Dynam Supermate DC6 DC Multi Function Balance Charger/Discharger 1-6 cell Lilo/LiPo/LiFe, 1 to 15 cells NiCd NiMH
Dynam Supermate DC6 DC Multi 1-6S LiPo Charger/Discharger/Balancer 60P-DYC-1004

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Dynam Supermate DC6 DC Multi Function Charger is a multifunctional charger which makes it possible to charge almost all types of batteries. Low price and high quality made this charger to one of the most used chargers ever.

Balance Charger/Discharger
1 to 6 series Lilo/LiPo/LiFe Individual voltage balancing
1 to 15 cells NiCd NiMH, 2 to 20V Lead acid(Pb)
Charge rate: 0.1A...5.0A; Discharge rate: 0.1A...1.0A
Charge/Discharge cycle; 1...5 times
Battery date memory; 5 models
Note: Does NOT include AC power adapter

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"5" "DICK KAUFER" "March 10, 2014" "Excellent product at a good price. I had a 12V DC power cord that fit the unit. I did need to buy a charging cord for a Thunder power battery for a couple of dollars." "4" "Darwin Rodreguiz" "December 27, 2013" "This charger i really like. It charges any kind of battery, lipo, life, nicd, nimh. it comes with lots of plugs for your different batteries. it gives you charge times amp adjustments, in other words alot of stuff that nobody needs, but its cool to have. there is only one negative to this charger, it does not come with a power cable! That being said what you have to do is go out to like a radioshack or something like that and buy a 11 to 18v dc power plug that has an output of anywhere from 2-5 amps i only need three. That is the reason i gave this charger the rating i did" "5" "aksi" "October 17, 2013" "This charger is just worth it's money! Has all the features, the connectors (even Dean's!) and works like a charm. Simple operation, good performance, low price tag. What else you want?" "4" "john" "September 26, 2013" "The charger is really easy to use once u know what yer doing can use different type of batteries which is awesome and come with different plugs which is helpfull. Only reason why I didn't give 5 stars is cause it doesn't come with a power plug u have to get yet own.Other then that works great." "5" "rwmcdaniel" "January 5, 2013" "This is a great charger with a lot of options. Very good price for what you get. You will need to provide an AC adapter. It does not come with one." "4" "Peter Bonneau" "December 1, 2012" "First one came in DOA: input was shorted, was unusable. HobbyPartz replaced it in good order, but I was not happy about having to pay for the $11.45 return shipping. The second one arrived in good condition, but the included CD for the manual was blank, but the manual was easily available on line. The charger works fine so far; what I like is that it can charge several different types of batteries." "5" "oscar" "September 6, 2012" "works great! needs instruction book for field use." "5" "Nathan Bondre" "July 23, 2012" "This s**t is crazy cheap but crazy good I use this thing to change all my lipos and man this is fast (10+ lipos) the only thing is that the back button is hard to push but heck for 30$ you can't go wrong" "5" "david" "June 1, 2012" "Recieved in timely manner. Well packed. I'm a new lipo user. Instruction vague, but on line chat groups and videos explained everything. Workes very good. there is no output connector for Sky lipo batteries (lots of others) so I had to use the provided aligator clips. they works, but there is more chance of shorting out." "4" "Lee" "May 28, 2012" "Great little charger, bad chinglish directions. Look to the web for help with this charger." "5" "Oswaldo" "May 24, 2012" "i bought this charger and has charge my battery Fast but stop at 12.3 instead of stopping at 12.6 when charging my 3s but the other lipo stop at the correct voltage.... so their is no more wating 5 or 6s hours to charge my battery with my other charger, awesome charger, it gets hot when i charge my 5s 8500 mAh lipo, but really happy with it..." "5" "Allen Krier" "April 26, 2012" "Great charger for a great prices. Balances great and everything. Not disappointed at all" "5" "walt" "March 25, 2012" "it does the job as well as the rest of em' only thing is it gets a little hot when charging 4s+ however, you could install a fan on the side and not worry about that. grate charger!!!" "5" "Jason" "February 27, 2012" "Works great but the instructions are a little lacking on actual operating procedures." "5" "Paul" "February 21, 2012" "so fare this works grate easy to use and just hooked up a multy labtop wall charger set to 12v it powerd up and i dont get any over heating" "5" "Tim" "February 19, 2012" "I have charged 5s, 3s with no problems worsk great. works well with a 12v 1.5 amp wall wart along with 12 volt hookup. Cant't find anything to compare at this price." "4" "Carlos" "February 18, 2012" "I bought it 2 moths ago and its been great. charges my lipo and nihm batteries good. when I got it the banana plugs were bad and I could not charge anything so I test the leads and found out the black was open." "5" "Raj" "February 16, 2012" "Great charger with lots of functions. Great Price too. You won't get a better charger for this price! Sure, there are cheaper chargers out there, but this has lots of safety and charging features, you cant beat this. Also, the charger does not come with banana connectors, but you can connect to banana plugs with the alligator clips. Other than that, this is a great product." "5" "Buzzard" "February 11, 2012" "Very good value for the $." "5" "Daniel" "February 6, 2012" "This Dynam Supermate DC6 has many very close relatives, there are at least half a dozen chargers which all share nearly identical PCB layouts. However, after using mine I can happily report it balances LiPo's with great accuracy, and holds up well after nearly 3 hours of constant charging at 5 amps. Pros: -Great price: perfect choice for a 1st charger, or an extra charger to take out on the road -All aluminum body conducts heat well to cool off the electronics -maintains itself well after being used to charge several 2S batteries at a rate of 5 amps (thats running at approx 84% rated capacity) for extended periods of time -The big selling point, it balances LiXX batteries to well within .01volt, and it does this with a 300mah balance discharge capacity. Did i mention its fast? Cons: -50 watts = not ideal for large capacity battery parallel charging -5 amps max output. expected for this price range, but still, puts the brakes on serious parallel charging -does NOT come supplied with 4mm banana battery connectors. ALL hobbypartz batteries use this adapter, why do they not ship us one when we buy a charger from them? Conclusion? It's a steal of a deal, pick one up today" "5" "Dennis" "February 4, 2012" "This does all battery chemistries well! Excellent value" "5" "Jakub" "February 4, 2012" "i purchased this along with my first lipo and i love the charger at first there was a vaige smoke but after the first charge it went away the charger come with a pdf mannual and is really user freindly" "5" "Jake" "January 24, 2012" "purchased along with first lipo and it works great. Way better than I had expected. doesn't ever have any problems with any of my batteries. This charger has brought new life to all my batteries and given them hours of run time before getting close to dying." "5" "PowerSet" "January 23, 2012" "This is my first time with anything LiPo, this charger seemed like it