem. I suggest this product to any stock 1. 10 scale car." "5" "Harold T" "February 16, 2012" "love it . easy to use , put in my 2wd buggy team associated , lots of power on a 2s , i will let all my freinds know about this one , & i even brought another one for my other car !!" "5" "MF" "February 8, 2012" "This ESC has been great so far, I would suggest buying the programing card and rewiring the fan to 5V supply. Great deal for the money." "4" "SwissMountainGorilla" "January 27, 2012" "I'm using this ESC for a cable cam. It states that it can be used with 3 cell lipo until you get the instructions which clearly warn that a 3 cell will destroy the fan that is wired up. Haven't have too much time on this ESC but it would have been nice if that was mentioned before I purchased it." "5" "redletter" "December 27, 2011" "Got this and a Tacon 3200 KV motor for my son's stampede and it runs great! This is a very good esc, especially for the price. Great throtle response, breaking and reverse functions. Very happy with this purchase!" "5" "Vlad" "November 11, 2011" "Bought with Hobbywing's 13T/SL-3650M brushless motor. Good quality and price." "5" "slow50" "October 12, 2011" "I have been using this with a 10T motor, and it works great. Adjusted the settings and it has performed great. If I ever need another ESC I will buy one of these." "5" "rich" "September 21, 2011" "couldnt ask for better for the price" "5" "experenced tinkerer" "September 11, 2011" "this esc works great the onley bad thing is not a bad thing it is just a minor inconvience the esc fan has to be re wired is you use any battery over a 2 cell lipo or 7 cell nimh other than that it is a great esc i sudjest getting the optional programing card because it does not come with one" "5" "nick" "August 29, 2011" "worked like a charm and great product and service only from hobbypartz.com" "5" "Gary" "August 26, 2011" "I have not tried a 3 cell lipo on it but the 2 cell worked great had no problems yet." "5" "Arthur Ortega" "August 24, 2011" "this esc burned up the first time i tried to use it i was only using a 7 cell NIHM battery pack i was doing the setup procedure as it was listed in the instruction manual and when i was settiing the throttle stops it started smoking from the capacitor and inside the plastic cover so i never got to use it i was supposed to run my truck that night and was never able to i had another esc at home so i have been using that for now" "5" "Alex" "July 14, 2011" "awesome esc works great one problem must rewire the fan by unsoldering and getting a servo plug and solder it to positive and negative on the plug into the receiver for larger sized batteries and lipos" "5" "DC OCRacer" "June 14, 2011" "My first HobbyWing Product….. I’m using this ESC w/SL-3650M 3900KV motor in my SC10 stock gear RTR set-up which is a great replacement for the RTR ESC/motor combo. Also using this ESC with Gens Ace 4000mah 30C with the temperature read from my temp gun @ about 125F after run time of 10 mins. May need to gear down to keep the temps down with longer run time, but so far so good. Great bang for your buck…! This ESC only $30 which is about half the price of the original RTR ESC. I highly recommend this product." "5" "Brandon chambliss" "June 13, 2011" "i bought this and the ez run 10T seperate .But you can buy the combo. i put in a rj speed dragster with a 3 cell blue lipo 4000mah. i can only run it 3 times before letting it cool down ,but it runs 108mph with a 35 tooth pinion and a 78 spur. 1/8 mile an 7.9sec great but for the price" "5" "Aaron" "May 16, 2011" "I am very impressed with this esc. I was using it with a Tacon 3650 3500kv motor and it seemed to handle it just fine. I bought the program card from nitrorcx.com to go with it. It makes programming very easy. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another ezrun esc. The price and quality are hard to beat. (maybe impossible)" "5" "Moo Moo" "May 11, 2011" "I bought a couple of these because all of the higher amp esc's were out of stock. I am running them in 2 short course trucks and they go great! I was a bit hesitant to run 3300KV and 3500KV 540 sized brushless motors with these, but zero problems so far. I little bit of cogging on start up, but awesome value for an entry level brushless!" "5" "Joe" "May 2, 2011" "I was looking for an inexpensive esc for my 1/10th 4wd buggy. I decided to get the Ez-run 35 amps esc. Once I was done installing it in my buggy, I had a few issues with calibrating the esc to the receiver. But, after knowing what I was doing wrong, I had no problems calibrating the esc. Once I was done with all of that, it was time to test drive. I squeezed the throttle and the car went flying. For the price, this esc is great. It is smooth and is very programmable. Now, I havn't used it much as I broke the motor mount on