HobbyWing EZRUN Brushless System Combo B5 w/ 60A ESC and 8.5T@4000KV 3650-Size Brushless Motor for 1/12,1/10 off-road racing for experienced drivers
HobbyWing EZRUN Brushless System Combo B5 w/ 60A ESC and 8.5T@4000KV 3650-Size Brushless Motor for 1/12,1/10 off-road racing for experienced drivers

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EZRUN Series Brushless System Combo for 1/12 and 1/10 Cars (Version 2.0)


User Manual for ESC                     User Manual for Program Card        





1   The Combo Includes the Following Products:

ESC:                   EZRUN-35A-SL  or  EZRUN-60A-SL 1pcs
EZRUN-3650M (9T/12T/32T) or EZRUN-3650 (5.5T/8.5T)  Brushless motor 1pcs
Program Card  3 Digital LEDs Program Card  1pcs

2  Combos and Main Applications 

Combo No.



Main Applications



(EZRUN-3650M Motor) 

1/12, 1/10 on-road racing for beginners



(EZRUN-3650M Motor)

1/12,1/10 on-road racing for experienced drivers



(EZRUN-3650M Motor)

1/10 rock crawler 



(EZRUN-3650 Motor)

1/12,1/10 off-road racing for experienced drivers



(EZRUN-3650 Motor) 