had really great reviews, and the price couldn't be beat. I bought an extra battery cable for a gens-ace, and just put that in backwards, the bullets fit in perfect, and the charger seems to work extremely well. The only thing I've noticed is that it seems like the battery voltage doesn't quite match the individual cell voltage, but it appears to charge by the individual cell reading, and not the total. It seems like I'll have say 3.70v in each cell, but it will read 7.6v, not always, but I've noticed it quite a few times. Just a small amount off." "5" "BR from PA" "January 13, 2012" "My first charger, very affordable and so for it charges very well." "5" "NATE" "January 6, 2012" "GREAT CHARGER BUT IT DIED ON ME 45 OR SO DAYS INTO IT LIFE ." "5" "Jarib" "December 25, 2011" "they work and always stay balanced" "5" "Jarib" "December 25, 2011" "charger works really nice, tho the info on this is a little on the small side anyways this charger uses a 2.5mm power jack" "5" "Willie" "December 19, 2011" "So far very good .Does the job." "5" "josh" "December 13, 2011" "Its a great charger for the price, It can't hold a candle to my icharger 206b. But I wouldn't expect it to it was over $100 cheaper. I've got no complaints." "5" "ty" "December 12, 2011" "easy to use" "5" "Josef" "December 9, 2011" "Amazing quality at a low price. Cannot believe how good it chargees my Lipos." "4" "Andy M" "December 3, 2011" "Nice little charger...it appears to be exactly the same as the Turnigy Accucell 6 without the fan. Works well - better selection of connectors/leads than the Accucell 6. The button surfaces are too cheap for my tastes, but then again this is a economy charger. I would go to the larger model with the PSU if the buttons felt a bit more quality, but overall I'm satisfied with this purchase." "5" "BertZ" "December 2, 2011" "Great charger for the money!" "5" "LaTuFu" "November 15, 2011" "Has all the features of a brand name charger, easy to operate. So far very pleased with the purchase." "5" "Brian" "November 14, 2011" "I purchased this charger specifically for my first LiPo battery. It is a good value and does what it says. The included adapters have small guage wire, but can be reworked if necessary. The charger did a nice job discharging and recharging my old NiCad batteries also. I use the charger with a dedicated automotive battery for power and charge car battery often." "4" "Vlad" "November 11, 2011" "I had to open it and adjust the button extensions because they wouldn't work. Overall, great display and settings system. Comes with various connection types which is very useful." "5" "matt" "November 9, 2011" "this thing is just great. easy to use and quick. love all the connections that come with it. cant beat it." "4" "FreakyT" "November 6, 2011" "I picked up 2 of these and while one of them works great and at a great price for what its capable of, the 2nd charger was defective from the factory (showing connection break error msg)... Hobbypartz happily replaced the defective item but I still had to pay for return shipping as well as wait about a week for the replacement... Great charger for the price as long as it works/lasts. It gets a 4 from me but I would buy one again." "5" "Edward" "November 5, 2011" "Works great just as good as any 80 dollar Charger. Best deal around, could not be happier with it reliability and charging options. Might be a good idea to put a fan on it gets a little warm nothing serious just a precaution." "5" "Mark" "November 3, 2011" "This charger is pretty much self explanatory and very easy to use. I use it to charge all of my lipo and nimh batteries." "5" "joshsimpson" "October 26, 2011" "i like this item alot beats the heck out of the 200 dolor ones only problem i need to know ehat kind of power source i would use for a 5000 2c lipo 7.4v any one???" "4" "Lightnintko" "October 26, 2011" "The charger itself works great. Does what a charger needs to after getting a little used to what everything means (newbie). Im giving it four stars because it does not come with ac power, I havent had a chance to get one but for now Im using my car... and also because the first one i got did not work.. It was stressful to get it and not be able to fly and wait a whole week, to find out it was the carger, get a RMA number, and wait for shipping and return.... very stressful.. but once i got the new one it works good.. had it for 1.5 months... I hope it lasts" "5" "Adam Kirkwood" "October 21, 2011" "it does what its suppose to do and does it well. i bought this for myself and for my friends, all impressed for what it does at its low price. works the same as the b6, and turnigy" "5" "Dex Hamilton" "October 13, 2011" "AWESOME CHARGER! Just got it and I've already charger up one pack of nicads to the MAXX and now charging the remote for a quick Bash/Race . I even made a freild battery Box so this charging can go anywhere and charge anything!!!! THANK YOU HOBBYPARTZ!" "5" "mike s" "October 8, 2011" "been using it for about a year and never had a problem well worth the money" "4" "Jonathan" "September 28, 2011" "Great charger for the money. Sometimes charges inconsistently, but its usually obvious and can be restarted, so not a huge problem. Wish the Storage and Discharge rate wasn't limited to 1.0amp." "5" "Marc" "September 21, 2011" "This is one of the best chargers i have used and for the price WOW. It is great" "5" "John Sedovic" "September 20, 2011" "I think this charger is by far one of the BEST on the market. I like the way you can charge on the go if you have a power adapter or if you have to insulated POS and NEG lug's wired under the dash. That's another posability. Have fun, john said so." "5" "WheelbarrowJackson" "September 17, 2011" "I bought one of these with my first battery order. It has worked without issue for a bit over a month and even though I'm replacing it, it will still be part of my field kit. The only drawback is the limited output. It maxes at 5A, so while a 1000mAH battery will charge at 5C if you wish, larger batteries will still have an extended charge cycle. For ~$24, you won't go wrong with this one." "5" "mark" "September 13, 2011" "awsome charger works very well great buy charges fast for my lipos and nimh ps i put a fan on the bottom of mine for extra cooling =)" "5" "Aeronut41" "September 7, 2011" "Excellent value! Works great and and am very pleased with it!" "5" "Gehan" "August 28, 2011" "great charger for the price..doesnt come with a banana plug connector so if u guys got 4.0mm banana plug batteries make sure u purchase the connector..other than that its a great charger..i charge 8 of my 4s batteries and it doesnt get hot at all.." "5" "The Berk" "August 28, 2011" "Great charger just gets a little hot but so does my friends 200 dollar one" "4" "juan" "August 24, 2011" "excellent for the price,but it could turn very hot a cooling fan or ventilated area recommended!" "5" "Jason" "August 21, 2011" "better then a $100 dynamite charger i use to use" "4" "Mark P" "August 19, 2011" "For the money,you can't beat this little charger. The only issue I have had,is finding a power supply large enough to charge my 2200 3cell lipo's. I finally ended up using an old tractor battery,hooked up my old car charger and it workes fine (In my shop), At the field I just connect it to my truck battery. all in all for the price I would give it an "A" hasn't given me any problems works well on all my batteries." "5" "Alberto