Dynam 6CH USB RC Flight Simulator for Radio Controlled Airplanes and Helicopters 60P-DYU-1002-Simulator
Dynam 6CH USB RC Flight Simulator for Radio Controlled Airplanes and Helicopters 60P-DYU-1002-Simulator

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Revolutionary New Model Flight Simulator that allows the user to fly with the same type of transmitter used for regular flight. There are only a few Transmitter and Simulator combos on the Internet and none are equivalent to the Dynam FMS Simulator Package in value. This new simulator gives you real world flying experiences from your PC. Its Link Controller plugs into a USB port on your computer. It looks and feels just like a real transmitter and has switches for dual rates, retracts, and a knob for flaps. Especially without 8"AA" battery can directly work with computer.

Software Download Click Here : https://rcflightsim.com/index.html

Free RC Flight Simulator for RC planes, helicopters and cars
Top quality Free RC flight simulator!
Designed for all levels - from beginner to expert
Hundreds of models to choose (additional purchase required)
Proven flight model, realistic crashes
Works with Windows 8,7, Vista and XP, 32 and 64 bit
Works with keyboard, Windows Game Pad
Works with E-Sky and Dynam type USB controllers
Works with your RC Transmitter with proper USB cable.
Test fly your model before your first flight.
Test fly models you intent to purchase.
Test fly exotic and high performance models.
Fly and enjoy scale models.
Fly RC models when the weather is bad
Build hand to eye coordination
Try new maneuvers and models
Save money and time by not crashing your real models

"5" "DuckRalph" "May 22, 2014" "This is a good controller but the free software is lacking. You will need to find and download software to use with it. FMS is a free simulator with many planes that I used to learn the sticks years ago. It did the job but not as fun as a high dollar simulator. Another is Clearview Flight Simulator. This one is much better but you only get 1 free plane and heli. There are many other planes to buy for about $4+ each. This is still very cheap as you will only need to buy a couple different types of planes to train on. If you are looking for a fun simulator, go spend $100+ but if you just need to learn the sticks so you can have a good shot at a successful first flight or even just practice as a beginner this is a GREAT way to go." "5" "aaron G" "March 18, 2014" "This is a very cool, and cheap simulation. Instead of spending atleast $50 and up on onther brand Sims I got this one. The one problem I had was with downloading the software, the fms they give you to download isvery ooutdated. And it did not download right onto my computer, but I just download rcdeskpilot and bmi, SIM and the transmitter works just fine. Over all, a good product. For the money. Thanks Hobbyparts" "5" "fnflyer" "February 23, 2014" "Best price found on a fine product. Just the thing for keeping the cob webs out of your R/C skills when the weather is stinky." "5" "JOE GREEN" "February 4, 2014" "CRUDE . BETTER TO PUT MONEY IN A BETTER SYSTEM. FEW PLANES, POOR CONTROL .OK FOR A 3-4 YEAR OLD" "5" "James" "January 29, 2014" "Learned a lot with the controller have a V959 quad, purchased the clearview software would like it if they had quads also.Cann't beat the price no problems with it." "4" "Jlo" "December 23, 2013" "Good starting simulator for the money" "5" "Jerry" "December 5, 2013" "new to rc flying! Found this real helpful.." "4" "Russ" "November 6, 2013" "The quality of the controller is a bit cheap but for the price it was and excellent value. I am new to RC so it give me a way to develop some muscle memory and coordination that I couldn't any other way short of spending thousands of dollars on wrecked models. I only wish there were quad copter models in clearviewSE. I used the free FMS simulator with the controller but since it only runs on WinXP, I had to use an old laptop." "4" "DJ-Dizzy" "October 25, 2013" "I like there Products. But there shipping rates are Higher then ordering from China! and all the other sites I order from." "5" "Bill N" "September 30, 2013" "I was very skeptical of buying this unit because I thought it was going to be just junk. It's not. It works very well and using it gave me the confidence to put my nitro-fueled plane back into the air after not flying for almost a decade. The freeware version of Clearview software includes a plane that flies very similarly to my real plane. However, for more fun and experience, I would recommend that you buy the paid version for about $35. You get a lot more planes and fields. Together this is a VERY reasonable, accurate, and useful simulation of flying a real plane. I gave it 5 stars because I