1/12,1/10 off-road racing for experienced drivers

3   Features

3.1 Compatible with all sonsorless brushless motor.
3.2 Use top quality electronic components to enhance the current endurance ability of the ESC. 
3.3 Excellent start-up, acceleration and linearity features.
3.4 With 3 running modes: Racing mode (Forward),  Forward/Backward mode and Rock Crawler mode.
3.5 With 4 steps of maximum reverse force adjustment.
3.6 Proportional ABS brake function with 4 steps of maximum brake force adjustment, 8 steps of drag-brake force adjustment and 4 steps of initial brake force adjustment.
3.7 With 9 start modes (Also called "Punch" ) from "Soft" to "Very aggressive" to suitable for different tracks.
3.8 Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection for lithium or nickel battery / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection / Motor blocked protection.
3.9 With 8 steps of timing adjustment to get the best compatibility with various of motors.
Easily program with only one button and compatible with pocket-sized program card.
3.11 The ESC is USB supported. The firmware of the ESC can be updated through an USB adapter on the Advanced LCD Program Box (Optional device).
3.12 Top quality motor: 
        Aluminium shell (case)
        High quality magnets
        Copper wires of high temperature endurance
        Good quality  bearings
4   Programmable Items   
For detail information, please read the user manual for reference.
"5" "Douglas Errickson" "June 14, 2016" "This system is awesome! Easy to set up, program card is killer! Systemvis super fast and doubled the speed of my 20t brushed motor i had on my Ground Pounder! She's blowin rooster tails and standing up now! PS, i upgraded my gears to mod1 steel and aluminum drive shafts for the extra power. Couldnt be happier." "5" "Lionel Davis" "March 22, 2014" "I got this combo for my traxxas slash 2wd truck. This combo made the beast come out of my trunk. I love it so far. Lots of power lol almost to much. You got anything that is a good platform go with this" "5" "Mike" "November 14, 2013" "Replaced my brushed 2WD Traxxas Slash with this and it screams. I know it says to only use 2s but I couldn't resist. I've had it now for about 2 months and it runs great. Great bang for the buck." "5" "Stephen Wunder" "October 10, 2013" "I bought this in June for my Exceed RC Sunfire buggy and have no complaints. I bought a 9.6 5000 Mah battery for it and have been stripping gears with it.....trying to figure it out at the moment :p easy setup, and runs great. nice and fast. for me that is. hitting around 45-50 mph too so the speed is nice. get it and you won't regret it" "5" "Gunnar" "July 20, 2013" "I upgraded my offroad truck from 35a esc and 3350kv with this combo. Works great, and got more power and speed. Great combo and easy programming. Run it on 2s, but wil try it out on 3s." "5" "Daniel" "April 2, 2012" "I have to say I love the system great power. Wheelie on demand with a 2s Gens Ace lipo a must have. Only Con is the wire length coming from ESC need to be longer. Great price to can't beat that. Thanks Hobbypartz" "5" "Timmy" "March 21, 2012" "Easy to setup, easy to use. Great lil system. You will have to make your own mount for the esc. It's not as much power as the stock traxxas vxl-3s but it's much faster than the stock brushed xl-5. Great upgrade for a brushed slash or rustler. The programming card is very simple to use and pretty much self-explanatory. The only thing I would recommend they change on this setup is the wire length. They are not long enough." "4" "T Waleiko" "March 19, 2012" "Added this set up to my outdated (XL-1) Stampede and what a difference!!! This truck is now CRAZY fast! I actually blew out my idler gear twice (I'm upgrading to an aluminum one) but that was just because I was pushing the truck with reckless abandon. The programability of the ESC is great and very easy to use. The motor tends to get a bit hot (could be my battery choice) and the factory solder connections have actually melted off but have been fine since I re-soldered them. If not for that, I would have given it 5 stars." "5" "eddie" "January 13, 2012" "great product just as fast as my buddy's castle unit :) and u cant beat the $" "5" "Moon" "January 4, 2012" "Bought this setup for a rustler knock off. Besides haveing heat issues with the motor that need to be sorted out I am loveing it. Everything was simple to program and hit the road with a little soldering." "5" "A.J" "December 19, 2011" "I just got this motor and I have to say it was a pain to get it all set up it didn't come with any connectors so i had to go get all that at the local hobby hobby shop. However after it was up and running Holy crap is this thing fast.... I mean soo fast i cant control it and I have been into this hobby a long time, I am a nitro guy so I know fast but this thing is a beast!!!! I am running it in a Stampede on a 3 cell sky lipo 40c so i had to rewire the fan but no big deal. I love it!!! I will but another one for my slash. A little note... Take your time getting used to this thing it is very fast." "5" "Luke" "September 26, 2011" "This is a very cheap set up and that is one thing to have a cheap item but then to have one with this time of quality was just stunning to me. I was expecting a low quality item for the price I payed but this is certainly not that. Big quality item for a low price!" "5" "gregg" "September 26, 2011" "this is a great bang for ur buck combo deal it just fit like a glove in my 25 yr old kyosho turbo 4wd -50mph+ wheelies on command , brake drag is the best i have used .with a two cell lipo 65c rate 5000 mah bat the punch is always there, pinnion gear -15th motor is barely warm i could go to a bigger pinnion but its fast enough for me" "5" "Doug" "September 13, 2011" "i was unsure of ordering this combo because i dont kno anyone that has it and i wanted my car to move super fast this combo is great just what i was looking for i put it in my rustler and im running 3 cell lipo in it believe me when i tell u cant go wrong wit this at all my car is faster thin alot of nitro cars now man this thing has so much power its crazy hard to keep up wit all the power it has and lets just say its a good thing i went and got a wheelie bar" "5" "jeff" "April 7, 2011" "Great set up if your ready to upgrade to brushless. Little more power than the stock traxxas brushed motors. Plus you can program them to what ever surface you run on but the stock settings are great