V. Macchietto" "August 19, 2011" "Antes de realizar la compra siempre es conveniente leer todos los reviews del producto para asegurarse de que se trata de un buen producto, pero de hecho es excelente. Entre los cargadores de baterias, este es el que la mayoría compra, y la mayoría lo califica con 5 estrellas, y el precio está muy bien. Aparte que un amigo me recomendó comprar este cargador, pues es el que está usando. Probé cargando una batería Lead Acid (Pb), y puedo conocer el estado de la carga en su display, realmente hice una buena compra. Excelente producto!" "5" "superjaay" "August 15, 2011" "This charger is exactly the same as the thunder AC6. Pick up an 12v 2.5mm 5 amp ac adapter on ebay and still be around $33.00. Works great and less bulky than the AC6." "5" "Clint" "August 8, 2011" "does what i need it to do and you can't beat the price" "5" "Ron" "August 8, 2011" "Love this unit, not only charges LIPO batteries but all my others." "5" "Jason" "August 3, 2011" "what a great deal and found that it balance charges quite well, only thing I have to complain about is that it did not come with the banana charge adaptors. (but my other chargers I have purchased in the past did not come with any adaptors at all)." "5" "paul monroe" "August 3, 2011" "excellent charger for the price works great" "5" "Bill Smudge" "August 1, 2011" "Works like a champ!! When discharging batts to storage level at the high current setting there is a bit of a hot smell coming from the unit, hopefully whatever componet that is getting hot is correctly sized and won't go POOF!!" "5" "Dennis W. Brothers" "August 1, 2011" "Works fine. Some of my friends have bought simmiler chargers for more money that wont charge above 5000 mah. Wish it came with the temp sencor it is set up for." "4" "George Bugarin" "July 26, 2011" "Great product for the price. Had to buy a separate Lighter Adapter to use 110 AC. Very simple to use. Just press and hold "start" button to initiate charge, after programming the right battery. It take a little longer than usual, but the price is unbeatable." "5" "Felix Veras" "July 18, 2011" "It good" "5" "Bill Smudge" "July 16, 2011" "For the price seems to work fine, I'm new to RC electrics, but have been envolved in electronics for years. Did smell a bit hot when dischargeing to storage at the 1 amp rate, no biggie I think" "5" "angel" "July 7, 2011" "FAST CHARGER" "5" "Ed" "July 7, 2011" "Great charger !!!! Super easy to use and it does the job quickly and effortlessly. Super happy I got thus and you can't beat the price!! Hobby partz is now my only shop for Rc electronics." "5" "Max Dorman" "June 30, 2011" "What a great charger! Works great, easy to use, my only complaint is that mine didn't come with a manual, but you can easily find that online. to all the new RC people who wonder why the message "connection break" comes up when they try to charge their batts, you need to plug in both plugs on the lipos. Also, make sure you use the correct battery setting-if you're using Lipo batts, have it set on Lipo not Lilo or Life..they're not the same thing." "5" "john" "June 24, 2011" "by far the best bang for the buck lol i love it" "5" "Joe Hinchcliff" "June 23, 2011" "I bought this for a friend as a gift.The only thing I can say about it is that he loves it" "5" "Jr" "June 22, 2011" "I boutht this charger cause its small & it fite my flight box. Four the money this charger works well." "5" "Arba Luble" "June 19, 2011" "I think this product is of the highest quality of appeararce, design, and usefulness. Still, the best thing is the service I received AND at a price that could not be beaten online or offline." "5" "Patrick" "June 18, 2011" "Very nice product & great price. Have not had any issues with it & i've been using it alot since it arrived. Plenty of connectors, but I wish they would have included a Deans & a few other connectors. Setup isn't too hard to figure out. The manual is 'ok' but after to use it a few times, you start to get the hang of it. I wish they would've included the software & PC USB adapter. As it is, I can't find any software or adapter to go along with this unit. Why even have the capability if you can't support it?? But, for the price...I won't complain too much. overall, a solid product well worth the money." "4" "Isbell" "June 17, 2011" "Very happy with my purchase. Only problem so far is that it gets really hot. Great value but I am no expecting it to last long as its so much cheaper than every other Lipo charger. I hope I am wrong!" "5" "Dennis" "June 8, 2011" "Works excellent for intended purpose of LiPo flight packs; buy its uncanny how many other purposes mine gets used for too! Has worked flawlessly for several active months now. Only mark against is I have been unable to locate the temp probe or a USB connection cable for it." "5" "Rich T" "June 7, 2011" "Great price and works well. Comes with an unlabeled mini-disc. Not a DVD as one reviewer said but a data disc containing the manual as a 22 page PDF file. Not a bad manual but needs to be read carefully since there are no pictures of it connected to a Lipo pack for balance charging. Pluses: Great price. Back lighted display. Ability to check charge parameters while charging by pressing the DEC button and Lipo cell voltages by pressing INC. Sturdy case. Minuses: No documentation other than the disc. Temperature probe unavailable from Hobby Partz. Claimed USB connectivity but no cable or software was included nor information as to where to get either. For less than the cost of a Lipo balancer it charges, balances and handles all common RC batteries." "4" "butch regalia" "June 7, 2011" "charger works good for what it cost you cant go wrong" "5" "WAYNE" "June 7, 2011" "I received it in about five days. Seems to be a good little charger for the money. Instruction are good also." "4" "carlt" "May 31, 2011" "I already have done pretty much everything you can do with this charger and so far its worked flawlessly. I even cycled some what appeared to be dead sealed PB batteries back to life." "5" "charles harris" "May 30, 2011" "Great charger. Easy to set up, nice assortment of adapters. I stand by this one! Thanks HP's" "5" "lance smith" "May 26, 2011" "works great like the individual cell check feature" "5" "MW STITH" "May 26, 2011" "I LIKE IT SO MUCH ILL BUY ONE MORE SHORTLY --ITS SIMPLE & EASY TO USE --THE PRICE (EXCELLENT)" "5" "Joe" "May 24, 2011" "I have been using this charger for one year. No problems, easy to use. I would recommend it. Power cord is 10.00 at HK. Get the model with AC adapter included, save yourself the hassle." "5" "Paul K" "May 24, 2011" "I bought 2 of these several months ago and they have not let me down. Cheap and small, you cant beat this. The only thing I had to change was the default 120 minutes when charging 6s batteries (it takes 123 minutes). No big deal right." "5" "Bruce" "May 23, 2011" "To use this product in the home can I use my Power Supply or must I get a new adapter?" "5" "Jerry" "May 21, 2011" "Works well, good variety of connectors, manual generally easy to understand and clear (some confusion with the AC version). QC missed insulator on output cord but other than that, it seems well built. Very pleased with it so far. Received in about a week." "5" "Ron" "May 15, 2011" "Works great!" "5" "andrew" "May 5, 2011" "love it hate it i dont care what you think its a great charger i got it to charge lipos but i use it to charge my craftsman