FlySky FS-GT2 2.4G 2CH Gun Transmitter for Radio Controlled Cars w/ Receiver (Complete Set) 79P-GT2-Orange
FlySky FS-GT2 2.4G 2CH Gun Transmitter for Radio Controlled Cars w/ Receiver (Complete Set) 79P-GT2-Orange

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FlySky FS-GT2 2.4G 2CH Gun Transmitter
FS-GT2 has revolutionized the way people experience RC, and now this radio transmitter can stand up to the top competitions.

  • Channels: 2Channels;
  • Model type: Car/boat;
  • RF Power: less than 20dbm;
  • Modulation: GFSK;
  • Code type: Digital;
  • Sensitivity:1024;
  • Low voltage warning: yes(less than 9w);
  • DSC port: yes (3.5mm);
  • Charger port: yes;
  • Power:12V DC(1.5AA*8);
  • Weight:328g;p

"5" "Willard Wider" "November 24, 2014" "Works great. No problems." "5" "Jason Runner" "August 18, 2014" "Great product, came already bound. I was disappointed it did not come with charge cord." "5" "Jones8352" "April 11, 2014" "I think this is a great radio for the price, they work great have a good range and are super easy to adjust. Just a few knobs. I buy them for about $20 I use them for selling rigs, I don't want to give a $200 radio away when I'm selling." "5" "isaac" "March 3, 2014" "This is a great little remote and transmitter. it arrived very quickly. i love the controller,and the recever is the smallest thing i have ever seen. for $20 you cant go wrong it is a must have. the only thing that i am kind of dissipointed about is that it takes 8 AA batteries." "5" "jdreed" "March 2, 2014" "works great used it several times no problems eazy to install & use" "5" "peterfunk" "February 7, 2014" "woo woo i love it great buy thank you hobby partz" "5" "Vince" "December 20, 2013" "First off I really like these radios, I have 2 of the gt3c's and 2 of the gt2's. They have excellent range and performer very well, I am by no means an expert though. One issue I have had with these though is getting them to work with some esc, one by team associated and the other is a leopard both brushless. When I would bind the radio to the receiver the servo would work fine but the motor would not respond at all. By chance I found if, wile the radio and esc are powered on, if you pull the esc from ch2 and put it in ch3 then put it back it fixes the problem and works perfect! So I hope this helps anyone out there who buys these great radio's and is frustrated as I was when it doesn't work right away." "5" "Matt" "November 13, 2011" "This thing is pretty cool, I bought mine with a second receiver that did not work properly, but otherwise I put it in my old 4 tec and I must say, no glitching no nothing, which I do like, and I think I will be upgrading all my other old traxxas vehicles with this radio as well" "5" "thecrazyboy" "October 27, 2011" "check out my vid i have an unboxxing vid of this and other items from the site this is a great remote to.." "5" "Howard Yee" "October 7, 2011" "Excellent price, < $20!!! Very responsive, great distance, sturdy build, lots of settings like throttle, steering, etc. Easy to setup." "5" "Howard" "September 22, 2011" "Inexpensive, good quality, good features. Was really, really, really easy to setup, was up and running in seconds. Works really well, i.e. the response is instantaneous & precise & great distance." "5" "mark" "September 13, 2011" "this transmitter and reciever work very well just as every one else said i read the reviews and said for 20 buck if it dont work i can thow it away trust me it works great put 1 in my traxxas rustler vxl3s had response and a great price and you can order extra recievers for 7$ so you can have 1 control for multiple cars thanks hobbypartz =)" "5" "Gary" "August 26, 2011" "Great price and good controls. Replace me boy's FM's. Good for beginers" "5" "JEREMY" "August 25, 2011" "I ABSOULTLY LOVE THIS! THIS IS THE SMOOTHEST MOST NICE TX/RX I LOVE IT IT WORKS GREAT FOR MY BLITZ AND I LIKE THE COMPACT SIZE OF THE RECIEVER I RATE THIS A 100 STARS THIS IS AN AMAZING BUY!!" "5" "Superjaay" "August 18, 2011" "No problems easy setup and super long range. What else do ya need. Will buy again." "5" "G" "August 15, 2011" "I have been using AM raidos and it was time to upgrade. For the money this thing is awesome. Comes bound ready to run. Rx has a very small footprint. Drove my T4 far away without a sigle glitch. I also like the rubber steering grip. The only small complaint