think it will help make better pilots and fewer crashes. It's more fun to fly than it is to build (in my opinion)." "5" "Ron Green" "August 21, 2013" "Works great, it has trim capability. I used a K-mart controller for a while. This works much better and is smoother. Dont even consider any game controllers. This is cheaper and works better . I have the FMS simulator I downloaded from the web." "5" "Ken in Orlando" "August 20, 2013" "I'm new to the sport and the Dynam Flight Simulator has great greatly improved my confidence. Works out of the box on my Vista. Thumbs up!" "5" "Hampilot" "August 4, 2013" "Prompt delivery and a great price. Works well with Vista and Windows 7 (if graphics card is of correct rating). I have used the Desktop Pilot, ClearView and HK programs. I see why a simulator is reccomended for beginning pilots!Thanks Hobby Partz." "5" "Marco Barberena" "July 26, 2013" "Item works great but do not use the recommended software. I am using it with RC Desk Pilot http://rcdeskpilot.com/. Easy to install and calibrate." "5" "Fred Green" "July 17, 2013" "Good value for the price.." "5" "dk4808" "July 6, 2013" "Product delivered promptly . However, the suggested software didn't work. Contacted Hobbyparts and was advised to download from ClearView. It worked like a charm. Spent a few bucks to get more models. This thing is a must for rc'ers." "5" "Chris Hozian" "June 27, 2013" "This unit works very well for me on both my PC laptop running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and on my Macbook Pro running Mac OS X 10.8.4. You can't beat the price." "5" "Roy D" "May 27, 2013" "This product works great and is very helpful for the beginner. You need to download the free version of Clearview SE which interfaces well with the Dynam simulator. Together these make a nice and very useful flight simulator which is most helpful for the beginner and intermediate pilot learning more advanced skills. I certainly recommend the Dynam simulator, Clearview SE and HobbyPartz.com" "5" "Chris Behymer" "May 23, 2013" "Prompt delivery and it works like a charm. I would hate to think what the cost would be if I crashed that many real airplanes. I have finally gotten so I can fly in windy conditions and get the plane back to the ground in one piece. The next trick is to take my first plane out and apply that skill." "5" "B.M. Hargrove" "May 21, 2013" "Loved using it; helped me get up to speed on learning the hand eye coordination necessary for flight control. Saves your real craft from much damage." "5" "Fernando Suarez" "May 11, 2013" "Good help to learning. Good for coordination." "5" "Sam" "May 10, 2013" "This was one of the recommended controllers to use with the Clearview simulator. Works very well, all controls work smoothly - no jumps. I've used it daily for about a month now with various helicopter models. Can fly the flight lessons (rchelicopterfun.com) pretty well with fixed pitch models (SR 120 and Giant mSR), but can't yet do any more than hover the CP Raptor 60 without crashing!. It is no problem that this controller doesn't have control over rates and expos, because you do that within the Clearview program." "4" "Patrick" "May 4, 2013" "This sim radio works fine but the casing that holds the USB portion of the radio is not secured very well. At least it wasnt on mine. What I ended up having to do is wrap some black electricians tape tightly around it so that it doesnt keep falling apart. Other than that, the radio does what its intended to do." "5" "Roy Drewett" "April 29, 2013" "I was surprised to receive the Dynam RC Simulator Controller so quickly. Well packaged and excellent shipping from Hobbypartz. It's been over 20 years since I flew RC with a friend and a buddy box, but it's coming back to me. I plan to use the Sim as long as it takes to get proficient again. The Dynam RC Sim Controller was exactly what I needed and I'm very pleased with my purchase. I downloaded the Clearview SE simulator program instead of using the FMS. The Clearview SE worked worked great with the Dynam Sim. Had to make some adjustments to the trim settings, but that was no problem. Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase from Hobbypartz, and strongly recommend the same setup to anyone considering a simulator to learn RC." "5" "James Knowlton" "March 25, 2013" "Loved using it; helped me get up to speed on learning the hand eye coordination necessary for flight control. Saves your real craft from much damage." "5" "Bob" "February 21, 2013" "The only thing I don't like about it is, the price went down $4 since I got mine. ; ) I have some trouble with download files being corrupted at times. Aside from that, the practice is helpful in learning to land where I want ." "4" "nils" "February 10, 2013" "nice controls for several other simulators" "5" "tomnchrist" "February 6, 2013" "Great device, Best Price and Fast Shipping! Absolutely mandatory for the novice/beginner! I crashed the first 50 aircraft before I could get use to the controls. Still have only made a couple of successful landings out of hundreds of flights. The different aircraft and viewpoints of flying are fun and helpful. I plan on many more hours of fun and learning with this control simulator. Getting the FMS to load was a chore, but finally found the original program and it loaded successfully. Hobby Partz is a keeper site, and one I will check first for parts nd equipment!" "4" "larryjsykes" "February 1, 2013" "not the easiest to install. some links give you cant find url message. But I got it to work (configuring rudders etc is not per the instructions). But for the price, as someone totally new to flying RC planes, I'm sure it saved it price in crashed models. Probably not as good or easy as RC simulators sold in hobby shops for $200, but at a 1/10th the price, I'm happy." "5" "KBBY LEE SAVANNAH" "January 9, 2013" "Great service and delivery...will need to order clearview software as others spoke of...looking forward to using this..as many have been very satisfied.....thankyou" "5" "hoogie" "January 5, 2013" "Works great with Clearview SE (Which is Free). Only one flying field and one plane, but you can't beat the price!" "5" "Rick W" "January 3, 2013" "Exactly as described. Great value." "5" "Jared" "January 2, 2013" "I'm using this on Win 7 on my laptop. Tried several sims and stayed with Clear View full program. No problems setting it, no moving or adding files. CV continues to add content and later versions at no additional cost. The transmitter works flawlesslly with the software. I dowish it had two switches rather than one for channels 5 & 6. Great for the price!!" "5" "ezlovin" "December 11, 2012" "Works great with Helisim" "5" "Rex Barry" "November 28, 2012" "Works great for the price. I use it with Clearview SE (free - with one plane and one flying area) and have lots of fun. Looking to buy my first RC plane soon and crash fewer times than I would have!" "3" "PW" "November 22, 2012" "Works good but feels cheap but it was cheep. Works great with clearview rc sim! Shipped on time." "5" "Matt" "November 19, 2012" "Controls are great software does not come with it and fms is ehhh, I use with Clearview sim which is affordable." "5" "HOWAD BAKER" "November 15, 2012" "I like the product. Use it with clearview software. greatflight trainer" "5" "Buck L. Mace" "November 13, 2012" "Love it but had to use it with the ClearView flight simulator." "5" "Jim" "October 24, 2012" "Works great on my 3 year old Windows 7 laptop. I use it with the ClearView flight simulator. Little tricky to set up but all the info can found on the forums." "5" "TJ" "October 11, 2012" "works great with the fms simulator. good tool to train before crashing planes..." "5" "Jay R" "October 7, 2012" "This controller works great, especially for the price. Get one today, best way to practice new tricks or to teach someone to fly is with a flight sim!" "5" "mooron" "September 23, 2012" "When you get everything right it is a really good freeware sim, but you will nearly always have to add .dll files and drivers to get it to work correctly" "4" "Ed" "September 12, 2012" "Works fine on my laptop but software will not work on my desktop computer. Controler works fine." "5" "Neil Gerrard" "September 5, 2012" "Works great. Got it delivered rather quickly. It's a great cheap TX for us that can't afford a nice TX with a training port." "5" "Jerry" "September 5, 2012" "Great love it .If you want too learn how fly rc planes this is the way too go" "3" "James" "August 7, 2012" "This worked as expected, the flight simulator is great, it does have some cheesy sound effects though.." "5" "Jim Morgan" "August 6, 2012" "I bought this Simulator to learn how to fly helicopters. The Simulator works great on the ClearView software." "5" "Michael" "July 23, 2012" "I bought it to use with Clearview and FMS. It worked with both although I very much prefer Clearview. I use it with Windows Vista. You will need to download d3drm.dll from http://www.dlldump.com/download-dll-files_new.php/dllfiles/D/d3drm.dll/5.1.2600.0/download.html. I also found that this site was useful for installation instructions: http://www.xenonproject.com/how-to-install-and-setup-your-rc-flight-simulator-software-a-15.html. The product works great with Vista and performs as advertized. I would buy another without question." "5" "Keith" "July 20, 2012" "The unit is pretty cheap feeling wise, but it works and is a great bargain. I am using it with RCDeskPilot with no issues on an older WinXP