drill nimh car packs lipo plane packs and nimh rx and tx packs" "5" "Hmfpa" "May 4, 2011" "Great charger, takes 10-18v. Had a little trouble finding a power supply, but otherwise works great." "5" "ck" "May 3, 2011" "easy to use and great value does all it says it does buy this you wont be sorry as for internals same as the top dollar models" "5" "ken daw" "May 2, 2011" "awsome chgr i have 2, great price" "5" "Ed T" "April 30, 2011" "this charger...discharger...balancer... Is the first balanced charger I have purchased. Instructions are great but it is also very easy to just plug and charge... No confusion as to where the leads need to go, and alligator clips handle all my previous adaptions of my old batteries to fit the older connections. I would suggest this to any one for twice the money, but at less than $25 it is a steal." "5" "RS" "April 30, 2011" "Very good" "3" "Lorenzo alonso" "April 29, 2011" "Very good charger, but bad conector, i had to buy an extra connector because the one with the package it was broken from inside and charger keep displaying connection broken, left several messages on Hobbypartz never got an answer back." "5" "John Bonnell" "April 27, 2011" "Great little charger no trouble with it at all.. Thanks..." "5" "Martin" "April 26, 2011" "works great" "5" "Eddie" "April 22, 2011" "Wonderful piece of equiptment. I ordered 2 and they work great on my 5200 lipo batts. Balanced perfect 4.20 and 4.19. Simple to use. Pulled them out of the box and followed the simple menu. Hell I hmght get 2 more while shipping is free." "5" "Jose" "April 18, 2011" "Went I bought my in feb. I have the same problem AC adater and it was out of stock so I used one the I have from a aa battery charger and worck ( imput-100v-240v-50/60Hz0.4A out put+12v=1.0A) the only thing is take longer to charge becose only charge at 1.0A rate but the job get done and I'm not worrie to fried my Supermate DC6. Switching Adaptor item #:DPS-5000 MODEL E-AWB120-120A Iput-100v-240v-50/60Hz 0.4A Output-10V=1.0A" "5" "Jose" "April 18, 2011" "For the prices it do everything you can do with the expensive charger can do and the Dynam Supermate DC6 it's shipper.Thanks Hobbie Partz keep the good worck!" "5" "Gary Truelove" "April 17, 2011" "This is a fabulous charger. I balanced charged all my LIPo Batteries with no trouble whatsoever. It comes with all the adapter cables you could possibly need. At this price it is an unheard of buy." "5" "milladog" "April 14, 2011" "Hey guys these are nice chargers for all your battery types. Run it in home or off your vehicles battery by making or buying a clip set. Perfect!" "5" "Mike" "April 13, 2011" "Great charger, charges my Lipo and Nimh batteries w/o any problems. Easy to use! Quality seems REALLY high for the price tag!" "5" "toonvater" "April 12, 2011" "its the best and cheapest charger you can get. i use it for airsoft but i have many battery's always lined up to charge and this is fast plus all the features it comes with. the only beef i got with this product is the lack of ac/dc wall plug. on the up side it tells you your true voltage and mah." "5" "brian" "April 12, 2011" "i purchased this charger also and was looking for a way to calibrate and i found out from another charger with the same software how to do this but idont think this is your problem if the other cells where reading correctly, all but one ,it sonds like you have a balenceing issue. but this is how you calibrate. (step) 1)make sure your charger is powerd off/unpluged step 2)while holding the enter/start and -decrese buttons power on your charger, making sure not to let up on the buttons until you hear three beebs and see somthing like this 00 00 start/enter somthing like that. step 3) plug in any battery, on one side you will see the batery voltage on the other side you will see 00. step 4) useing a trusty meter check the batery voltage. step 5) useing the -dec and the +inc change the numbers that read 00, until the battery voltage on the other side reads what your meter had read. step 6) when finished press the stop button. and that's it. well i hope that helps." "5" "rcjunky" "April 10, 2011" "its a preaty good charger. a lot of people dont know that a lot of these charger's have the same software and even though in the instructions it dose not say anything about calibrateing this charger. i read on a web site about another charger that cold be calibrated so knowing that the software was probibly the same i thought that it would not hurt to try and sure enough it worked this is how to calibrate. with the charger powerd off/unpluged press and hold the start/enter and - dec buttons while powering on the charger/pluging in the power cord do not let up on the buttons untile you hear 3 beebs and see somthing like this on the screen 00 start/enter .00 something like that. once thi screen appears, take any battery and check with a trusty meter, then plug the same battery in, if it is a 2 cell lip/life/lion or more you only have to plug in the ballence lead, or if its a single cell you would plug in the power lead,you will see the meter read the volts on the right, on the left you will see 00 . you need to change this number until you see the battery reading on the right read that of what your meter had read when you had checked the battery, when thi is done you press the stop/type button. callibration is now complete. i hope this is of help. rc" "5" "andrew" "April 10, 2011" "yes it is 5 star worthy i always read these reviews and think some of them are fake but nope its real the charger works great simple and easy to set balance charge is perfect nimh and nicd is a bit confusing but i think i could figure it out sooner or later the only problem i had with it was the jst connector that came with it had a short in it besides that it is an amazing little charger" "5" "sylvester" "April 8, 2011" "great charger ti's working very good" "3" "Lee" "April 5, 2011" "I am a total Newbie to the world of LiPo batteries and chargers. NiCad's are a different story. I knew I needed a special kind of charger to charge the battery for my new aircraft. The DC6 seemed the perfect " starter " charger and the price is great but where are the optional items vagely mentioned in the manual? I am unable to locate things that would make life easier for an overcautious starter like me. Things like ( an a/c adapter; temperature probe; extra charge cords " the cords that came with my charger all have a Motorola type plug on one end, no idea how to hook them up to any kind of battery " ? By hooking up the unit to my full size battery I got the unit to come on line but the manual leaves me out in the cold as to how to set it up to properly/saftely to charge a lipo ; probably just my ignorance and inablility to read and understand correctly the manual. This unit is very cost effective but needs better tech manual and a better set of charge cords hence only a three star rating on my part." "4" "Kevin" "April 2, 2011" "Everything works except the balance charger. It says there is no connection when I connect my Gens Ace 3S to that side of the charger. The other side works fine but charges all cells in series which does not balance charge each individual cell. That works fine for me since I only use it as a field charger. When at home I have other balance chargers at home to keep the cells balanced. It charges my 3S 1300 in less than twenty minutes at 5 amps. Using this and a couple of Gens Ace batteries