Detrum GY48V Head-Lock Gyro for 3D RC Helicopters 60P-DY-1017
Detrum GY48V Head-Lock Gyro for 3D RC Helicopters 60P-DY-1017

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Dimension (mm): 28*28*20
Digital proportional R/C system
Operating voltage: 4.8V~6V
Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ +45℃
Operating current: 80A

1. Minimizes changes in an aircraft's attitude by wind etc
2. Angular acceleration commands used
3. Sensor vibration proofing
4. Simple sensitivity adjustment

The helicopter he?s flying is the Legend 450 and the gyro he?s using is GY48V Headlock Gyro which can be found here  Notice the stability of the helicopter in this video and how close he gets to the ground flying it upside down and holding it at that level; that?s the work of the gyro.

"5" "Paul" "April 18, 2017" "Used it on a 450 T-Rex clone with a digital servo. Preformed very well, no complaints. Great product for the price." "5" "Abdul Waheed" "April 12, 2017" "Today I received this. I like the standard of packing, It received undamaged and absolutely fine condition. But shipping is slower than exacted. Soon I will test this on my helicopter and will post the review and experience." "5" "Lenl" "October 13, 2014" "This is another great product with professional adjustments. Fits the T-Rex 250 well." "5" "Kerry" "September 7, 2013" "Simply the best you can buy and for the price cannot be beat." "5" "JB" "August 31, 2013" "This gyro has been given a bad rap because of it's low cost to buy, As a beginner pilot placing this on my 450 clone build the tail holds solid it's not a Align or any of those high end gyros but this one will get the job done I have three already all still work fine I would recommend purchasing." "5" "Brad" "April 11, 2013" "This is a great tail gyro. I run these on my E550 Raptor and a Raptor 50. The tail holds great for me (sport flying, no 3D). It likes to acclimate to temperature changes first before flying, then you're good to go. Setup is an absolute breeze, use a fast tail servo and turn the "delay" all the way down." "4" "KpilotRCHelis" "March 24, 2013" "This gyro is decent I put it on my T-Rex 250SE flybarred and it flew pretty well. The tail does blow out a quite a bit on big puchouts but that's no big deal. I also used a EXI 250 Metal Tail holder with Align 37mm tail blades and the Align DS420 and the combo is nice. I think this gyro would work a lot better on something like a 450 or 500, 250's are a little too gyro-picky. This gyro is perfect for learning to hover with a 250, but I will not do 3D with my T-Rex 250 until I get a slightly better gyro." "5" "joe" "March 9, 2013" "I use this on a vxl rustler with a turnigy gtx3 works great" "5" "KpilotRCHelis" "March 2, 2013" "Put this on my T-Rex 250SE. Easy as pie to install. Even with my young age (only 13) I had this flying in no time thanks to this awesome gyro. The very first time I installed it on my T-Rex 250SE I flew it and I only needed to adjust the limits. Didn't even have to adjust gain. This gyro performs flawlessly in a hover, even with intense vibrations due to poorly balanced tail. It didn't seem to mind the vibrations at all. I really love this gyro. Now all I need to test this for 3D performance. As far as I can tell, there is no need for a $100 gyro. Will post an update once I try 3D." "4" "Helicrasher777" "September 26, 2012" "I'm shocked at how well this gyro did in my Trex 500! For less than twenty dollars, I got a gyro that I still havent had my tail "blow out"! It would have five stars if I didnt have to search helifreak for setup. No user manual was included with mine, but I see others have.Impressed!" "5" "GENE VAUGHN" "September 9, 2012" "THE GYRO IS OUTSTANDING...IT REPLACES THE GY-192 WHICH SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET. THE TOTAL DISREGARD OF THE CUSTOMERS SAFETY AND INVESTMENT IS QUITE EVIDENT IT THE OMISSION OF AN ACCURATE OWNERS MANUAL. I GIVE THE GYRO 5 STARS: HOWEVER, I ONLY GIVE MANAGEMENT 2 STARS... REMOVE THE GY-192 FROM THE MARKET AND PUBLISH AN ACCURATE OPERATORS MANUAL THAT WORKS FOR AIRCRAFT. THERE ARE A LOT MORE AIRCRAFT THAN HELICOPTERS." "5" "Tony" "August 3, 2012" "I was a little skeptical at a gyro for this price. I have paid much more for other gyros, but the performance is very good for my 400 chopper. I would recommend this one!" "4" "Bryan C Tasker" "May 24, 2012" "This item was my