machine." "5" "Walter Archie Tinsley" "July 18, 2012" "Worked for me, wish it had more/different airplanes to fly" "5" "R.B. NELSON" "July 11, 2012" "This controller has certainly helped me learn how to control an rc airplane and saved me alot of frustration and money. Without having the controller to learn with, i most certainly would have crashed my airplane and lost interest in the rc hobby" "5" "Randy Nelson" "July 7, 2012" "I have enjoyed learning to fly with this RC controller. It also is so much fun to use as a way to practice on so many different airplanes. Also, flying helicopters has been very challenging." "5" "Florin" "June 26, 2012" "Easy installation in Win7, worked fine with FMS from the first try. For the price you pay on sale ($14) you cannot go wrong." "5" "Benjamin Holmes" "June 22, 2012" "This worked much better than I was hoping. It is your standard flight simulator transmitter, however it works flawlessly with 4 of my major brand flight sims. Thumbs up there. I haven't used FMS in years but it will work great for a beginner or if your PC is very out dated. There are 6ch on the radio. The standard sticks and a gear switch, and proportional flap switch. It has everything i need at a price that can't be beat." "5" "Brian" "May 14, 2012" "Works fine. Best price around. Get it while you can, becuase when it goes out of stock, it takes a long time to get back in." "5" "Charles Smithey" "May 5, 2012" "Great Trainer Radio! User Friendly easy to setup works with tons of other programs other than the one you can get for free with it. We had a problem with 1 of the 2 we ordered, HobbyPartz as usual FANTASTIC! told them and send them some pictures of the busted switch on it, they got a new one out to us super fast! These radios work really well, we have tried it with Clear View, the FMS (Really do not like that program AT ALL! Does not play nice even doing the way explained for Windows 7 X64), we use Aero Fly Professional Deluxe and it works like a charm!, they do feel a little cheap, but do not let that fool you, treat it like you would a normal radio treat it rite and it will do you rite. Very easy to setup. I got one and my dad got one. Very pleased If you are thinking of getting into Flying, OR your an Old Pro but want to test out new moves, or just keep fresh this is the way to go. 5 Stars to the radio and 10 stars to HobbyPartz! Thanks guys!" "5" "Roger McVicker" "April 22, 2012" "This is a great unit and I have used it to improve my flight ability. Great price also." "5" "Matt Zerega" "April 15, 2012" "FMS is the cheapest way to develop the directional sense and aircraft control dynamics you need when flying aircraft toward and away from where you're standing. If you try to develop these senses using real RC models.. it'll cost you a few hundred in parts cost. Instead, if you use FMS, you'll spend hours at your PC...crashing repeatedly...but, of course, there's no parts cost to get a PC-renderd aircraft back in the air. I strongly recommend FMS or other simulator before flying the first time. I wish I would've started this way the FIRST TIME!" "5" "Charles Smithey" "April 12, 2012" "We ordered 2 of them on strong reviews and talking to others from a few forums my dad and I frequent. One of the units came with the switch on the top right of the radio broken laying in the bottom of the box, I went to customer service on the site here yesterday and told them about it, still have not herd anything here I am sure by tomorrow I will or Ill just give em a ring. I know HobbyPartz will make it rite :) the other radio I tested a little today and it works fantastic. My dad and I normally do airboats never flown RC Planes or Helio's before so we wanted to learn, we purchased a plane a few weeks back and figured we better learn some like this before tossing 300$ in the air and hoping for the best LOL! HobbyPartz again got our order here Super Fast! Just the 1 broken controller needs to be replaced, but hey things happen and you can not control everything. Thanks HobbyPartz for another fantastic transaction and keeping up with great prices and a great staff to back them up! If your looking to learn, or just refresh yourself if you have not flown in a while get this radio trainer, you will not be disapointed, now the trainer program is well lacking seriously the graphics remind me of the Pong days on Atari LOL! Blocky and Boring! We have a different SIM being used and this radio works great with it, had to pay more for a good sim that was more "Eye Pleasing" but not a big deal, also the program for this radio you can download HATES Windows 7 X64 LOL! It starts all this flashing stuff and you have to mess with it to stop, then all you get is a blue background with your plane so you do not even