you can charge one battery while flying the other. It is a great system for the money. I only give it 4 stars because of not being able to balance charge the cells." "5" "Jim Green" "March 20, 2011" "Great charger for the money . Programmable and will charge several different types of batteries." "5" "josh" "March 18, 2011" "great little charger! i was using a cheap little balance charger that took hours and hours to charge my lipos. the dc6 is a simple little charger. very easy to work. i cant believe something so cheap works so well. i love it. would recommend it to anyone. i just wish i didnt wait so long to buy one. this is a dc unit only though. so if you have a power supply for home use you are good to go. hobbypartz is the best!" "5" "Edgar" "March 16, 2011" "Best option for upto 5 amp charging. GREAT !!" "5" "Matt Hipple" "March 15, 2011" "It always seems that with my 3s lipos this charger will only peak one of the cells at around 4.2 before reading FULL, and the other two are usually left behind at 4.15 or so.. so with an 1800 3s for instance, after the balance is done, I am able to go back and charge each individual cell through the balance plug as individual 1S cells and peak each one individually to between 4.21~4.23 usually, which 4.25 is the max it will go and is safe for a lipo. What this results in is that after a pack is claimed to be FULL, I can go back and put another 50~75mah into the pack individually and get a MUCH closer balance. This affects your in flight performance too, because if your center cell isn't peaked, it always drops off first due to the heat anyway, so if it is already undercharged compared to the other two, it will really lag behind during use much quicker than the other two if you're using the battery heavily." "5" "Tyler" "March 14, 2011" "I've been using this charger for a month now and it does everything it advertises and I can't be happier with it." "5" "Javier Arce" "March 8, 2011" "I have now two of this and they work great, no issues and I charge batteries back to back without heating issues." "5" "Bernardo Bestard" "March 3, 2011" "Very good product, works as advertised, great value." "5" "Eudy" "March 3, 2011" "great price, almost no heat because their case is a heat sink compared to other shippers of the same price that is better." "5" "Trent" "March 2, 2011" "Excellent, I have not had a prob with it, and i can charger every battery that i own with the diff connectors that it comes with." "5" "JonWid" "March 1, 2011" "Charger works great for LiPos and balancing, and storage charge and discharge. No need to get a more expensive charger. At this price, you can buy two of them and charge more batteries faster! Highly recommended." "5" "Mike Burk" "February 20, 2011" "I have 2 of these and they work well. They come with a large collection of adaptors with different connectors. None of them are the 3.5mm and 4.0mm connectors that HobbyParts is shipping on its current crop of batteries. Furthermore, you cannot add them because HobbyPartz has them all backordered." "5" "Matt H" "February 19, 2011" "got a 250w pc power supply for 12v (yellow leads) and connected the green lead to any black lead, which triggers the ps on, and I can only get about 3.6A on 3s (less on 4s or more), so consider a 450w or higher for powering this at home.. I was able to revive a fully discharged lipo (be very careful and do your hw if you attempt this, and do it outside!!) with this charger, and have charged several types of batteries with it.. It will charge an empty 1800mah 3s lipo in about 25min at 2c, but with a bigger power supply I could probably get it down to 17 or 18min at the max 5A setting.." "5" "Nitin" "February 13, 2011" "I have had this charger for a few months and i have made good use of it. It has charged my nimh and nicad well and the only problem i encountered was that my nimh was peaking a little late so i was able to easily raise the sensitivity to peak. I said it is good for 2wd cars because you cant charge more than 10v at 5a because it can charge up to 50 watts." "5" "Ray Clapper" "February 12, 2011" "Great product for the price. I have been charging my 4000ma 4cell lipos. Only issue is that with the 50 watt limit, the current is limited to 3.3 amps. I knew this when I bought the chargers. I found 12v 4 amp adapters from some other electronic device and they work fine. 6S lipos would be a challenge. I wish they made an inexpensive 6 or 7 amp charger." "5" "Rich L" "February 12, 2011" "By far, the best value on the market. Works flawlessly and service and support are excellent. Great job Hobbypartz!" "5" "mike" "February 5, 2011" "this thing works really really well i had nothing wrong with mine it worked charge good" "5" "Jack Nichols" "February 2, 2011" "I have had this charger for about 1 month and it really works well and is easy to use. I found a video tutorial, I believe here on Hobbypartz on one of the other Thunderchargers and followed their instructions and it was basically the same as the DC6. Made setting it up and using it very simple. I love this little charger Works perfect my batts don't overheat and although I don't get real technical and scrutize voltages to the nth degree, It is a super value and it charges safely. Follow tutorial to make useage simple. Jack" "4" "chbets77" "January 30, 2011" "The short time I have had it, 2 weeks , it has been working really well. The directions are pretty good. The only thing that should be added is a label to tell a person what all the connectors are for , a couple are obvious but there is a couple that I have no idea what they are for." "4" "Mike Burk" "January 27, 2011" "I have 3 of these and they work well. There is one minor irritating inconvenience. When charging LiPo's, after pressing the Start button, you must wait for the unit to do a battery check and then press Start again. If you fail to do this your battery does not get charged. Another amusing deficiency is the unit is supplied with adapters for many different connectors, JST and Deans Ultra to name 2. What is not included (as of 1/11) is a 3.5mm or 4.0mm bananna connector that will work with the batteries Hobby Partz is currently shipping." "5" "Ibautoman" "January 27, 2011" "Great Charger for the price I like all of the different leads that came with it They cover all of the common battery leads" "5" "Geof" "January 20, 2011" "Excellent value for the $$ bought 5 of them and they work great !" "5" "Cascade Flyer" "January 20, 2011" "Great charger does everything and great price and is the same charger that is sold at higher price else where but in different case" "5" "mj" "January 18, 2011" "I really like this charger now that I know how to use it. I went on youtube and watched a video on a charger like this one. Also the price is right so I highly recommend this charger for your Lipo's." "3" "Blvdbuzzard" "January 16, 2011" "I ordered (2) of these chargers. I had trouble with one of them giving the error that there was no battery. After messing with it for a while I found one of the charge leads, the one that plugs into the charger was bad. I just had to solder up a new lead with banana plugs and all is good. They work well. I compared them to my tried and true TritonII charger. They could use a little better attachment for the plugs. The one where you plug in power wobbles some. All in all a good charger. I give 3 stars because of the bad lead and the loose fitting plugs." "5" "Brad" "January 