all around out of the box. I run this setup in a 2wd stampede. on the roads you have to feather into the throtle or you will be testing ou that wheelie bar. I run this alot in sand climbing hills and jumping some big hits. It get enough wheel spin to climb some 20ft tall sand walls with stock tires. Esc stays cool and the motor does also even when hammering it all the time. I have only used 2s lipos on it but 3s should make it really fly." "5" "Tim" "March 23, 2011" "I was eyeing this item on this web until I saw one in person during the 2011 RC Expo show. I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did. I installed it on my Kyosho Ultima DB buggy with the stock gearing intact. My concern for temperature issues were unfounded and there is no cogging tendency whatsoever. This is in fact better than my other famous brand which popularized sensorless brushless system. The motor has very strong torque and sprints the buggy with authority. Top end speed is also extremely good, even on Ni-MH battery. Two cell Lipo is noticeably faster. You need to solder the three 3.5 mm female banana plugs (provided) for the ESC and provide yourself the three male banana plugs for the motor. In addition you need to decide on the kinds of plug you use for the ESC to battery plug. I highly recommand this brand!" "5" "Super Scooper" "March 7, 2011" "I took out my stock motor and esc and put this system in without changing anything else. Right away I knew this system was great! With a 2 cell I was passing $350 tekin brushless systems, and easily clearing triple jumps at my local track. Once I put a 3 cell in this power-plant delivered immense speed and torque! At half speed (keeping up with other cars) on pavement I can punch it and it burns out the tires like it was standing still!!! I mostly run this on a hard pack dirt track but not with the 3 cell... too much power for me! It stays cool and I've been racing (an winning!) with it for several weeks now. Programing was easy, and I'm just running it as the stock setup, I haven't even got into tuning it so I can see it being even better on the track once I do that. My only complaint is that it does not come with long enough wires to connect the esc to the motor in a slash." "5" "Dale" "February 10, 2011" "I installed this system in my Traxxas Stampede old version. This system works way better than my modified 17T brushed motor, and now allows me to use lipo! I have run a few 3s lipos (from my plane) in this and its a wheelie machine and extremely fast!! Highly recommend this combo!!! Great price!" "5" "jeff" "February 2, 2011" "this thing rips. if you have a brushed motor and are thinking of upgrading to a brushless. this is a quick and cheap way to make your rc hall a@@!! I have tried it in a couple of cars, 4x4 and 2wheel drive, and you wont believe the speed and torque. I also have the 35a version in a mad truck and it hits around 30mph with nimh batteries. the 60a will push 50 and 60mph with 2s lipo's and around 40mph with a 5000mah nimh." "5" "Tim" "February 1, 2011" "Amazing super powerful stays cool batteries last great Highly recommend anyone to buy it you will love it!" "5" "Jesse" "January 4, 2011" "I run this in my SC10 on a indoor carpet track. This setup works great. I can run a full battery (5000mh 40c) and the motor is barley warm. ESC is cool. This is a great setup, esp for the price" "5" "Shane" "January 1, 2011" "This combo runs great in my rustler. My buddy got a VXL kit at the same time as me and with the same gearing mine is a little faster and for half the price. The only issue is that they don't include all of the bullet connectors you'll need. If your motor and esc are mounted close this won't be an issue." "5" "Stinger" "December 18, 2010" "I bought this for my Traxxas Bandit. Running against my friends Stampede VXL I can smoke him. When he comes off the line, he does a wheelie. Mine just spins the tires. When we start slowly, I take him off the line, then wait for him to catch up, then take off. Very minimal cogging, but it's probably because the gears. I'm running a 81T spur with a 23T pinion. My friends VXL has the 84T with 25T. I'm running a 7.4v 5000 lipo and he runs a 8.4v 7 cell 5500. I last longer too. Motor does get hot but not too hot. Once again, probably the gears, and that I run it hard!. Thanks to the fan, the esc never gets even warm to the touch. I'm really happy with this set up. I tried the LRP both 6000kv and the 4900kv. Both overheated with in 2 minutes and were no fun to drive. This "cheap" combo is more powerful and runs forever. I get a good 45 miinutes out of it. Mostly speed runs. Up the street and back, over and over again." "5" "stoney" "November 29, 2010" "i bought this unit very smooth and fast i run it on a factory team b4 just as fast as the 300.00 units iam planning on posting video of it visit www.askrcracing.webs.com its well worth the money" "5" "Herman" "November 11, 2010" "I purchased a Traxxas Rustler from RC Planet and didn't run out as an RTR out of the box. Several attempts to contact the seller were all in vain! I purchased a brand new vxl esc from eBay and it also went up in smoke. This EZRUN combo runs very good and changed my mind from throwing away the crippled rustler into the garbage!" "5" "Keith" "October 6, 2010" "I got this combo along with a 4000mAh 2-cell hard cased Li-Po to go in my 2WD Slash. I was expecting something better than stock, but really nothing special to be honest. I installed it today and ran on pack through it. I haven't played with gearing yet, just using the same hearing I had with the stock motor. I was pleasantly surprised at the performance! PLENTY of power on tap, it's a whole new truck now. :D Perfect combo for the Slash I think. My only gripe is that none of the connectors were soldered on. There is no battery connector in the box, and only the female side of the bullet connectors. I would have changed the battery connector anyway, I run Deans on all my stuff, but it would have been nice to have both sides of the connectors for the motor, and even better if the were pre-soldered. ;) I just soldered it direct for now. I'll have to pick up some connectors later if I plan on swapping the motor, but I doubt I'll ever mess with it. Buy one, you'll like it!" "5" "Rahzip" "September 22, 2010" "I have ran four 11.1V 4000Mah packs through this combo installed in my Losi Strike. It is awesome!! It may be faster than my 1/8 scale nitro Thunder Tiger ST-1 truggy with a 2spd and a .28. The