first gyro. I put it on so many different vehicles that I just don't want to try to name them all. It def does the job. My only issue is the car will turn and also have a weird wiggle with I do something too fast. Other than that this this is great. I do recommend going to the Exceed Rc gyro if you are tight on space the exceed also seems to be more adjustable." "4" "John Jernigan" "May 21, 2012" "Very pleased with the installation and operation of Headklock Gyro. I used the gyro for rudder control on a plane instead of a Helicopter. I plan to do more expermenting with this item on planes." "5" "Charles Smithey" "May 5, 2012" "Nice little Gyro, we really have not had a chance to "RUN IT" as yet, I played around with it to test it out and it is very responsive, does a great job in testing, can not wait to get it into the project I am doing. This is going into a Airboat Project I am working on :) I know it is not a Helicopter but hey! I want my Airboat to go FAST and Strait! LOL! Thanks HobbyPartz for another fantastic part! If you are wondering "Should I get this?" GET IT! you will be pleased, follow ALL directions to the letter and you will not have an issue at all. Strongly recommend going Digital Servos ONLY even tho you can set it different if your not using a Digital, but to get the best out of it, Digital Servo ONLY! you will be pleased." "5" "Lloyd" "April 25, 2012" "haven't had a chance to use it yet but reviews are good & price is even better." "5" "Charles Smithey" "April 12, 2012" "I just got the Gyro in yesterday, I set it up on a test platform to get a understanding of how they work. This is the 1st time I have ever used one, and it is not going into a Heli or Plane, it is going into a 32cc Custom Flat-bottom Airboat my dad and I built. With the amount of Torque the 32cc Chainsaw motor puts out, even if you set the remote to compensate for your L Torque when you get on it hard it still wanted to drift hard left. So we thought maybe a Gyro with Headlock will work. On the test bench so far this is fantastic, what I did was start another motor we have on the bench used rubber grommets on the motor mounts to take some of the vibration out like it would on water, setup some mockup rudders ect. then took it to full throttle, and have a deal under that allows the bench when I turn the rudder behind the prop make the whole stand rotate, hooked in the Gyro and WOW! Fantastic! It took the headlock and going through all range of throttle run-up it held strong. We are using Digital Hi-Torque Metal Gear Servos from here at HobbyPartz as well. They are the EXI 60G D226F servos, they also are fantastic! Will be doing a review on them as well. We are going to wait for a full review on all the parts we ordered until our new 60cc Step-hull is completed, this is the boat all the new toys we ordered are going into :) we are shooting for a 90+MPH Airboat. If you look at YouTube and type in GMKosMos you can see some of our work on motors we sell for Aircraft and Airboats, as well as all the goodies we get from HobbyPartz that go into our fun little projects! Thanks HobbyPartz for ALL your help and fantastic affordable products, great shipping and great people if you need to chat with to get questions answered. You all get 10 Stars!" "5" "capnscruffy" "April 5, 2012" "Excellent performance AND price! Holds solid even doing hard 3D. Super easy setup also." "5" "TDM" "April 4, 2012" "I put one on my 250 clone and the tail hold was rock solid. The heli kept its heading almost 100% of the time. The only time it slightly would give out was in full punch outs from zero or negative, to full positive pitch. I'm even putting one on my Trex 600, and on a camera gimbal." "5" "Michael" "March 31, 2012" "Put it in my TREX clone, easy to set up" "5" "Jeremy" "March 31, 2012" "I have had no problems with this gyro it works great.on my EXI 450 pro and se." "5" "Greywolf74" "March 24, 2012" "Excellent little gyro. I have this one hooked up to my High speed electric Rustler and it works quite well for keeping the car straight during high speed runs." "5" "Harry E" "March 23, 2012" "These are great little gyros. I bought several to experiment with using them in fixed wing aircraft. Theydo an excellent job. Some research showed me that their tendency to drift can be nearly completely reduced by using lo-temp hot glue to secure the internal circuit board to the metal