15, 2011" "Have used this charger for a month now. It is simple to use and works perfect so far. For the money you cant beat it. I would like to buy another to charge multiple batteries." "5" "PCT" "January 14, 2011" "This is a very good charger for 4S batteries and below. It can't supply the amps for bigger batteries. It does everything very well from charging, to storage mode. Balance mode works great. Everything checks the same as my multimeter. I purchased this to charge my 6S 5000mah batteries, however this is only a 50w output charger, so is only capable of charging at 2 amps for a 6S battery. My fault, should have done my homework. It is great for charging my 3S batteries. Like I said, if you need a great charger at an excellent price to charge 4S and smaller batteries, this is the one to get." "5" "madmike" "January 9, 2011" "great product charges all my batteries and give me how many mah it pput into them love that becouse i can see if a batter cell is going bad" "5" "Joe" "January 9, 2011" "Great charger. Great price. AUTO modes are excellent. Charge / discharge cycles extremely useful for LIPO and NiMH maintenance. Would buy again." "5" "Stinger" "December 18, 2010" "Already had a lipo charger, (paid $50 for it a couple of years ago) but it didn't have a balance port. Got this one for my lipo, but now use it as my #1 charger. Beeps quiet, (you can change it) and covers all of my battery needs. Does get warm but not hot. I usually have it maxxed out at 5 amps. Charge one pack after the other. NiMh Nicd and lipo. Charges 5000 lipo at 5 amps about 45 min to an hour. NiMH about 30-40 min. Get one!" "5" "Happy customer" "December 16, 2010" "i've had mine for a year and it works great, but I modified it by taking off the plate on the input side and sawed out a square and installed a socket so that i cound plug an adapter directly into it, then I soldered wires to the two input wires on the circuit board. It's an easy modification and well worth it" "5" "jorge alfonso" "December 14, 2010" "espectacular, muy bueno, carga super bien y de muy buena calidad" "5" "matt" "December 10, 2010" "i got this charger and just upen it no paper work with is how do you now win you are charging a batter ?????" "5" "Marty" "December 8, 2010" "Does what I want it to and would buy another one if needed." "5" "francis liberatori" "December 7, 2010" "disappointed. turned it on and went through precharge steps (LiPo). All seemed OK. Selected 3 cell LiPo and hit START. Nothing happened. It just sat their. No charginging occurred, no lights blinked and no error message occurred. Reading these reviews I must be the only guy with a lemon--NOT." "5" "Sanm" "November 20, 2010" "Great item! I had to rewire a laptop power supply, but it works great and charges 6s very well." "5" "Dick" "November 12, 2010" "simple works very good NO PROBLEMS FAST SHIPPING ITS A 5 STAR FROM ME" "4" "kenneth j" "November 8, 2010" "this isnt a bad charger for the price it does the job good i did have a hard time figureing out why i coulnt charge my lipo battery #1. was because i had a loose wire on my wire adapter with the balance connector was loose # 2. when i hooked the balance connecter into the balance board i couldnt figure out why i was saying cell volume error so somebody showed me that i had to use the balance charge . so after that it worked great ! but why doesnt this charger come with a dam manuel i mean im a beginner at chargeing lipos i mean i would pay a bit more for a manuel with it." "5" "Harold Thiers" "November 8, 2010" "Very pleased. Works as advertised. Charges as promised and easy to use. Everything is laid out and if you use comon sense, easy to follow. Made my own Traxxas charging leads by snipping off one of the lead sin package. Also made a JR and Futaba charging lead to charge my NIMH in the transmitters. there is no USB plug / wire to connect to a PC, but it's not needed, just a little benefit." "5" "nut4rc.air" "November 5, 2010" "Based on the other very helpful indepth reviews here, i bought it. It has worked flawlessly. It requires a 110v to 12v adapter, with the outer plug neg & inner part of plug positive. It shipped the day after i ordered it!" "5" "Mike" "October 12, 2010" "Works great. Great Price. No problems." "5" "mark" "October 6, 2010" "This is my second one purchased for my son for his birthday.Works great and simple to use." "5" "clarence d" "September 28, 2010" "Great deal. Found just the AC/DC converter to use in house - works great" "5" "Daniel George" "September 23, 2010" "Great buy.......How can I cet the AC adapter to charge at home? Thanks" "5" "nando" "September 19, 2010" "work good to me $ price ok work ok w/ my new lipo" "4" "david" "September 12, 2010" "does a great job for the money. i bought 4 of them. one came with a bad balence board and ive been promised a new one by partz. the units work well but the balencing could be a bit better to get 5 stars , not bad though" "3" "W Kaiser" "September 8, 2010" "Overcharges battery when checking with digital volt meter about 0.5 volts higher than indicated on the charger when charging 2 cell lipos. It does not cut off until the pack is at 8.9 volts instead of 8.4 volts like it is supposed to. This is my only complaint about the otherwise good charger." "5" "travis Turpen" "September 6, 2010" "Great charger. Can't beat the price. Precise output. Will buy another as a gift." "4" "Scoalabro (ci_phon)" "August 29, 2010" "My ONLY complaint about this charger is it's programmable preset feature, which is supposed to allow you to pre-program up to 5 different batteries, including their type, cell count & voltage, size & charge rate, and time based cutoff. HOWEVER, if you program more than ONE of the same TYPE of battery, all preset will be overwritten to match the settings of the last programming entry you make! For example: I program preset #1 for 2cell-7.4volt-800mAh LiPo...with a charge rate of .8amps. Then...I program the #2 preset for a 3cell-11.1volt-1800mAh LiPo...@ 1.8amps. Because the #2 preset's battery is the same "type" as the #1 preset's type...both LiPos that is, the #1 preset is over-written to match that of the 1800mAh 3s pack...which if I had not caught on to, would have made my 2cells go fricken thermal!!! You can ONLY program ONE type of battery into the presets...1 lipo, 1 nimh, 1 lead, 1 LiIo, & 1 LiFe or whatever. Other than having to change the battery type, voltage, cell count, charge rate, saftey time limit cutoff each and every single time you charge a different pack than the last time....I have no problems with this charger. In fact, on the average...my lipos have balance charged more accurately than most $100 chargers....with an individual cell voltage variation of LESS than .05volts. Also, another great feature I truly like, the alarm on the charger is loud enough to hear across the house." "5" "Johnny Carroll" "August 21, 2010" "Works so good on my NiMHs i just ordered 2 more. I cut all the wiring out of my old 4 battery charger and rewired it single connection per cell holder.With 3 of these chargers i can charge all my NiMH and my all my Lilo single cell batteries 16340, 14500, 17670,18650,and a 26650. I have to use a spacer on some but they all fit. No other charger i can find will do this and show me the mAh on charging and dicharging." "5" "Noobyrc" "August 16, 2010" "Ok the bad first I can not say this problem is from this charger or product alone, I am talking about the lack of adequate instructions. I have noticed this problem from all kinds of Chinese made products. I am tired of it. I do not like buying sophisticated items like radios, RC airplanes, and battery chargers and either getting the wrong instruction manual or no instruction manual at all! SP PLAESE Chinese people quit skimping on the instructiopn manuals I will begin sending everything I buy back if it doesn not have good, correct instruction manuals. With that said, this after having to figure out how to use it on my own, is a decent charger, it does do a god job of charging many different types of batteries and keeping you informed of the charge status. Hobbypartz.com I like them, the orders are filled quick and I get my stuff on time! They are great! Hobbyking can not even think of competing against these guys! I only wish hobbypartz could keep batteries in stock LOL" "5" "BrotherLarry" "August 2, 2010" "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ EVERYBODY THAT'S LOOKING FOR "THE PERFECT 12V AC ADAPTER" Don't be discouraged! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After I heard about "the guy" who "fried" his charger I was kind of worried and definitely didn't want to "fry mine" also. I JUST BOUGHT THIS CHARGER LAST WEEK (Paid on Jul-27-10 via PayPal) AND NOTICED THAT IT HAD A PORT FOR AN * (AC) ADAPTER 11-18V SO I DID SOME RESEARCH ONLINE AND REALIZED THAT THIS CHARGER IS SIMILAR TO THE * (iMAX B5 Charger) ...........................but has a built-in board on the right side. THEN I WENT TO EBAY AND TYPED: * (iMAX B5 Charger Adapter) and found: "POWER DC 12v 5A Adaptor For MYSTEKY iMAX B5 B6 Charger" INPUT : 100 - 240V 50 - 60HZ OUTPUT : 12V-- 5A 60W DC connector : 5.5*2.5mm ....................(ANY ADAPTER ON EBAY WITH THOSE SPECs SHOULD WORK) US $9.00 FREE shipping US Postal Service First Class Mail * HERE IS THE LINK: http://cgi.ebay.com/POWER-DC-12v-5A-Adaptor-MYS... I WAS PLANNING ON CUTTING OFF THE SILVER AC PLUG AND ATTACHING THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE WIRES (after I cut off the alligator clips) THEN SAFELY TAPE THEM TOGETHER OR USE SHRINK WRAP. NOW FOR THE MIRACLE: My Dynam Supermate DC6 & power adapter came in on the exact same day. So I unboxed the charger and saw the AC hole on the left side. Then I looked at the AC adapter AND THOUGHT .............. "I WONDER IF THIS WILL FIT IN THAT HOLE?" "A PIN-POINT PERFECT FIT !" "AND WHEN IT POWERED UP........ALL COULD DO IS SMILE :) " "HALLELUJAH !" I ALSO REALIZED THAT WE CAN USE THE SAME INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE * DOUBLE POWER * Supermate Charger (That is how I learned to work it) And I never even used the CD yet it is still taped inside of my DC6 box lol ! * Google search: supermate_dc6.pdf http://www.google.com/search?q=supermate_dc6.pd... * download link: Supermate DC6 Charger - PDF Manual 10.39mb http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SWHPNCOV ( Type in the 4 letters, click download file, wait 45 seconds, & click regular download) My experience with this charger so far: *Lipo batteries must plug: the (white connector) to the (cell board) *TOO* or it will give you a "Connection Break" error. The red and black wires from your battery will have to be attached to a *MALE* connector (deans or tamiya) I clamped the alligator clips to a tamiya *MALE* connector from Radio Shack and covered them with electric tape. "THE CURRENT FLOWS PERFECTLY" *I can save 2 different settings for my 7.4v 2S & 11.1v 3S lipos ..........(it saves up to 5 settings) *I can chose a between (basic charge) or (balance charge)...........I always use (balance charge) *I can *SEE* the volts (each cell) is getting during the charge............(don't need an extra balancer) (It can even let you know if a cell's volts are too low or too high) ......no bad cells yet ! *I can set the (maximum MAHs) I don't want my lipos to charge above. (you can change the MAH limit every time you charge a different MAH battery) *It has a built-in automatic STOP when your battery reaches its full MAHs ........(before the MAH limit you set) *You can *SEE* the MAHs counting up from 00000 to 01752 .......(was my last charge) *I can *SEE* how much time has past *DURING* each charge.......(nice) *I can also set a time limit I don't want my lipos to charge beyond. *Plus it *BEEPS* when the batteries are finished charging...............(we do forget sometimes) Finding this $CHEAP AC ADAPTER$ will make your DC6 purchase a happier experience! This is the first Lipo Charger I ever bought and hopefully it will last me long time my friends! Maybe one day I will try to find the part needed to connect the USB & PC software? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Peace out everybody! "I'm going get some rest before I go to CHURCH" Brother Larry" "5" "noobyrc" "July 29, 2010" "this is the second one I purchased, first one I was sent wrong instruction micro cd, instructions mislead me to thinking you could connect ac power to it I blew it up, funny I got same wrong micro inst cd with this charger. can not find correct instruction manual for it at all! Now I find it does not balance charge, instead it only will charge through main 12 gauge black red leads, it only charged one cell and I nearly smoked the battery when plugging in to esc. I dont know why it is so hard to provide correct instruction manual, I dont care if there is a Chinese to English translation barer, not providing correct instructions places blame on the seller and I am asking for a refund, this charger is joke dont buy it!" "3" "4444james" "July 22, 2010" "A good product for the price and am satisfied with the product. Have not been able to get any support from Dynam or Hobbypartz. Very disappointed." "5" "Scott Burel" "July 9, 2010" "Hands down, best charger for the money......hell, best charger even if it was at the $75+ price range. It comes with just about every plug you will ever need. And after many many hours of research, Hobby Partz is the lowest price on the web." "5" "Brian H" "June 12, 2010" "i wish i would have bought two of them they work great and definitely worth 30" "5" "jobyjohn40.." "June 7, 2010" "this is without a doubt BOUT THE BEST CHARGER you can buy. it is also the cheapest i could find. i highly recommend this charger to any one who has batterys to charge. it's great!!!!" "5" "Kevin H." "May 30, 2010" "I use this charger to charge/balance my 1300mah - 2100mah LiPo betteries and I've been very happy with it. I've got about 40-50 cycles on it so far." "3" "Tim" "May 27, 2010" "For my purposes, it does fine. It does not balance as well as some, it does not "peak" the batteries. It's hard to change the program. It does charge adequately may types of cells, discharges well, and accurately enough tells me how may watts go in and out. I would not rely on this for my main charger, but for diagnosis and backup, it works fine." "5" "Jordan" "May 17, 2010" "Man this thing is great can't believe i got a lipo charger that charges at 5amps for $30" "3" "Fernando ramos" "May 16, 2010" "Help!!!, I bought this charger from www.hobbypartz.com, initially this charger was working great, the other day I try to charge a 22.2 S6 LIPO battery for my exi 500 Helicopter, everything was going fine and suddenly I heard a sound from the charger and the charging procedure was interrupted, the charger was really hot so I disconnect the all thing. Now, when I try to charge any