FlySky FS-GT3 2.4G 3CH Gun Transmitter for RC Cars, Trucks and Buggy 79P-GT3
FlySky FS-GT3 2.4G 3CH Gun Transmitter for RC Cars, Trucks and Buggy 79P-GT3

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FlySky FS-GT3 2.4G 3CH Gun Transmitter
FS-GT3 has revolutionized the way people experience RC, and now this radio transmitter can stand up to the top competitions.


* Channels : 3
* Model Type : CAR/ BOAT
* RF Power : LESS THAN 20dbm
* LCD TYPE : 128x64 DOT
* POWER : 12V DC (1.5AAx8)
* WEIGHT :742g
* ANT LENGTH :115(FM) / 26MM(2.4G)

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"5" "BT" "November 7, 2011" "I am relitivy new to the hobby. dont let that fool you with what my friends and competitors have as far as rx/tx systems go. i se rc/tx systems that my friends have that run 300 bux and they are starting to buy this controler. this is my first one that was not the am with the antanna that was 3 feet long. this controler is as good as the $250 one my buddy let me use at a match 3 months ago. i have had this controler for 11 weeks now. i have dropped it and banged it on the railing in the drivers stand and it works flawlessly. i didnt want to make a review after i had it for a day or two. i wanted to put it through its paceses and decide what to say. this system is worth 4X what they are asking. my advice is order the system and extra receivers you will love it that mutch. only downfall is the instructions that come in the box. find the user instructions online and print them and save yourself some time." "5" "1landpilot" "August 4, 2011" "THIS IS ONE AWESOME RADIO FOR THE PRICE- NOT ONE PROBLEM WITH TX-RX USE IT IN MY GAS RACE BOATS (3)NO PROBLEMS AT 68-73 MPH AND BIG PLUS IS THE PRICE OF RX I ALWAYS CARRY 2 IN TOOL BOX IF ONE GETS WET JUST PULL IT OUT AND EXCHANGE . CAN BUY 6-7 RX FOR THE PRICE OF OTHER HI$$$ RADIOS ....BUY IT YOU WONT BE SORRY + YOU CAN BRAG HOW CHEAP IT WASTO THE OTHER GUYS" "5" "C J" "May 27, 2011" "awesome transmitter! works on my bandit electric series! does everything I want it to do!" "5" "Dennis" "April 6, 2011" "If the instructions were improved so complete detail of operation were available, the transmitter would be without flaw. Considering the reasonable price, quality of construction is just fine. Probably cannot take physical abuse, but with care I believe it will last. I have used it several hours on two models, and all of the functions work perfect. Just took me a little while to get the hang as to how all settings and controlls worked, but after that everything was just fine. The improved manual is the key to greater success. Thanks for the product. I am putting it to good use. Dennis" "4" "nate" "March 19, 2011" "great buy for the money! Easier to understand instructions would be nice! Great product i would definately buy again." "5" "Brandon" "December 28, 2010" "Great Controller All reviews A+++++. The manual is twords the bottom of the product screen its a link for PDF." "5" "1rcfanatic" "December 8, 2010" "This out performs my Traxxas Link 2.4 radio system. The range is awsome. Can control up to 8 vehicles on one system. I've programed 4 of my trucks already. The third channel works great with my older emaxx #3906 with the 2 speed transmission. It will control the change of the high and low gear with the 3rd channel or turn on lights on my slash with the aftermarket lights kit. Great system for the money and the extra receivers are inexpensive to load up 8 cars. Buy it!" "5" "Mike" "November 2, 2010" "I received this controller about a week ago, its absolutely awesome high end product for low end cost, only problem is it comes with no manal so binding is a little tricky, and i had to wd-40 the steering knob "had a little squeek to it" other than that i love it, works very well for cars and trucks, can even use it on pc for a simulator" "4" "Joe B" "October 24, 2010" "So far so good,,, soo worth the money!" "5" "Alex" "October 5, 2010" "This is the 2nd one of these radio systems that I have purchased. I purchased one of the earlier versions without failsafe from a different manufacturer (same 'model'). Great radio with lots of features. The issues mentioned below (servo not centering/other models not working) - I also experienced, but was able to play with the settings until it operated properly. I would recommend searching the internet and finding a copy of the manual (it does exist); but otherwise it works exactly as advertised (I've had my other for over 8 months now - not a single issue). I would highly recommend this radio. Pros: Lots of features/settings Comfortable grip/adjustable wheel position USB dongle/adapter is a nice addition Cons: Does require messing with the settings to get models 2-8 working properly/servos returning to right position Require 8 AA (although I think you could probably run it off only 4 AA's...) It doesn't race the car for me" "4" "Shazo" "September 23, 2010" "Overall a great radio for the price! Pros: Great performance with a good mix of advanced features and controls. Very inexpensive receivers that are small, light, and perform very well. Cons: Has a bit of a cheap feel. -The scroll wheel (plastic chrome dial on the right) was