case. A very simple 5min mod." "5" "hasko" "January 22, 2012" "Great gyro.. Options on responses are very flexable" "5" "Rich M." "December 19, 2011" "Very good unit- have in 500-heli-works great and you can't beat the price." "5" "Vince" "November 22, 2011" "Excellent gyro - easy to set up. Suggest DS9257 servo with this gyro." "5" "Vince" "November 20, 2011" "GOOD GYRO – Detrum GY48V I have used many gyros on my EXI 450 helicopter and finally found one that is cheap, easy to setup and WORKS. My favorite WAS HK401b from until this year. The older (2009-2010) HK401b gyro worked well was easy to setup and was cheap – my criteria. But the NEW (2011) version of the HK401b gyro does not work and you will note from my other posts that the internal electrical components have been changed (for the worse in my opinion). My new favorite is the Detrum GY48V gyro from ($13). I set this gyro up in just a few minutes (removed a RCX400 that did not work) and went out to fly in 31 degree weather here in Minnesota. My Futaba 7C transmitter settings are head-hold A30% and standard mode N30%. These are the numbers I started with and works perfect – lucky huh! The tail servo is Goteck 9257 digital ( $15 clone of the famous Futaba 9257). I set the gyro to analog servo as it was buzzing when the gyro was set to digital servo mode. I hope this helps other flyers. Luck, Vince" "5" "Kirk" "November 3, 2011" "Great gyro!! Just put on on my exi 450 kit. Solid. Will buy more when needed. I had more expensive gyros that did not work as welll as this one. Can't beat it for the price." "5" "Philipp2" "October 28, 2011" "I ordered two of these to use on airplanes for aileron stabilization (wing leveler). Have not flown but on the bench they work as well as the Futaba. The trim does not change when turning on or off like some of the others. The gain is fully adjustable as well as the switching from AVCS (heading Hold) to Off to Rate control if plugged into a variable channel. If on a switched channel, it changes the gyro from AVCS to rate when switching. - Probably could be set to turn off also with a little programming. Great Gyro for the price. Why pay more?" "5" "Greg" "September 11, 2011" "Best Gyro you can buy for the price. I have one on an electric 500 and a Nitro 600. Both gyros are rock solid. I recommend this to anyone looking for a gyro for either Helis or Planes!" "5" "Mario" "September 7, 2011" "Great gyro easy to adjust gain control." "5" "Jean R" "August 7, 2011" "I have my still work great.Great price for a gyro ain't no way you can beat that. I highly recommend this product..." "5" "aquaduck29" "August 5, 2011" "VERY GOOD GYRO ROCK SOLID ,DURABLE SURVIVE MANY CRASH WITH NO PROBLEM.GOOD PRICE.. THANKS" "5" "Allen" "August 1, 2011" "Using 80% rudder gain mode for takeoff on airplane, tracks straight, I set the HH mode to zero gain, so there is no input when I throw switch after takeoff. This Warbird narrow gear made it nearly impossible to keep straight, now it's a joy to fly, check out this link lots of info on this gyro." "3" "Yie" "July 28, 2011" "Mine drifts almost all the time and it holds better in rate mode than in HH mode." "5" "Spidious" "July 9, 2011" "Have bought 5 of these so far. One in a copter and four in planes. they work great, and you can't beat the price !" "5" "Joel" "June 27, 2011" "Not just for heli use! I installed this as a roll gyro for an airplane, since it's a rare day with light winds where I fly. My aircraft is much more controllable now in rate mode. I tried this with a GWS v-tail mixer in order to preserve flaperon functionality, but it does not work with my Spektrum gear (regular glitching that seems to be related to the servo pulse clock)." "5" "A. C." "June 21, 2011" "I have two of these, one on my hk450gt i built as well as the replacement for my e-razor 450 that was obliterated on my first inverted attempt. After a little adjustment, they both perform exceptionally well. Great gyros, I recommend it." "5" "Dave" "June 18, 2011" "I have several of these and fly mostly scale.Setup is easy and while all of these are in electric helis I have Futaba GY401'S in my nitro machines and I would put these up against the Futaba anyday and challenge someone to try and find a difference except Futaba charges $120.00 more.Get these when you can You will not be dissapointed and while your at it buy a couple so you have a spare for