lipo battery a connection error message pop up on the screen and it won't simple charge. I don't know what to do??? Can any body help me fix my Dynam Supermate DC6 MFBC???? Thank You!!!!" "5" "Anthony Quick" "May 5, 2010" "Awesome charger cant beat the price or shipping chargers every battery i own even my glow starter to my wet cells for my field box" "5" "Kevin H" "May 2, 2010" "So far I've only balanced/charged a few LiPO packs with this charger but I'm very impressed with it. The display is nice and it's easy to use. I bought this as a second charger to my Triton. My only complaint is that they dropped the price by $5 a few days after I purchased :(" "5" "bobski" "April 25, 2010" "Overall a great buy... A smart, flexible charger that does what it should without making you feel like you've been mugged. The manual included with the unit is a PDF file on one of those mini-CDRs, in an envelope taped to the box lid. The manual is for the doublePower version, so I guess the two chargers are functionally identical with the obvious exception of the doublePower's integrated AC to 12V adapter. The build quality is good (especially considering the price) though not perfect. The soldering work on the unit's PCB board looks like it could have used a little more flux or heat or something... A fair number of solder joints didn't completely pass through their PCB holes. All of the PCB component holes are through-plated (as is the case with most quality PCB boards) so the solder work doesn't make a difference electrically speaking, but it may present a ruggedness issue if the unit is often mis-handled. A dab of hot glue on the larger components that don't heat up (caps and inductor) could go a long way there. The unit's main board is attached to the bottom cover plate via a few metal standoffs (the screws for which are hidden under the QC passed sticker and rear two rubber feet) and the display similarly attached to the main board, so no ruggedness issues there, or really anywhere else in the charger as far as I can tell. Battery discharging appears to take place through a 5W ceramic-case resistor next to the output terminals. The resistor hasn't been given any cooling provisions (just air space in the casing), which explains the discharge rate limitations. Which brings me to one minor geek-disappointment that I probably should have guessed: Those spiffy cooling fins molded into the case don't really do anything. You'll note they're missing from the doublePower version. Everything is free-air cooled, with the exception of a pair of TO220 components on the underside of the board which use unit's bottom cover plate as a heat sink. For the electronics tinkerers out there, the brains of the charger is an Atmel ATmega chip tucked away under the LCD display. The manufacturer made some effort to scratch off the part numbers, but it appears to be a 168 or 328 chip, well-known thanks to it's use in the popular Arduino development board. There appears to be a programming header still in place on the board (though I didn't trace the pins to see if that's what it really is) if it struck someone to write their own charger software. So to recap, a great value and even some room to grow." "4" "L.A.R." "April 23, 2010" "After searching for a balance charger for LiPo batteries I ordered the DC6 from HobbyPartz along with several Blue LiPo [2s 800mah] batteries, the price was definately a factor. The DC6 comes with a mini cd, containing an instruction manual in PDF format, no written instructions. After reading the instructions I plugged it into a 12v. supply and at first could only access LiPo data for charging. I connected one of the Blue Lipo batteries and selected Auto charge from the menu. The charger detected a 2s battery correctly and started charging. As the voltage approached peak, the charge value reduced gradually, a good feature. After reaching full charge, the charger started "beeping" letting me know it was finished. The final voltage showed 8.37-8.4 volts. As I said earlier, only the LiPo program would come up. I discovered that all of the buttons would "click" except one, theTYPE-STOP button. After peeling the plastiic cover back I found an aluminum rod under each press tab that would activate the swithch underneath. The rod under the TYPE-STOP switch was shorter than the rest. I added some J.B. weld putty to the rod to lengthen it. It now works. I've now charged NIMH, NiCD, and LiPo batteries without any problems. I really like this charger and the batteries. I do recommend both." "5" "Robert Brooks" "April 22, 2010" "Works as good as my friends $100.00 charger. I use a computer power supply. Going to buy another." "5" "Bigshades92" "April 11, 2010" "This is quite possibly the best value charger i have ever acquired in my 10+ years of the hobby! The charger is small, compact, and smart! It charges up to 5 amps, discharges up to 1 amp. Concerned about quality, I measured the Voltage output of the charger. The resluts: the voltage readout is dead on! If the charger says 8.40v, it is 8.40v! this means Lipo's wont be over charged, thus this is lipo safe. Great value for the price, I recomend it over similar 100$ units." "5" "Brian Hillock" "April 2, 2010" "this is really a awesome little charger that will do it all, simple instructions, very user friendly, and a great buy" "5" "Zack Dixon" "March 30, 2010" "Have had for over 4 months now and I love this thing best $35 ever spent i can charge any and every battery i own!" "4" "Dlan" "March 19, 2010" "Great field charger. With a ac/dc plug would have been perfect for home use also, but this is a minor work around. If you already have a power supply this value is hard to beat. Does what the more expensive chargers do but the usb and temp probe if you need them are extra, they are not included." "4" "KAC" "January 28, 2010" "Can't beat it for $35. Easy to use. Very nice quick field charger. I'm running 4 of them off a 12V/42A power supply. It seems to lack the intellgent circuitry that reduces the charge current as the battery approaches full. You get the full programmed charge current until the battery hits 4.2V/cell then it stops. At the end of the cycle my 4S 30C 2150mAh packs are accurately balanced but read 16.48V. My Hyperion 0606i can put in another 115mAh and get it up to 16.78V after the DC6 quits charging, but for $35 I'm okay with it. Definitely a good buy." "5" "Big Steve H" "January 21, 2010" "This has got to be one of the BEST charges for the money I have found!, easy and reliable. Lets you do NUMEROUS things in charging or discharging of your batteries!. Don't miss this unbelieveable little charger! 10 stars if they had it! AA" "5" "VC" "December 23, 2009" "excellent little charger...affordable and yet it is so effective and useful.. it can even top-off those expensive chargers with similar features... my friends in the rc tracks are jealous that i got something similar to their chargers at a much cheaper price..." "5" "slw" "October 14, 2009" "this is really a sweet little charger will do it all simple instructionns very user friendly great buy" "5" "JDM" "September 25, 2009" "Initially was a little skeptical about the charger. I mean it is like $40 and other places sell these kinda stuffs for $100 to $200. Anyway i was short on cash so took a gamble. Gotta say, this baby surprised me. It was easy to use and very reliable. I give it a 10/10 stars!"

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