I have is that the steering trim pot is not a big knob in a convenient location (only what I am used to)" "4" "Justin" "August 13, 2011" "pretty sweet remote for the price. would be five stars but the steering wheel has a heavy spring so when let off after turning it will bounce back and forth, also be gentle with the steering because mine broke off after second use and had to be glued back on. not the best remote but certainly for the price I say buy without reservation. I have three rc's with these recievers and now two transmitters so I can drive at the same time with my son" "5" "Jerry" "August 8, 2011" "I absolutly love this tx/rx. I like it better than my Futaba 3pl and you can't beat rx's at under $8" "5" "Michael" "August 7, 2011" "my stock traxxas radio fell apart - steering was twitchy. Didn't want to spend what traxxas wanted for a radio. Saw this and held my breath being so cheap. Was not disappointed. Only issue is with my dual servo emaxx there is only 1 steering channel on this receiver. So I soldered the servo wires together to use one connector and plugged it in to the receiver. Works perfect and I didn't have to buy a y-cable." "5" "Brian Larson" "July 25, 2011" "What an AWESOME deal... I am just getting back into RC after 15 years off, and all I hear about is 2.4GHz radios, LiPo's, and Brushless. Someone at the track told me about Hobbypartz and the great prices. I ordered me up a new radio, and I love it. No crystals to worry about, just plugged it in and it worked!!! I was looking at the receiver and was shocked at how tiny it is. Its gotta be half the size of the old Futaba I pulled out. My old Stadium Blitzer is coming into the 21st Century... Finally..." "5" "jerry voss" "July 24, 2011" "lot better than my futaba 2.4g's got 2 and 4 rx's next ill get the gt3" "5" "Matthew Von Oesen" "May 26, 2011" "AWSOME!! Hobbypartz NEEDS TO BE COAST TO COAST! This controller is great for everyone! If you have a fleet and need to keep cost down THI IS IT! Works great- bind several cars to one controller. Cheap is NOT what you get here. Easy set up, fast set, more run time! Why pay more? Look around, This is where you need to be! Great booklet on unit for set up, easy to follow. I love it so much, I got 3. Don't forget to get extra receivers for future builds." "5" "Michael Rausch" "May 1, 2011" "Great remote for the money! Have 3 of these and each one works great! I tell all my friends about them. Very easy to set up and use. You cannot find another 2.4 transmitter at this price..Thanks to Hobby Patrz for keep the RC hobby affordablle for everyone!" "5" "milladog" "April 8, 2011" "This is the best bang for the buck. Super nice long range, performs good as my spektrum radios just not all the bells and whistles for a great price. I highly recommend this." "5" "dexterw1n" "April 7, 2011" "For less than the cost of just the Losi 27MHZ receiver, you get a decent gun transmitter and a tiny receiver that works great! Was amazed at how far I could drive my truck, was almost too small to see!" "5" "victor" "April 6, 2011" "Bought two of theses units. One for me and my son. The one for my son works great, goes as fsr as you can see and works. The one I have does not, when the distance gets too far (30 yards) it does not work. When I get closer it starts again. For the price cant go wrong, not worth sending back, just going to get another radio for me." "5" "Jim" "March 29, 2011" "Buy this combo. Awesome price, plug and play. Reciever small enough to fit in 1/18 cars. Ordering another soon!!" "5" "James" "March 23, 2011" "Great radio for the money. Bought it for my young son. Works great, receiver was linked without having to do it again. Adjustments are basic, but fine for a basic model car. I would spend the extra for the GT3B for myself - still best deal you will find." "5" "Ben Parker" "March 12, 2011" "Works great and you cant find a better price. Especially w. the receivers being inexpensive as well. Dont have to switch receivers out over and over." "5" "lalonso90" "March 11, 2011" "Very easy to use, good strong signal" "5" "Isaiah" "February 27, 2011" "I was afraid this system would not work well because of the low price, but I bought it anyway. It works flawlessly. The receiver is tiny and will fit in my 1:16 truck great. It was extremely easy to install (tool about 1 minute literally) and I can drive my truck