know where the ground is LOL! I may setup a Dual Boot System to try it on XP just to see if it looks any better but I doubt it. Radio 5+Stars, the Trainer Program -5 Stars lol, HobbyPartz +10 Stars as usual thanks you all." "5" "Bradley" "April 9, 2012" "I'm new to RC, and on a budget. This looked like a good deal, so I went ahead and bought it. It came to my door today, I used it with FMS, I mastered it in minutes. IF YOU ARE NEW TO RC THEN THIS IS FOR YOU. It's good for learning to fly trainer planes, and it has more complex controls available for experienced pilots. I havent been able to make it work with helicopters yet but Im sure Ill figure it out" "5" "ksb" "April 8, 2012" "This works great. Use another simulator http://rcdeskpilot.com/. or bmi simulator from the same website." "5" "RONHAWK" "February 28, 2012" "WORKS GREAT MY 10 YR OLD GRANDSON HAS MASTERED IT , LOVES FLYING JETS" "4" "Bob" "February 26, 2012" "Works well for what it is. Does not respond all the time, not sure if it's the software or my system? I'm using it w/ Clear View, I like this better then FMS." "5" "D.T. McAllister" "February 23, 2012" "It is as good as advertised.Did not receive the software but had no trouble downlloading from the FMS site to my XP system. I am impressed with your service and shipping. 8 days to my door in Canada via cheapest rate is excellent." "5" "anthony" "February 14, 2012" "well this makes it fun for the winter fliers. i never flew a rc plane and found FMS about 9 months ago and had to get a controller for it so now that i have it makes it much better flying rc planes but still need to work on the helicopter. this makes it fun for a first timer and best of all if you crash you just reset and your back up and fly again. A+++++++" "5" "JohnnyTheWrench" "February 11, 2012" "This flight simulator controller is a wonderful starter for people getting into the world of RC Modeling for the first time! It alows you to do everything you need for basic and more advanced flying. It enables model flaps and landing gear deployment just as it would be in real world flying! You really can't beat the price and it's trully fun to use to get on your way with that very valuable practice. I highly recomend the Dynam 6 channel USB flight simulator controller. I had a blast with mine!" "5" "Modshaman" "January 7, 2012" "for the money you can't go wrong . It has some good features like auto zoom that helps the 1st time pilot with oreantation.You can challenge your skills also with flying regular aircraft at the Glider ports from a distance...I did have trouble downloading the software Hobby partz will help you get it loaded......" "5" "Tom" "January 6, 2012" "I bought this simulator so I could practice my 3D planes.. It installed quick and effortlessly on WIN7. I bought AeroFly and this controller works great with it. I have also used it on Clearview with no issues.. I am pleased with the craftsmanship and functionality of this Simulator and would Defiantly recommend this to other pilots to hone their skills..." "5" "RemotePilot" "December 26, 2011" "Fantastic deal - I've bought 4 of them, passed out to friends and family. Havent been active in RC for years, this is a great tool to relearn skills" "5" "Irv" "December 25, 2011" "Great product, as advertised" "5" "amatthe32" "December 16, 2011" "work great . but on mine i have to throttle down power up .is that the way they rest of them work with the heli ???? please let me know thank you" "5" "Charles" "November 21, 2011" "This is how I trained myself to learn how to fly my jet... This purchase was to help someone new to this hobby learn as well.. Great price... Works as posted." "4" "Lightnintko" "October 26, 2011" "It works good! it's pretty much just the controller, not really the software the software is kind of cheap, try using HeliSimRC for a 450 helicoper! just google HeliSimRC its also a free software.. also, if you are using Vista with Dynam's software, you CAN get it do work if you download the needed driver to it... just google it and follow instructions" "4" "warmfreeze" "October 21, 2011" "Decent product. used with clearview,heli-x, and aerofly. i tried to use FMS but my computer seems too fast for the software and it just wont work. works as advertised." "3" "John" "October 17, 2011" "Works very well with clearview Best sim you'll find for the money no batteries needed" "5" "Majikman" "October 8, 2011" "Outstanding item. I have been waiting to get one. Very easy to hook up and very user friendly. Compatable with most RC simulators." "4" "txn" "September 8, 2011" "Good hardware and works well with fms software. This requires some getting used to in setup of the control channels but not sure how to get the 5th and 6th channel to interface as desired