the next heli your going to build. [ c'mon you know you will]" "5" "Weeks" "May 25, 2011" "This gyro works great with my EXI 450. I had to install the gyro on its side and now its rock solid." "5" "Rainer Rolando" "May 23, 2011" "Very good gyro easy to install very affordable and durable you wont be dissappointed" "5" "Zyg K" "May 15, 2011" "I have an EXI 450 T-Rex clone heli. Hooked it up with a Detrum GY48V gyro and the T_Pro MG90 metal gear servo with 2.4kg/cm torque @6v,as my tail servo. All I can say is..WOW! What a great combo for less than 20 dollars. Beware! the T-Pro MG90 is not a digital servo'It is analog. So setup is analog. Also, weight of servo is about 14grams and not 9grams." "5" "Dan14" "May 14, 2011" "I bought 3 of this and they are super great for my hk450, hk500cmt and trex500." "5" "steve" "May 6, 2011" "you cant beat this little bugger get them while you can" "5" "spgsxr" "May 5, 2011" "I used this in my first cp heli. I have been flying it for only 2 weeks now, but no complaints so far. I do have some drifting in the tail, but I believe that is due to the cheap servo I put on the tail (or because this was also my first heli build)." "3" "JonWid" "April 7, 2011" "They changed the case--it is no longer purple anodized aluminaum. Now it is black plastic case. I give thus three stars because I could get it to gold better in rate than heading hold. I jeading hold, it always had aslow drift clockwise. I tried a Futabab GY 401 on the same tailm same geometry, and there was absokuteky no drift, So you go figure. It is a twelve dollar gyro, If you can handle some drift, then go for this gyro. If you don't want drift, get a real gyro like a GY401." "5" "Chantheman84" "April 6, 2011" "I use the Gy48v coupled with a hitec hs84mg and that sucka holds rock solid! Already purchased 5 and haven't had any problems with any of them." "5" "Travis A" "April 1, 2011" "Works great with a 450. They advertise them having a redish case. Mine was black though. Anyway, its an awesome gyro." "4" "Flyer" "March 29, 2011" "It seems to work okay, but the included plastic tool is useless, will break or twist plastic on first use. Please include a metal tool that can actually be used. Other than this it looks like it works." "5" "Mike" "March 20, 2011" "A great gyro for the money. I got my HK500 in the air quickly & inexpensively, which is all I need for now. I'm still tinkering with setup. I have some drift that I can cancel with trim & I am still searching for the optimum gain setup. A max power jab of the throttle swings the tail about 45 degrees with my present setup." "5" "Mopar67" "March 16, 2011" "Love them. I am using 6 in different projects with no problems and great results. Going to order more." "5" "Chris Ray" "March 15, 2011" "I ordered this gyro because of the good reviews in this price range, and mostly because it was suppossed to have an pinkish aluminum case to protect it in a crash. I recieved this item, and to my surprise it had a black plastic case. If i had known this I wouldt have purchased it. Be very careful what you buy from xheli!" "3" "nemesio alverio" "March 7, 2011" "i think i got a bad one. no problem you didn't make it. would buy from you any way" "3" "Johnny" "March 7, 2011" "Had to buy the second one before I got one that worked right. So I have twice the money in the one that works. It hold really good." "5" "Phil" "March 1, 2011" "Used it for an airplane rudder and it works perfect!" "4" "Dan" "February 26, 2011" "For the price if you are on a budget this is a good way to go. I fly in freezing temps and am experiencing significant tail drift if I do not climatize it for 10 minutes. Then its not so bad. I am curious to see what it does when things warm up." "5" "Brian" "February 24, 2011" "holds amazing for $13 and mine came black not red like in the photo" "5" "EARL" "February 23, 2011" "I JUST RECIEVED MY GYRO IN THE MAIL TODAY, COULDNT WAIT TO INSTALL IT IN MY DRAGONOUS 2. MY EF GYRO I HAD WAS TRASH AND WAS HOPING THIS WASNT A REPEAT GYRO. HOLY SMOKES IT WORKS FANTASTIC! BETTER THAN EXPECTED.HOLDS EXCELLENT VERY PLEASED, WHAT A DEAL.