so far that I can't see it, but can still control it with absolutely no interference. Really, don't hesitate because of the low price. Take advantage of this great buy." "5" "torrey" "February 25, 2011" "just got my radio and i am more than pleased. has the feel of a high dollar futaba or spektrum radio. pleanty of adjustments on the controller to trim in your vehicle. came with a rx and i ordered an extra one all for 25$ shipped with a 10% off coupon where the heck can you get a nice radio like that with 2 rx....? no where but here thanks hobbypartz and highly recommend this product" "5" "Peter M" "February 24, 2011" "Changing over from 27 & 29 Meg. unit in my boats. Great unit, super small receiver. Works really well with great range." "5" "al Lok" "February 23, 2011" "easy to bind verycheap" "4" "Kenneth Armstrong" "February 20, 2011" "The gun overall, for the price, is a must buy. Great option for switching from your old AM set-up, no interference issues with this one, and of course no more changing batteries every 2 days, and you can loose that transmitter battery pack on the car." "4" "red" "February 16, 2011" "works great wished it had throttle advance but other than that good buy for the money" "5" "" "February 6, 2011" "i would not take $20.00 for the one i have. i like this transmitter. get 2 are 3 receiver's 2.4G is the way to go. no flopping antena." "5" "James" "February 5, 2011" "This is a great controller, very easy to use, and no more worrying about running on the same frequency as others." "5" "michael richard" "January 30, 2011" "Very good. Ive had several of these and they all worked great. It doesnt have memory for different models but you can still bind extra receivers to it. This is an upgrade over some of those non adjustable name brand systems that come with rtr vehicles. Ive used it in electric 1/10 and 1/8 with no problems." "5" "yaj2525" "January 25, 2011" ".99 cents" "5" "Adam Gregg" "January 23, 2011" "I love this radio and reciever it works just like the big boys but not with that big price tag. I would recommend this item to any one that wants a great radio and reciever. Very easy to use. You can even play rc racing games on your computer with this remote." "4" "Bill DeLong" "January 18, 2011" "I was a little skeptical at first because the price seemed too good to be true (also with free shipping) for under $20, but was very pleased with this purchase. It comes with a USB connector so the Tx doubles as a VRC for play on the PC which is a nifty bonus, however I was disappointed that it did not ship with an A/C adapter for the charge port. I also experienced a problem with my charge port in that it was not properly connected to the circuit board and had to make a minor repair myself to get it working: I would've given this product 5 stars if not for the minor issue with the charger port. I was very happy that my product arrived only 6 days after I placed my order from Hobby Partz to Austin,TX! I also had no problems binding a second receiver to the transmitter following the detailed instructions. My son is very happy with his new radio and especially likes the soft grip steering handle the best." "5" "trapper" "January 17, 2011" "i bought 2 of these so far. good price good functionality. good deal." "5" "howard" "January 15, 2011" "got it for my son for the price and it is better then am radio stuff .He is 5yrs old so if he drops it thats ok." "5" "Manuel" "January 15, 2011" "Transmitter works great, good range (out doors). Something to think about..... the controller is 2.4Ghz if you plan to use it indoors and you have a Wireless router you will need to change the frequency on your router. Still some computers may not connect. I also wanted to say If you are going to connect it to your computer and play VRC it works great, but I can only play online when I connect a network cable to the computer. Note the LED's are too bright, but for the price it remains a great product." "5" "Jeff" "December 17, 2010" "Fantastic bargin that works great. Perfect for a beginner that does not need to be confused by all the extra features of the FS-GT3B(which I also bought here). Rx that is included is tiny, yet works perfectly. Would recommend to anyone in need of a solid basic system." "5" "Gaetano Femminella" "December 16, 2010" "I love this radio but I suggest you be carefull since the antenna on the reciever