scraping on the controller and not registering button presses correctly. Pulling it off and placing a small washer inside brought it up off the controller enough to work correctly. -My steering wheels squeaks but I think that's worked out now with some lube. -NOTE: THE DEFAULT SETTINGS FOR PROFILES 2-8 ARE INCORRECT. You will think this controller is junk if you do not copy (manually) the same settings from profile 1. For example I would turn my steering wheel to the right slowly and it would turn the steering right until about 2/3 of the way and past that it would turn the servo left! Fix the settings and you're good." "5" "Daniel Hamby" "September 1, 2010" "I had my local hobby shop order this radio for me thru hobby partz and it is a great radio it has replaced my old worn out spectrum dx 2.0 . and works much better and has far more settings if you are thinking about this radio it truly is a great radio and has all the setting a racer needs in it expo end point . all types of curves abs brake and on and on and plus the rec. are very cheap and very small . if you are thinking dont just buy it and enjoy it you wont regret buying this ." "5" "staticxmako" "August 11, 2010" "only system you will need. i got 9 cars. and 2 are allready 2.4ghz so this was percefct for me. i got the fs-gt2 before this. i was amazed as its better than my traxxas 2.4!!! and its cheaper, although traxxas has warrenties its not worth it. i just got all my trucks on this gt3 today ran them all and bashed them, and havent had a single problem IT JUST TAKES ALOT OF TIME TO SETUP EACH TRUCK. i have 2 e-maxxes and the third channle is just beautifull. becuase i programed the key that is next to thumb as the on off for my 3906's tranny to shit to low or high. so i dont have to reach to the back to hit it. its so nice i was thinking about spectrum. but now thats not even in my head now this is my $60 spectrum haahhhha BUY IT!" "5" "Koker93" "August 3, 2010" "I just recieved my GT3 yesterday afternoon. It only took about 5 minutes to have it in my truck and working. Took another 5 minutes to figure out the menus in the transmitter and reverse both the steering and the throttle, both were backwards for my Revo. after that I ran my truck for about 30 minutes and was really impressed with the radio. I upgraded from the stock traxxas radio and man, what an improvement! My olt setup was twitchy and had limited range. This radio is solid as a rock, has good response, and great range. I am really happy so far. The only glitch - i had to reverse the throttle. So the failsafe sets it to WOT instead of full brake if it loses radio. To the nitro users especially - test this out in a safe spot and see if you need to be careful about how far away you get. Nice radio, and even nicer for $60. Cant wait for the gt3b - i may have to upgrade again just for that screen!" "4" "clutchjunkie" "July 20, 2010" "I gave this radio 4 stars instead of 5 because not only does it not come with instructions, but it has a couple of problems which are well documented on the internet. If you google "fs-gt3 problems" you will find the fix for why models 2-8 don't work out of the box, and what to do if your steering wheel doesn't center anymore. Other than that, this radio is probably the best bang for your buck item in R/C, period. I am very happy with it's performance, new receivers are less than $8, it has no problems with range or glitching, it's been a solid radio for the last few months. I highly recommend it, just look a couple of things up before you get started." "5" "Carl" "July 16, 2010" "I use this and the GT2 radios in my Model racing Monos and Hydroplanes. IT is a great radio and does everything the F, J, and A radios do for a fraction of the price. Cant wait till they get the GT3B radios in. Thanks" "4" "TTOMTK" "June 28, 2010" "GREAT RADIO ONLY 4 STARS DID NOT COME WITH A MANUAL OR INFO ABOUT WHERE TO GET ONE" "5" "Dark Asylumn" "June 7, 2010" "Well first off I wanna start of by saying its a $60 radio. so if there were anything negative then it would still be awesome I mean look at the next closest radio in price other than a fs its $60 also and its a AM. Unbelievable radio for the money I would pay twice as much for it. Its just that awesome. ! note had problems getting the RX to work. after help from friends we realized that they had put the sticker on backwards so the channels were reversed from where the sticker said they were not a big deal. and Also it holds 8 cars so 1 radio for all your cars is awesome" "5" "Michael" "March 23, 2010" "This system does have the fail safe built in. My RX quit working after less than a day ! Trying to get ahold of someone by email or phone is impossible!!" "5" "Toejam" "March 1, 2010" "Best 60 bucks I have ever spent on a RC equipment. Period." "3" "Tj" "February 26, 2010" "It is okay for it's price" "5" "z" "February 19, 2010" "good" "5" "amdintelxsniperx" "February 8, 2010" "i have this radio and i simply love it its cheap and is really wel built :D also if this is the version 3 it should have a built in fail safe that sets the throttle to full break upon signal loss"

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