with fms software to control flaps or landing gears operations." "4" "john t" "September 7, 2011" "work veary will with clearview" "5" "Vince" "July 10, 2011" "I have bought 5 and given them to friends. They work fine with AeroFly Professional Deluxe." "5" "oTc" "July 1, 2011" "great tool to have, DL. BMI and added a few more planes from RCGroups. and it's entertainment on those windy days when your in front of the comp." "5" "Bill" "June 17, 2011" "A great buy. Using it with Aerofly is great fun!" "5" "John" "June 8, 2011" "Nice basic controller, no need for batteries it's powered by the usb port. Works perfectly with Windows Vista, Running Clearview RC. Not much else I can say! it's $15!" "5" "colen casey" "June 3, 2011" "This is a great value I have actually used it with my realflight sim (you have to download a dongle emulator from the internet) works great I would really like to see a 7 channel come out in the future and it would be a perfect sim controller" "5" "mrcflyer" "May 27, 2011" "Works great best place to buy any of your rc needs great products fast shipping!" "5" "ttrb" "May 20, 2011" "Nice product at great price thanks hobby partz!" "5" "Dave" "May 13, 2011" "Excellent value. Controller is stable and reliable. Works great w/ Clearview, another great value." "5" "Mark Crane" "May 13, 2011" "Excellent product. For around 15.00 bucks, you'd be a fool not to buy this. Saved me a whole lot of headache flying on the computrer before heading out to the field." "4" "praxss" "April 26, 2011" "with out a doubt best way to get a feel for flying. controller does not mimic true 6 channel radios (spektrum, futaba) but you only need the 4 to learn. the investment savings to experiment completely covers the expense of any crash... the fms software is compatible to the radio's mentioned via pc link cables.(read setup for your choice of link ) vista doesn't like FMS install.... my computer is custom.. so its probably just my settings." "5" "Mark" "April 25, 2011" "Great controller for Helisim and other r/c sims. unbelievabe price. 5 stars, but I do wish the stick tension was adjustable, mine are a little stiff." "5" "Steve" "April 22, 2011" "Good product for the price pais. I will be ordering more products from your site." "4" "Albo" "April 11, 2011" "This is possibly the best bargain in all of the R/C hobby. Excellent learning tool for newbs such as myself. Cheaper to wreck cartoon planes than real ones. Gave me enough confidence in my newly acquired flying ability to order my own entry-level HawkSky from NitroPlanes. (was also able to find a HawkSky model for FMS online so I can "fly" my favorite planes even when its raining!) Deducted one star because the FMS software CD was NOT included in the box. (this is no reflection on HobbyPartz of course, as the original package was factory sealed from China)" "5" "Gary C" "April 7, 2011" "Awesome product at an awesome price. My 11-year-old son loves this simulator. He uses the BMI flight simulator software as well as RC Desk Pilot. Very cool product." "5" "António Abrantes" "April 6, 2011" "Nice product at nice price. I'm from portugal and after 4 days with normal postage this product arrived. Thanks" "5" "davovinch" "April 5, 2011" "it works just fine" "5" "Ed B" "April 3, 2011" "Great price on this unit. You won't be dissappointed. FMS flight sim is ok which was included. Can be used with other flight sims. it's worth it." "5" "Sean Laws" "April 2, 2011" "Great product has worked flawlessly. Where I live we only have 3 months of good flying weather so this controller has been a big help in the wintertime." "4" "Glen Mains" "March 30, 2011" "This was my third purchase from hobbyparts. vary happy with products and fast service. one of the best online hobby stored in my opinion. i have used most of them. simulator remote is great however i would suggest a better software like clearview. can not get fms to work on windows 7." "5" "Brian" "March 30, 2011" "Great for the money. I recommend Clear View for the software, it isn't free but well worth the extra 40 dollars!" "5" "gmoney" "March 28, 2011" "Great product, works like it should. Go to Clearveiw flight simulator web site and download you won't be unhappy. It is a great fs very clear. My grandson picked up the controller and started flying with in minutes taking off and landing without any crashing. great learning tool." "5" "Chris" "March 25, 2011" "The 6 channel Mode 2 remote alone is worth $15. The FMS is weak, but it did show me I had ALOT to learn in regards to 6 channel heli's. The remote works with a variety of other sims as well. Overall good investment!" "5" "JCH" "March 21, 2011" "This is the right tool for learning to fly. It works fine with both Desk Pilot and Clearview on all 6 