is coloxial and any bend will hurt the range trust me . But the recievers are extremely cheap. Great radio and fast shipping" "5" "Tom Thompson" "December 12, 2010" "Best deal around. Converted an old FAV and am very pleased with the performance. Performs very well for less than half the price of nearest competetors." "5" "newjak" "December 9, 2010" "DO NOT use with Traxxas digital servos! I have 2 dead Traxxas digital 2070 and 2075. I had to switch to non-digitals and all is fine again. Other than the above problem I am Very satisfied with the TX/RX combo. Binds very fast and no problems with range." "4" "mdbeachy" "November 17, 2010" "Great controller for the price. The reason I gave it 4 stars si because I would like it to have volume control for the throttle servo as well." "5" "alex" "November 5, 2010" "i ordered this on a tuesday and recived it on time friday afternoon i am pleased when it came in it was already bound to the reciver i highly reccomend this to anyone eithre neding a transmitter quickor someone wanting 2.4 ghz without th high price" "5" "Rsannicolas" "November 3, 2010" "This controller is great. and its only a fraction of the price of higher end models. I've tried a lot of other more expensive brands and the GT-2 seems to perform just as good. I like this controller and Hobbypartz prices make it hard to pass up." "5" "Nick" "November 3, 2010" "I purchased this product a few months ago and I love it. I was disappointed because I ordered mine two days before my friend who lives about 2 miles away and he received his a day before I did. Other than the shipping that I payed $5 for that they don't have anymore The product is amazing. A day or two after I received mine my friend and I went to a very popular track. I had no interference at all and they had plenty of people on the three tracks that they have. Neither of us has had any interference. The traxxas transmitters have a little recessed led that isn't very bright so you don't notice that is on but this is very bright with the cover closed and you cant miss it." "3" "Ellery Batchelder" "October 31, 2010" "Great Radio but I would reccomend buying it from someone else I got raped on 2 Day air shipping and got the item 5 days later with no refund on shipping I will never buy from this dealer again these people are not the only ones selling this same item, check somewhere else to buy" "5" "Chris Passonno" "October 29, 2010" "I bought this for my HPI Nitro Monster King. Awesome product! No complaints at all. Easy to install the receiver module. Easy to follow instructions for the novices like me. Order the additional Charger for the controller as well." "5" "Chris Passonno" "October 29, 2010" "Awesome Product - No Complaints at all. Easy to install receiver module. Shipped fast. Easy to follow instructions for novices like myself." "5" "Darrell" "October 25, 2010" "i really like this radio reciever is small works very well lightweight and best of all low price directions could be clearer but for the money i saved that is a small hassle plenty of video on youtube for it's use i was top qualifier in my first race using this radio a tacon motor and blue lipo battery purchased from here and charged with the thunder ac-6 charger i also placed 2nd in the a-main first race out!!!! i love hobby partz" "5" "KEN" "October 20, 2010" "wORKS GREAT. Easy to set up.Works as well as my Futa." "5" "ken" "October 6, 2010" "Very good value. Came already linked to rec. Works as good as my 3Ch. Fut., but w/o all the frills. Purchased extra rec. and linked it up no problem. Can't beat the price." "5" "Alex" "October 5, 2010" "Great little transmitter/receiver combo for those who only want the barebones/basic transmitter. I have the 3-channel version made under another manufacturer's name, and was impressed with it in terms of performance but wanted something that let me use the same receiver's and didn't have all the features for basher vehicles. Range is as advertised as well as controllability, etc. Pros: Does what it says Decent build quality. Cons: Not wild about the orange color of the wheel; but that's nothing that a little spray paint/paint brush can't fix. Throttle spring could be slightly stiffer, but that's a pretty minor issue for a radio of this price." "5" "Brad" "September 1, 2010" "I bought the transmitter and two receivers,I run my SC truck and a crawler with