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." "5" "Joe" "February 18, 2011" "Not a bad gyro for the money. You can't go wronng. Had to shave some plastic off of the plugs to make it easy to plug into receiver bu that is no problem. Works great!" "5" "Heber" "February 7, 2011" "It is great for high RPM HELICOPTERS, tested on a honey bee king 3 and works great in 3D mode and sucks when hovering due to bad rpms..." "5" "Dave Weikel" "February 2, 2011" "cheap made parts. This really surprised me at how well it held the tail on my helicopter. I'm building an airplane now and will purchase another gyro for the tail of this project makes for great ground handling. 3 d flyers will love the gyro it really works well.." "5" "Shakey" "January 31, 2011" "I have had my E-Razor for over a month now and have always had problems with it. Could never get the tail to settle down on it. Purchased 2 of the GY48V's for back up gyros and finally decided to replace the old one. Wish I had done it sooner, what a difference. It now holds so well, I could not beleive it was the same heli. Very easy to setup also. Good instructions. Would highly reccommend to anyone that wants a inexpensive gyro that performs well. Adjusts very nicely." "5" "Rich M." "January 31, 2011" "Am waiting to try this along with exi metal gear servo's-400 mtr. & 30 amp esc as soon as my exi Pro 450 V-2 comes in from Black-Firday sale! Not much good to me yet without the heli. Called week before Xmas and was assured they were coming in early jan.-so far all I have is everthing but what to put them in. Please Help!!!" "5" "mark wasson" "January 30, 2011" "I put this on my Belt CP kit and as new helicopter pilot it held the tail good enough for me to learn how to hover." "5" "Jason" "January 27, 2011" "Holds tail great in normal flight no 3-d tried with it just a couple flips." "5" "Tom in Lawrenceville" "January 23, 2011" "I can't believe this was less than $13 bucks! I replaced the gyro on my old ECO 8 with this gyro. The old one was $120 (ten years ago). Works like a charm, even with my old Futaba Conquest." "5" "FerretMaster" "January 23, 2011" "I ordered 4 of these gyros on the reviews posted on this site and I am not disappointed at all with the performance. I am currently flying four 450 size heli's, three are scale fuselage and one is my practice machine for practice flying. I cannot speak to the performance of the GY48Y for 3D flying as that is not my style, but for sport flying I can ask for nothing more....FANTASTIC GYRO for the money! I recomend this gyro to anyone that does not "push the envelope", but only qualify beacuse I have no firsthand experiance with the GY48V in that enviroment. Purchase with confidence!" "5" "FREDDIE robinson" "January 18, 2011" "Received my fourth GY48V. Three are on450's and one is on a 500. They all work great Only thing is the one I received today 1/18/11 the case is black plastic instead on metal. Bummer!!!" "5" "Frankie Olthoff" "January 14, 2011" "Very impressive gyro. My Heli is nice and stable now with no wag in the tail." "5" "Steve Gebhardt" "January 5, 2011" "Excellent gyro,almost holds as well as my jr770. Had a little drift to the right,Found that when I moved the ball link on the servo horn in, the drift went away,now its rock solid." "5" "Rudyrov" "December 22, 2010" "Nice gyro and great price, I have 3 of them so far in different birds." "5" "KSwartz" "December 21, 2010" "Huge bang for the buck, as these hold better than most expensive Gyro's on the market. The last one I ordered came in black "looks sweet" and works just as great. You will love the performance from this small unit." "5" "D Smith" "December 19, 2010" "Bought 2 of these just to experiment with using on small light aircraft. First time ever using Gyro. Works great, easy setup, well packaged. Ordered 3 more. For the price, can't be beat IMO...." "5" "RC-ichard" "December 17, 2010" "So i fly with some hard core 3d people. They did nothing but laugh at me and tell me i wasted $15 when i bough this for my 450SE V2. Ill tell you what, jaws droped when they seen how well it holds. ONLY ADVISE is it was very sensitive to vibrations, get some nice think gyro tape (spartin tape work the best for me) and i was able to get it into the high 80's low 90's with no wag! I cant push it to taxing 3d, but for basic loops, rolls, ect it works wonders. I just bought a second for my 250 SES. About it not fitting some receivers, there is that flashing on the signal side of the plug that go into the receiver (like whats on Fubatua or JR servos) i justed forced it into my AR6100 but you can just clean it up with a razor and it will fit just fine. Hope my