T-Pro SG50 5 Gram Micro Servo
T-Pro SG50 5 Gram Micro Servo

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THIS IS ONE SUPER MICRO 5G SERVO pole motor and indirect drive give this micro the extreme torque needed for larger aircraft, yet in a size that fits park flyers. Who buys from us??? Our servos are used by many manufacturers all over the world in helicopters, small to mid-size r/c airplanes, and many schools and institutions (mostly those engineering dudes)!

BRAND NEW - SEALED 5 Gram Mini Micro Servo!!!  Retail $29.99+ in store!!!

Compatiable w/: FUTABA, JR, HITEC, AIRTRONICS, GWS, SANWA & AASHAI Radio Systems

Call us crazy, but this is the lowest price you will ever see!!! At such an bargain price, it's great for students who are working on engineering projects, ideal for hobby people, and best of all, it's the ultimate item for your remote control airplanes and helicopters!!!

Light-Weight, High-Quality, and Lightning-Fast  "Designed to work with almost all Radio Control Syste

Excellent performance brings you to another horizon of flight

Operating Voltage: 3.0V - 7.2V
Operating Speed: 0.08sec/60 degrees at no load
Stall Torque: 0.8kg/cm
Motor Type: coreless motor
Gear Type: All Nylon Gear
Connector Wire Length: 150mm
Dimensions: 20.9mm x 11.4mm x 22mm
Weight: 5.0g

"3" "Dave Vinch" "May 4, 2012" "I think these servos are rough and prone to chatter, but they are cheap. Iflights from Headsup are much more refined but they are over a dollar more. I guess you get what you pay for in sub 9 gram servos." "3" "Chop Shop Hobbies" "April 19, 2012" "1 out of 8 was bad so it gets 3 stars. Not as good as the hextronic servos in my opinion. Still a decent servo though." "5" "C.Gage" "December 16, 2011" "Good Servo and Great price!! I have had good luck with them." "5" "Eric G" "October 31, 2011" "Thank you Hobbypartz these are awesome servos, I can buy 5 of these for the price of one of the brand name servos and these are just as good if not better. Light weight, fast, and small. I will be using these n my new competition F3P indoor 3D plane, AS always great products from a great company. Hobbypartz rocks!!!!" "5" "Steve" "October 11, 2011" "All I can say is WOW got my order in today and checked out my servos and I have to say im inpressed. I have used futaba and Hitech servos for years now and this servo is just as good quality as them at less then 1/2 the price. Hobbypartz you did a great job with this and if all your servos are this good I will be buying alot more." "5" "W." "September 29, 2011" "Great servo, almost 1/2 the size and weight of the 90, works very well, have two of them on a mini funjet!" "5" "BREWBEER1" "September 11, 2011" "GREAT SERVO" "5" "Brian" "September 2, 2011" "i love these servos and i love hobbypartzfor there superb prices customer service and fast shipping. This servo is the same exact servo as the hextronics HXT-500 5g micro servo every thing is identical from the size of the outer casing and wire length to the internal component's/core less motor nylon gear's and even color. all specs dimensions weight torque speed operating voltage is all the same including the fact that both servos specs claim the weight to be 5g and neither are as specified, both servos truly weigh 7.0 gram's with control horn and screw. what i like about buying the T-Pro SG-50 is that they are located in the us and the price is the same $3.50, when purchasing the hxt-500 the bad part is that they are located in china. It takes about 2 weeks on average to get them. Naaaaaaaaaa...!!!!! I THINK I WILL STICK WITH THE T-PRO SG-50 FROM NOW ON. THANK YOU VERY MUCH HOBBYPARTZ" "5" "Ryan" "August 5, 2011" "Installed in a profile edf as aileron servos embedded in each wing. Work flawlessly even after 5 wrecks! Would buy again!" "5" "wleg05" "June 5, 2011" "This is the only place where I can buy bargain servos from a US supplier. I Mainly use them for foamies. They work great. No twitching and can survive a crash. Although centering is not perfect, it can be adjusted if you have a programmable radio. It comes with a good collection of servo arms and the screw for the servo arm actually fits, unlike other manufacturers." "5" "SB" "March 28, 2011" "I bought 6 of these and they all work great. No problems at all. This servo is study and has a large surface for hot gluing in place (they are almost the same size as the 9g). I've very pleased with the quality. I put 2 in my Mini Super Cub when I replaced the stock electronics. Also, I'm planning to use them in some small plane kits like the Airfield warbirds. SB SB" "5" "Heber" "February 21, 2011" "Great servos, they work quite well for 3D, they are not so precise like other expensive servos but hey, you can't beat the price of it" "4" "Eric" "February 7, 2011" "I put one on my boat." "5" "Roy Creiglow (Mr. foambuilder)" "January 15, 2011" "I have no less than about 20 of them in foamies and helis. I have yet to have a failure on any of them, and a great deal for the money. Still building and installing them. Will be ordering more in the future. These are the same as the HTX500 from HK at less money!!!! Plus free shipping Tnx Hobbypartz" "5" "fbrosis" "January 14, 2011" "THE ARE SO FAKE. I bought ten of these and they are all broken. you just plug them with battery, receiver and all the things, then they would just shake and finally die. i lost my money on the servos." "5" "austink" "December 30, 2010" "3 out of 4 worked great 1 of them had a bad gear" "5" "Jeff W" "November 14, 2010" "Awesome deal.. I put two in a GWS 400 Tiger Moth and they work just great. Free shipping and low price means I will be back for more. Totally awesome news for us poor builders. Thank you HobbyPartz" "5" "aramsdell" "November 7, 2010" "What can you say? Cheap, light and fast." "5" "BoB B Dragon" "October 23, 2010" "It is one of the best servo I have seen in A long time It is working in GWS Stick And it is woking very well thank-you!!!" "4" "smzdavisf15" "October 20, 2010" "Pretty good servos for the price. The control arms are a bit short but they are excellent for smaller projects." "4" "Roy Creiglow" "July 23, 2010" "Have purchased 35-40 of these and the 9 gram servos. Several of both have the jitters somewhere in the travel. one or two did not work aas new, but for the money, I guess you can afford to lose some. My Wife and I use them for indoor/outdoor foamies, so no big investment if they d o fail. I will continue to buy them, just wish they centered with the control arms better. NOt alll of our tx. are computers, so no centering." "5" "Richard Cohen" "July 18, 2010" "Stroing, quick and low priced" "3" "General Lee" "June 21, 2010" "Purchased 5 of them... only 4 work." "5" "RC Bob" "June 2, 2010" "Good servo for the money. But if you can spare 2 extra grams, the Dynam 7g servo is a better servo - much smoother, better torque and a tighter feel." "4" "Sam" "May 30, 2010" "I like to use these on small profile foamie projects. These servos are light, cheap and work decently. I have bought a bunch from hobbypartz, and one came in the mail dead. I didn't worry about trying to get a replacement. I wish the servos came with one slightly longer arm, but that isn't a big deal either. Overall, good product that fulfills a lot of niches." "5" "cade ridenour" "January 24, 2010" "Best bang for your buck. You wont be disappointed." "5" "Kevin T" "August 18, 2009" "bought a few of this for a cheap project. very pleased with the quality. would use them for future project." "5" "Go COWBOYS!!!" "April 3, 2009" "These seem like great servos. Tried a couple of this on my trex clone and i only use them as tail servo. Response is good and quite precise. Overall i'm impressed. Will use them again in the future."

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