Dynam Supermate DC6 doublpower Li-Ion / Li-Poly / Li-Fe balance charger 1-15 Cells 60P-DYC-1003
Dynam Supermate DC6 doublpower Li-Ion / Li-Poly / Li-Fe balance charger 1-15 Cells 60P-DYC-1003

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Item #:60P-DYC-1003
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Multifunction Charger
Balance Charger for 2-6 cell LiPo Batteries,
1-15 NiCd/NiMH Batteries and Lead Acid Batteries
Complete with Leads and Universal Connectors

  • Operating voltage DC 11~18 volts

  • Nicad/Nimh 1~15 cells

  • Li-Ion / Li-Poly / Li-Fe 1~6 series

  • Charge current 0.1 to 5.0A

  • PB/Lead Acid 2V to 20V

  • Cell Balancer Up to 6S (series) Li-Poly

  • Battery Memory Up to 5 Battery Storage

  • No of Cycles Upt to 5 Cycles

  • Weight 1000g

  • Dimension 160x120x10 mm

  • Battery temperature cut-off 20 to 80C or OFF

  • Maximum charging capacity limit for safety 10 to 9990mAh or OFF

  • Timer Limit 10 to 720 Min or OFF

  • Key beep and buzzer sound ON/OFF

  • Input power low alert 10 to 11V

  • Nicad & Nimh Delta Peak Sensitivity Setting Range 1 to 20 mV

  • Wait Time between Charge / Discharge 1 to 60 Minutes

  • USB Connector Cable IS NOT included

"4" "A. Paeth" "March 16, 2012" "I've only used the charger a few times, but so far it's working great. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is for the following 1. If you've never done LiPO before (me), it takes a few reads of the manual to be comfortable with charging 2. I did get the broken connection message a couple of times. Just had to reconnect the balance cable to get it to work." "5" "bitsnkiblz" "July 13, 2011" "Great product. Fast/portable charger works great at the field... Keeps me in the air." "5" "Aaron" "June 15, 2011" "Very good charger, works great, fast. Would buy again." "5" "Justin" "May 29, 2011" "This charger seems to work fine. I did find that the voltage that shows on the charger is not correct. Maybe 2-3 10th of a volt off. I checked the end voltage of the Lipo battery I charged and the cells were balanced and correct. I used an accurate DVOM to check the battery. For a dual power charger this is a very good deal. Come with plenty of various leads too." "5" "bigblkblazin" "May 15, 2011" "Charges battery and always balances within o.09 volts. Way better than this passport ultra . So far so good." "4" "Dillon" "May 13, 2011" "The Charger is ok but it is pretty cheap. It has a little problem with overheating and it never gets above 2.2Amps even though its advertised as being a 5A Charger. I don't know why it does that but its annoying! i wish it would charge my Lipos faster." "5" "Jake" "April 24, 2011" "I didn't buy it yet, but was wondering if you can plug a traxxas connector into it? Any info. is appreciated." "5" "James" "April 20, 2011" "this product performs simply and flawlessly as required...no question...also when they arrived, one of them had faulty parts...the folks here at hobby parts went out of their way to get the replacement parts to me quick, fast, and in a hurry!!!!! The level of service and attention to detail here exceeded all of my expectations" "5" "Gary Truelove" "April 9, 2011" "I bought this charger to charge and maintain Li-Poly Batteries. It does a great job. Watching it Balance charge a pack is really neat. It comes with all the cables and adapters. I highly recommend this product." "5" "Eric" "April 1, 2011" "I just got this charger and my first set of lipo's today. It tripped me out that the battery never even got warm. It charged up the battery no problem, super simple to navigate and for the price, I dont see where you could go wrong. Great little charger in my opinion." "5" "Arron Bowlin" "March 19, 2011" "So far so good. Works like it should and cant beat the price. Also not having to lug around a power supply is nice." "4" "Anthony k" "March 14, 2011" "Good charger for the price. Voltage levels in balance mode are different, total value and individual cell values do not add up to total displayed, but the indvidual values for cells are fairly close when measured with my Fluke meter." "5" "Nerd" "February 20, 2011" "This item works great and is easy to