channels. Dynam is a better choice than linking your RC transmitter to the computer because it doesn't run down the batteries." "5" "Kenneth Armstrong" "March 16, 2011" "I gave this 5 stars because they wouldnt post it unless i did! I got the sims and It didnt come with any software at all, or instructions of any kind. sure I can go online and download some from unknown and untrusted pages, I dont think so!!!! this is another item that ended up in the trash can! couldnt tell you if it works or not! good luck" "5" "hardA TOEnail" "March 10, 2011" "Works great with FMS and aerofly. Can't get it to work with Realflight though. I know its not supposed to work with realflight but would be cool. Great for learning orientations on FMS" "4" "Dean" "March 2, 2011" "The controller is great and works nicely with other programs. The FMS software doesn't work at all. Needs new software, that's the only reason it got a 4 out of 5." "5" "Frank" "March 1, 2011" "For $15 you CANNOT get a better package. The name brand ones are well over $100 with a controller and software. This is $15. Why are you still reading this - go buy it." "5" "JOSEPH COSTA" "March 1, 2011" "GAVE IT AWAY TO A KID. I COULD NOT GET IT TO WORK. BOUGHT THE $19.00 ONE AND ABOUT TO GIVE AWAY TO. NOT A COMPUTER KEEK." "4" "robert c." "February 23, 2011" "It works well, but arrived with broken mix switch, but sim still works with delta & v-tail planes. Hobbypartz failed to reply to my email about replacing it." "5" "Christian Caspers" "February 23, 2011" "I love this USB transmitter. I didn't try any of the software that came with it, but I only bought it for my Clearview flight simulator. I'm using it to learn the Blade 400 before I take the real thing out for a spin. Thanks Hobby Partz for carrying this item." "5" "daniel" "February 17, 2011" "great sim,manual vage.but suport from hobby parts is great.used on fms,but hellifreak has great software(freeware with donation)for learning how to hover!" "5" "Lee" "February 16, 2011" "the service and delivery was EXCEPTIONAL, the product itself was not what I expected, and maybe thats because I am very new at the whole heli, simulator thing. So I can't say anything bad nor good about the product." "5" "jose" "February 16, 2011" "good item" "5" "Raleigh" "February 3, 2011" "The Dynam USB Flight Sim Controller is the best I have found for ClearView flight sim. Just calibrate with Windows XP/Vista or Win7 and you are ready to fly. My Hobbypartz purchase was easy and shipping was fast. Thanks HobbyPartz fo a great deal :)" "5" "244" "January 26, 2011" "This worked well out of the box with FMS downloaded from the internet on my Win 7 PC. Be sure to look up how to set the channels on FMS or you will scratch your head trying to figure out why the sim planes won't fly." "5" "RONBO" "January 16, 2011" "THIS IS GREAT !!!! I NOW HAVE FLAPS AND GEAR SWITHES FOR MY CLEARVEIW RC SIMULATOR !!! GREAT PRICE TOO !!!!!!! THANKS !!!!!" "5" "Jack Spitler" "January 14, 2011" "Works great. Using the FIM software downloaded from internet. Cannot get rcdeskpilot to work on my computor. What a BUY!" "5" "Greg M" "January 6, 2011" "Exceptional Simulator for $15. Also works with other RC simulator programs." "5" "Jeff Filler" "December 30, 2010" "Works great. can't beat the price." "5" "James R. L" "December 29, 2010" "Great product right out of the box great for teaching young ones the basics of remote flight without the cost of crash. would recommend to anyone for the first step of rc flight or even to brush up on skill in the winter months." "5" "Charles" "December 18, 2010" "I don't know I didn't get this Simulator before. I highly recommend this item to newbies. It's a must. Nice work HP & NP." "5" "JONATHAN MORGAN" "November 4, 2010" "GREAT PRICE CAN GO WRONG FOR 15.00 BUCKS... I DOWNLOADED SOME OTHER FREE SIMS AND THE CONTROLLER WORKS GREAT WITH THEM.." "5" "Mike H." "October 31, 2010" "Works great out of the box with rc deskpilot.the FMS supplied has issues with nvideo video cards. Otherwise great product at a great price." "5" "Timo" "October 30, 2010" "Get this! if you think this might be good to learn RC airplanes, you could'nt be any more correct. IT IS GREAT! AND FOR THE PRICE IT IS AMAZING! I havent used channel 5 or 6 yet I may be doing something wrong but really 4 channels is all you need to learn to fly. The software comes with many different planes to fly and you can download what seems an infinite amount across the web. Oh and its fun too!" "5" "Barry Treadaway" "October 18, 2010" "Works Good. Very good price." "5" "Greg" "October 10, 2010" "The same housing and sticks as an actual Dynam transmitter. I highly recommend getting one of these along with the purchase of a HawkSky from Nitroplanes. Don't bother with