this. great product does what it says.if you want a transmitter with out all the bells and whistles this ones for you. i have went as far as 150 yds with this transmitter and no glitches." "5" "norman johnson" "August 30, 2010" "GREAT PRICE works great great featurs" "5" "Joe H" "August 29, 2010" "This may be one of the best things to hit the hobby world in a while.Price & Performance in one package." "5" "Chip" "August 13, 2010" "Price and performance are perfect. Does everything you need it to do, and nothing you don't." "5" "jon" "August 1, 2010" "this is a great transmitter 2.4ghz, i saw the video on you tube and was interested. it works better than my RTR traxxas unit. im using on a brushless traxxas rustler xl-5. works great for a budget basher. its easy to shop at hobby partz in a bad economy." "5" "Jim" "July 28, 2010" "I've had this gun transmitter for a couple of months now, and it is still working great. Bought 2 additional receivers for an extra car and a boat. Pros: Great value, exceptional range, never had ANY glitching, easy to install and bind with the receivers, extra receivers available at a very reasonable price, good battery life Cons: Not a lot of frills - no displays, gauges, etc; but do you really need them?, only 2 channels. The video review was very helpful." "5" "Khar" "July 20, 2010" "Just recieved one of these(all black version) and hooked it up last night. I rebuilt my old Hornet from 1984 I found at my parents home and just purchased a re-issue Hot Shot for some nestalga and needed a second controller. Wish I had found t his product this sooner as the basic Futaba I bought was 20 bucks more after shipping and had to be paired with the Tamiya speed controller, what a pain. Cannot go wrong with this as I mated it with an LRP speed controller and it it was ready to run within 2 seconds. If you are a person like me that is doing this just for fun you would be crazy not to buy this product." "5" "carlnoki" "July 13, 2010" "These little basic 2 channel radios are fantastic!!!! They are great for your basic 2 channel nitro mono or hydro. You can not go wrong. Would i buy another one? SURE WOULD!! Now am waiting for the new GT3B radio that i have seen on the manufacturers home site to be released and the good folks here at Hobbypartz to bring into the country. :-)" "5" "Andre G." "July 8, 2010" "This 2.4 Radio is great, working like a charm. Happy with purchase" "5" "acerpower" "July 4, 2010" "If your looking for an entry level 2.4ghz radio then this is perfect for you. You can't beat the price either. Spare RXs are priced extremely cheap and binding them is fast and simple. Since I bought this radio I have retired my FM Futaba with multi model memory and E.P.A. that cost me about 4x what I paid for this one. My GT2 has become my new favorite radio that I own. It fits very comfortable in my hands too." "5" "EZ Teller" "April 7, 2010" "For 30 bucks, u cant really beat the quality and price this transmitter brings to the game. I have fun with it and works flawless for me. Feels great too!" "5" "RayC" "March 26, 2010" "I friend was using one of these at the LHS one day, said it was under 30 bucks. We laughed. Good luck with it we said. I now own 2 of them and run 5 cars on my controller alone. I can run a car until I cant see it and still no glitch, Great Product !!" "5" "jar20635" "March 6, 2010" "Very good 2.4 ghz radio for the money. Used every day without glitches at all." "5" "JeremyMarciniak" "March 1, 2010" "I like other review persons purchased because of the price. I was building a new project and found it cheaper to purchased a whole new system than just a reciever and crystal for an AM Futaba, It works great, and the reciever is small and light, and ever smaller and lighter thatn the Futaba that is only a year old. The Futaba is a great Radio, but if you are thinking more buget as most are, this product won't dissapoint. I do recommend to read the instructions very well and understand how to work ever controll. Also you will find that the transmitter and reciever are already binded from the factory so if you are in a hurry, you can just plug and go." "5" "BOAT MAN" "February 20, 2010" "GOOD" "5" "keith" "February 19, 2010" "I got this radio becouse of the price Be I am very impressed with it after it got here not cheep looking at all."

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