use. Cell balance is very close. Displays are pretty much naturally evident. A hard copy manual included in the box would have been a plus but a mini dvd was included. I have used the charged in both AC and DC modes and been very happy with the result. It has only been used to charge LiPo packs so far but appears to be an excellent buy." "5" "tim" "February 11, 2011" "great charger,i got max 6a could not git it to work. so i got dc6 love it keeping max 6a for leads TY all TIM SYLVESTER" "5" "sluggo" "January 19, 2011" "This is my favorite charger. Easy to use and it can go mobile too. Does everything I ask it to do!" "5" "JACKSON" "January 10, 2011" "Excellent charger!! Easy to use works well, balances and charges as expcted" "5" "1rcfanatic" "December 8, 2010" "Very easy to use. Comes with everything you need to get it charging. Built in fan keeps it running cool. Great charger for the money. Does the same thing my Venom charger does. Dont waste your money on the brand name chargers, this one will do just fine with half the price. Buy it!" "5" "Kyle" "November 19, 2010" "Great charger for the price. Doesnt need an external power supply like some of the lower priced chargers. Has a built in fan and stays cold. Balances very nicely and does not over charge. Easy to use." "5" "Nigel" "October 24, 2010" "Great charger Simple but also flexible on the settings you can change. Solved many charging problems using it so far. Recommended! good value for money" "5" "sharkeysharkdog" "August 19, 2010" "I just receive this charger yesterday. This is my first Li-Poly charger. This charger is very easy to use. It only took me a few minutes to figure it out. What can I say about this charger. It is great!!! If you need a do everything charger, this is it! Oh it has a cheap price, NOT cheaply made! A high qualty charger. I love it!!" "5" "Andrew McGrady" "August 19, 2010" "The safety features, balancing capability, and the included connector bundle make this charger a great value. I'm extremely pleased and satisfied with mine!" "5" "J6818" "July 30, 2010" "Great cheap charger!! Oredered Wednesday and delivered Friday. Great shipping and charger!" "5" "J6818" "July 30, 2010" "Great charger! Ordered it on Wednesday and was delivered on Friday! Great shipping and great charger!" "5" "C12dude" "June 27, 2010" "Somewhat easy to use (for a lipo charger) looks nice - works very good - excellent value" "5" "Crash G" "June 24, 2010" "So far so good. Couldnt hurt to have some directions although they are available online. For those as dense as me, plug in the balance cable and the charge cable when charging LiPo's. Change your default charge time limit to something longer than 120 minutes. Can you imagine this thing costs 30$?" "3" "John" "June 21, 2010" "I was expecting the same design as my same previous charger, but the new unit has changed from detachable 12v input to the permanent design, also the balance board has lost the tray around board. It looks cheap without tray." "5" "Michael C." "June 9, 2010" "Works like a charm. Could use a few more connectors, but you can make them yourself." "4" "Erikdravn" "May 27, 2010" "Looks like a great charger. I have had it for a couple days now. Can not operate it however, no paper manual and the cd manual will not load." "5" "Scoobiemario" "May 15, 2010" "Great inexpensive charger. It can do all that more expensive brands can. Nice solid construction, good buy!" "5" "dave miller" "May 7, 2010" "Bought by mistake, I wanted the AC6, Best mistake I ever made. Been using this for about 3 mos, easy to use and has done a great job" "5" "corndog" "January 21, 2010" "great cheap charger" "4" "DAVE T." "January 12, 2010" "I BOUGHT THIS CHARGER TO CHARGE NIMH BATTERIES PLANNING AT SOME POINT TO GOTO LI-PO`S WORKS GREAT ALOW PRICE WITH ALL THE .WOULD HAVE BEEN 5 STARS BUT TOOK 11 DAYS TO GET IT........" "5" "Johnny S" "January 10, 2010" "Very nice charger, very safe also. anything at all it shuts down. mine showed up a nice gold color, not the yellow from the pic. highly recommend, why pay $140 for the bantam (same thing) when this one comes with more."

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