review help!! -RC-ich" "5" "Dave" "November 18, 2010" "The spec's say 80A opperating current. Does that mean you need to have an 80amp bec with lipo to use this gyro?? thinking of buying a few for my rc stunt aircraft. But not to sure now...." "5" "Gary" "November 17, 2010" "I am new at the Heli's, but this unit for the price seems to be working great and I love the free shipping" "5" "Art" "November 14, 2010" "I installed this Gyro on my blade 400 but I can't get it to stop drifting. I've tried it with the stock eflite servo, Exi d213f and a Hitec hsg-5084 with no luck. The limit switch doesn't work either, at zero the servo doesn't move and no matter how much I turn the dial it doesn't affect the servo limmit at all. Thought about returning it but it will probably cost me more to ship it back. I read it is a gamble when getting this Gyro, I guess I got a bad one, oh well time to buy a real Gyro that works." "5" "AL....!!!" "October 17, 2010" "GREAT PRODUCT, NICE PACKAGING, EASY TO SETUP, METAL CASE IS A PLUS....!!!!! BEST OF ALL IS THE SUPER PRICE....!!!! I AM USING THEM IN 450`S AND ALSO 250`S.....!!!!" "5" "Harry" "October 15, 2010" "Works fantastic, particulary for $13. I have them on my 350, 400, and 450 helis - all hold dead solid even in a stiff breeze." "5" "ronald adolph" "October 15, 2010" "seems to work" "5" "Skeeter" "October 5, 2010" "I purchased 2 of these. 1 for my Blade SR when I installed the belt conversion using Futaba S3154 digital servo. Very rock solid tail. Since then had a problem with tail rotor hub and put direct drive back on. Have not touched the gyro and tail is still quite solid w/ just start of wag. (slight), in process of fine tuning. 1 on my Blade 400, transferred futaba servo to this and ROCK Solid. I got these a couple months ago and came in black plastic case. Now I see they have what looks like aluminum case. I like the plastic less weight for smaller class heli's." "5" "David Machowski" "October 5, 2010" "Installed this on a Blade 400 as a replacement for the G110 and i was AMAZED. This Gyro snaps the tail to attention when doing Piro's and for $13.00 will be buying more when i build my 500 kit. Thanks HobbyPartz for making this hobby more affordable." "5" "David Machowski" "October 1, 2010" "Installed this Gyro on a Blade 400 and with some minor tweating it is ROCK SOLID. Awesome Buy, and Thank you HobbyPatz!!!!" "5" "fred davis" "September 28, 2010" "I tried several name brand gyro's on the market 40-100 Bucks, before buying one of these. Now i own 3. great inexpensive gyro. and recommend to anyone just getting into helio's on a budget. Mine have been going strong for almost a year. happy flying. EXI & Copter X 450's and EXI 500 CMT" "5" "Reverend Richie" "September 18, 2010" "I am using these gyros on both of my tricopters and they work great. They don't require the hot glue modification that the 401b gyros required. What a great buy at the new reduced price." "5" "Paul" "September 11, 2010" "Fast easy setup- can't beat the price. Hobbypartz is an excellent vendor." "5" "Jason" "September 8, 2010" "I have them in every Heli I own. That should say it all. GY48V > 401. If you want to spen $150 on a "401" you are just throwing your money away. Spend the 13 bucks on this gyro and be amazed." "5" "Reverend Richie" "September 3, 2010" "I am using these gyros on my Tricopter and they are absolutely wonderful. Unlike the 401b gyros, they don't require the Hot Glue and form packing to reduce vibration. Great gyro and the price is unbeatable!!!" "5" "THX181" "September 3, 2010" "Works great, priced great, instructions good, packing good. Even better.... ....Its NOT purple :)" "5" "Joey" "September 2, 2010" "Using on the exi 250. Perfect hold. It fits fine on the 250 but note that it is bigger than the e-flite 110 gyro used on 400 sized helis. It is definately better than the e-flite one. a ighter gyro would be better but not sure hat would work as well." "4" "Commander Data" "September 1, 2010" "Bought one of these gyro's for my 450 CopterX Pro early in July - works fantastic - no drift. Bought another in August for my CX250, but this one came in a black plastic housing. I liked the aluminum better and it is no longer the same as the picture on this site. Still, great gyro for the money." "4" "Veeman" "August 21, 2010" "I guess I was just as sceptical about this item considering the low cost. I was putting