directions say not to run more than 7V through the ESC fan but, so far no problems." "5" "coltonboothgreen" "May 7, 2010" "this ything works great in my rustler no high temps its sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "5" "Rick Postetter" "April 14, 2010" "I got a chance to play around with some gears in my Losi High Roller. The stock gear set is a 12tooth pinion and a 90tooth spur gear. That's 12/90 or a FDR:19.13 . This is a great setup with the stock electronics. Gets you through grass and off-road just fine. With the EZRUN 60A ESC and 4000kv Motor you can get a lot more low end and top end out of this truck. I gave a LARGE pinion a try. Wow, this truck was super fast! Then i gave the stock pinion a try. I could feel the truck wanting to do a lot more then this setup would allow. After a day of running 10 different pinion gears I concluded that a 14 tooth pinion was the best fit for me. The 14tooth pinion gives great low end. Wheelies on command style low end. That's without having to reverse and plow forward in one fast motions. This bad boy will wheelie forever with just a nice swift punch of the throttle. The top end is still fast with the 14tooth pinion. It's not to fast for this truck and it's parts. This Gear setup is a perfect MONSTER TRUCK feel! If you gear to high you will loss that fun Monster Truck attitude. This is a 14/90 or a FDR:16:39 . You can gear a little Higher or Lower and be safe. Between the temp of the Motor and ESC , Great Run time, and Overall Monster Truck Attitude in Performance... I feel a 14/90 is the Best fit for this Truck and Electronics Combo. Keep in mind you can always play with the spur gear... If anyone else finds a great running gear combination ... please let me know. :) Oh, and just because It's fun to brag about RC stuff. I added a Good 8000mah 2c/ 35C Lipo to my High Rollers Aftermarket parts list. Amazing run times and Power! If you add a 2c Lipo set your cutoff to 3.4V/cell that ='s 6.8V for the pack. It's safer to cut off a little early then late and destroy your pack. Your still going to at least double your standard subC style packs run times with a lipo. Last thing I have to say. The program card that comes in this combo is used for more then just this combo. So it has a number 11 and 12 on the faceplate. They are only for the larger amp esc's. With this 60A ESC you only use number 1-10 Your lipo/life/lith cutoff is number 3! So don't overload your brain trying to adjust settings 11(Motor Rotation) and 12(Lipo Cells).... You will never find a way to adjust them setting.. lol. I know this because i spent a good hr. freaking out thinking I could not set my lipo cutoff. Adjust that with setting 3 !!! select (6)3.4v/cell" "5" "Rick Postetter" "April 12, 2010" "Opps.. I wrote Teken in my review. I should have type Tekin. Oh and... This EZRUN B5 60A ESC 8.5t Motor Rocks! Buy One... Heck Buy three!" "5" "Rick Postetter" "April 12, 2010" "I Just got my EZRUN B5 Combo with 60A ESC and 8.5T@4000kv Motor today. I'm looking at installing this into a basic Losi High Roller. The only Modifications I have made to this truck are; an Aluminum Idler gear, CV Drive shafts, and a DXR3 Spektrum Radio & the S200 Digital servo that comes with. I Don't Race so that servo should do me just fine. Same for this Brushless sys... No need to spend double the price on a Novak or Teken Sensor system if I'm not racing. First glance this Hobbywing sys looks nice. If your going to install this in an Off-Road Vehicle get the 60A with 3650-size motor! If you buy the 3650M-size motor you will be running to hot and under torqued. They are two different types of motors! The ones with "M" are for on-road style vehicles. Anyhow... the sys looks nice and bolts right into my application. This system runs strong and for the money, It's hard to beat! Adjust the timing to eliminate any cogging as all applications are different. Still working out the perfect "Monster Truck" feeling gear ratio for the Losi High Roller. When i figure that out i will post my discovery including final drive ratios. All in all the EZRUN B5 Combo is worth the money. The fact it's not $200+ is not a reflection on this products quality as much as the company who makes this products understanding of a "Normal" hobbies, club racer, or basher. Don't brake the bank if your not getting payed to play. :)" "4" "Bob Smith" "April 11, 2010" "I bought this system because I am on a budget. The price is excellent, however I think it lacks in a few areas. The motor does not seem to be as powerful as a 4000 kv motor should. The esc does not have the bullet connectors soldered on like most other systems do. I did encounter a problem that in less than a week the esc on the first one I purchased quit on me. I have no idea why as I called them explained what I was doing. I was not running it hot, was not exceeding battery capacity, not running in water, it just stopped working on me. I am very thankful that Hobbypartz honored the warranty on it and sent me a new one. I do have problems with mine going into reverse, but I can live without it. The programability of the system I thought was phenominal. I am running this system in a 2 wheel drive slash, which it is pretty quick, but not near as fast as I thought originally. If your looking for an affordable system with the programable parameters of a mamba then this is a great choice. I would buy another one." "5" "Papy_Yosh" "December 20, 2009" "You cannot bit that combo. my only wish is to have better bearings. I broke mine of my 9t 4300kv and killed my spur at the same time. But, I'll buy it again and just did. ;)" "4" "JMG049" "October 14, 2009" "the motor is comparable to a 12T hand wound trinity. my truck ran without any complications such as motor gliches or stutters, which can be solved by adjusting the timing(easy to do with included programing card) speed control runs cold on 2s lipos, motor is a little warm but no concerns. expected a little more from it set on 9 for acceleration and full advanced timing using 2s lipos. im sure my 3s lipos on order will livin it up alot more. definitly a good buy and well worth the money." "5" "Josh Hoffman" "July 5, 2009" "Just ran this setup for the first time at a track in Waterbury CT. I run a modified Traxxas truck against Losi's and Associated cars. Took a 2nd. Having trouble handling the power. Had to turn down the timing to 0 and the pucch to 6. Will keep you informed. Race date 6/27/09"

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