my buggy. I recommend this esc to anyone that is looking for a good and inexpensive esc." "5" "Justin Cika" "April 28, 2011" "These are very reliable. I own Mamba Max & MMPro, VXL, Sidewinder, etc and these are still second to none. It easily programable with a $6 LED card, Ive pushed these to there limits. Well beyond what Castles Sidewinder could handle on a good day and they've never let me down. Ive ran motors rated much to high, ran 3 cell packs on the 1/10 25A with a EZ 5.5t and it kept going. I wouldnt recommnd this! But for there price you wont find better." "5" "dexterw1n" "April 7, 2011" "Me and my friends are still amazed at the price and quality of these esc's. Sold an extra one to a friend who is still smiling from ear to ear. Recommended!" "5" "David" "April 2, 2011" "I wanted to buy this esc but looksvlike HP doesn't sell the program card anymore :(" "5" "Joel C." "March 26, 2011" "This is the second one I purchase and so far so good. I'm running it with 3500mah NiMh and 4000mah Gens Ace Lipos with a Tacon 3500KV motor. The only issue I have is the fan blades sheared off and the fan had to get replaced. Still don't know what caused the blades to break." "5" "Sean" "March 21, 2011" "Although this ESC is made very well and nice, it has some issues such as the speed at which it responds. When I pull the trigger it doesn't respond right away, especially when backing up." "5" "Chris" "March 4, 2011" "Just bought this to go with the Tacon 3200kv motor and a couple blue lipos and it works wonderful . My truck flys down the road" "5" "Joel C." "March 2, 2011" "Great ESC for the money. This is my first BL ESC so I can't compare, but I can compare it to my brushed ESC though. Hands down, this ESC blows my other ESCs out of the water. I'm currently using it with a Tacon 3500KV motor on a Vintage RC10 geared at 21/87 with 2s 4000ma Gens Ace and it pushes the car at 30mph. I verified the speed with my GPS. Much bang for your buck! Great job HobbyPartz." "5" "Codey" "January 22, 2011" "Matched this ESC with 3200kv Tacon and 2s 7.4v Blue Lipo in my Stampede XL5. It's excellent!! Impressive build quality on this ESC. I haven't even tinkered with the programmable settings yet, just threw it in as-is. Great performance. Don't be fooled by the price, this is a great ESC." "5" "Harold Thiers" "November 8, 2010" "Very pleased. Easy to work with, especially if you have a programming card. Soldered directly to Hoobywing 13.5T motor and put it in a tamiya TL-01B 4X4 off road car. You have to figure out which way to wire your motor. ESC doesn't come with bullets on leads to motor. BL motor from hobby wing also didn't have leads with bulletts, so Soldering was required to connect. Not as practical as it could be. No problems with quality of product with about 12 packs at 7.4V 4000 mAh through so far." "5" "asdasf" "October 13, 2010" "awesome esc. got it for my slash with a 4400kv tacon moter an it pushes 50mph with a 7 cell nimh" "5" "Norm" "September 2, 2010" "I have been using this speed controller with a tacon 3930 kv motor club racing for the past 3 weeks and it has performed flawlessly. I think it is a great value, alot of bang for the buck. You should purchase the programing to go with this item." "5" "A to the B" "August 15, 2010" "super fast efficient easy and cool esc. set up from the factory. in my RC10lss runtimes are endless and way too fast" "5" "SpeedyG" "August 12, 2010" "Excellent little ESC... Smaller than I expected... Works great in my Venom Creeper rock crawler with a 2000kV brushless outrunner... Already had a Turnigy programming card which works with all Hobbywing/Turnigy car ESCs, made tuning a breeze (a must-have item if you want your car/truck to run the way you want it to!)... BEC has enough current to run 2 Hextronik 12K servos without an issue... Stays cool with the fan running all the time - doesn't hurt my runtimes at all with a 1300 mah 7.4V Turnigy lipo (well over half an hour)..." "5" "staticxmako" "August 12, 2010" "all you need to know is. got a 6 cell nimh in a vxl rusty. and a 6 cell nimh in this with a 3900kv ezrun motor. in a stampede. the stampede is geared for torque. and the rusty for speed. this beat the rusty!!!!!!! HA!" "5" "Don" "August 8, 2009" "I would like to thank hobby partz .com for fast and friendly service and stocking such great products!!! Shipping to Fla was fast ,5 days !!!!! I am very pleased with the e-zrun esc and using them on 2 trucks,traxxas stampede and a nito mt conversion both using feigao 540 l motors.Even though size and price may make you wonder how good of a product they could be,they are smooth ,program easily without a card and are very powerful for their size.These will allow all who are on a budget to have a brushless system that works extremely well."

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