the FMS software, download RC Desk Pilot instead - it's also freeware and is much better than FMS. There is even a model of the HawkSky available for RC Desk Pilot. The combination of this sim controller and RC Desk Pilot along with a Dynam HawkSky will teach you how to fly for the lowest possible price and fewest crashes." "5" "Scott" "October 9, 2010" "Works just like the real thing....FMS software is not the greatest, but when used with HelisimRC, very little configuration is needed and gives a realistic experience. HelisimRC is a free download, just google" "5" "okie novice" "October 6, 2010" "This is a great buy, it is vital for anyone wanting to learn to fly rc. This set up is also very fun to use and has many adjustments and new aircraft are available free for download on the net, if you think you want this then you will love it!! takes some practice!!" "3" "Sam" "September 22, 2010" "bout it to learn how to fly a 6ch helli and I can't get it to work with my new operatiing system windows 7 , there's a patch fo windows vista but even my roommate who is a computer geek can't get it to work on windows 7 yet" "5" "1970mgb" "September 19, 2010" "Nice product. Works well. Inexpensive. Helps you to learn to fly RC planes. Well worth the money." "5" "joe" "September 15, 2010" "I bought this thinking I could not lose for the price. I was most impressed. I don't think you could find the same value anywhere at 3 times the price. The FMS software is a great starter package. Once you master this sofware or if you want more realistic scenery, you can use the control box with any simulator program. I purchased the Clearview simulator program, and it works perfectly with this controller." "3" "will" "August 21, 2010" "Just to be clear, the 3 star raiting may not be fair. This is my first and only simulater I've bought. It is defenetly helping my under standing of, and operation of the 5 channle helicopter, which is a whole diferent animal then any thing else. I was hoping for a larger selection of Heli's, but only a few. A large selection of Planes, jet's an Glider's. If I had bought a more expencive Simu, it may or may not have been better. For the price, I am going to give it 4 stars. Untill I see or hear of a modle thats better. Thats my review. Thanks" "4" "Bill" "August 5, 2010" "Truly a good value. I practice with it every day. Once in a great while it gets a hiccup and I have to restart it, but that's relatively rare. I would say 99% of the time is up time. It's an excellent device for a newbie (like me...at age 62) to learn basic RC flying skills." "4" "Mike" "July 26, 2010" "Well this is my first sim... and I must tell you it works great.... Because it seams to be made from an actual transmitter the stick feel is just great.... the FMS software is OK .... but if you find ways to use this radio on other sims.....(I have) it gives you the exact feel of flying at the field...... Good and fast shipping..... even to Canada..... My rating is only 4 stars because of the FMS softeware bundled with the radio.... if FMS was even a bit better I would have gave it 5 stars..... Great product at a great price..... Thanx HobbyPartz......" "5" "william" "June 12, 2010" "What a bang for the buck! I can't belive it only cost $14.99. It works greight,but you need to know how to set it up the wright way. Follow the instructions well & it will work fine. My son who is a computer wiz did some fine tuning with windows 7 & it even works better now. I have alot more airplanes now & works better." "5" "William Coppetti" "June 4, 2010" "What a bang for the buck! You can't beat the price for this usb simulator. The overall quality of the controller is decent and far surpasses what you would expect for 14.99 USD? The sim software isn't bad either....using windows 7 I had to follow the vista instructions to get software ready. I also Had to use the LATEST version of the software instead of the beta product which they suggest. The newest alpha software lacks the models.....no problem....install the beta software...copy the model files skins and all then create a temporary directory (folder) on your desktop, uninstall beta then install alpha version of the software, then paste the model files back into the model folder program_files/FMS/models...there you go....took abou 3 minutes! The software CD also includes a couple models in the update folders, do the same thing as instructed before regarding models and you are set." "5" "Brandon" "January 8, 2010" "Works great. Price is right. Got it to replace my realflight controller (must download "dongle emulator" for it to work with realflight) I never used the FMS sim that came with it but Im sure it works without a problem."

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