a scale Trex450 together and didn't want to put too much into a gyro. I read the other reviews and thought I would give it a try. Well I broke down and forked over the $12.70+shipping and installed it in a Hughes 500E fuse. It's not rock solid like my Futaba 401 or my Logitec 6100T but for what I'm using it for it is fantastic. I set it up like my Futaba 401 so I didn't need the instructions. You cannot beat the price." "5" "Jim Deadly" "August 10, 2010" "got 4 for a FPV tricopter. They work great! Even with a prop out of balance they still work very well. I am amazed especially for the price. Definitely a 5 star item" "4" "the#1" "August 1, 2010" "I'm pretty sure my GY48V drifts a little, but I should have the setup checked over by an expert before I rule out setup error. When it's holding, it really holds well. Coupled with a $7 digital exi servo it is an impressive tail combination for under $20! Once I get the drift figured out then I'll bet this will perform as well as those expensive gyros." "4" "MAC" "July 28, 2010" "I have an E-Razor 450 and replaced the stock Dynum GY192 with the GY48V. Big difference. Better hold, less wag. The only problem is there is a slight drift to the right. BUT still way better than the GY192. I think it is vibration related. Still trying different double stick tapes to find the right one." "5" "helisurfer" "July 13, 2010" "the only gyro in this price range i will use. set-up is critical, i set gyro travel limits to 50 each way and gain to around 75 in head lock and 35 for rate and adjust from there. don't use heading hold in the first minite, it needs to warm up." "5" "Bert" "July 8, 2010" "I have two of these installed in my two Copter-X 450SE v2 choppers and another one on a Legend 450. These gyros are absolutely incredible in the way they perform. Rock solid comes to mind as an honest way to describe them. Now that their price has been lowered even further, I may get me a couple more in my next order." "5" "Patrick" "June 30, 2010" "Trim off the edge of the connector with a razor knife, works great" "5" "Stan" "June 15, 2010" "I have tested several different "401" wannabes and this is the closest that I have found.. set up properly these are working quite nicely on the 450 pod and boom along with scale fuselage models... so far the largest model that I have used it on is a 550 sized electric scale machine... it is a LOT OF GYRO for the price and I recommend anyone that needs a good gyro that is just starting out and learning to fly, or just flying a nice looking a sport scale model... I like it!!!!" "5" "nomedmon" "June 14, 2010" "great replacement for belt cp v2 have had no problems so after 6 hovers this gyro has futaba plugs cut off plastic L piece to fit all rx out there thks hobbyparts great fast service my new place to get ma shit" "4" "mike d" "June 11, 2010" "i put this on a dragonus ii also. i have no idea what the couple other guys were saying about it not fitting an esky rx. i am using the one of my old belt cp and if you just snip the plastic "lip" off the connector she slides right in just fine!! no fitting problems. gyro is alittle bigger than most i have seen but seems to preform well....really well considering its 20 bucks" "5" "john" "May 31, 2010" "hav purchased 3 of these and i sweat it holds better than my gy-401. you cant go wrong with this" "5" "Don" "May 29, 2010" "Great Gyro fr the price, I've bought several and haven't had any problems at all.They work great and are easy to set up." "5" "adrian s" "May 14, 2010" "using this on ailerons on a hawksky. now it can handle any wind. works great. will get some more" "5" "Brandon" "May 6, 2010" "This gyro is great and the price is amazing. I have tried: ESKY 0704B HH gyro Telebee GR302-AD HH gyro Both are garbage compared to this gyro since it has AVCS. I will be using this gyro for all other heli builds. For those of you that say it does not fit ESKY receivers... just grind off the little tab on the plug and you are good to go." "5" "Timothy" "May 5, 2010" "@Jimmy and Jonathan, all you guys have to do is trim the little nub off of the side of the servo plug with a file or razor, this has futaba plugs and esky has jr plugs, the only difference is that nub. this is a great gyro and i had the same problem, easy fix!" "5" "Mark" "March 22, 2010" "I thought how good can this be for such a low price,well it is better than any gyro I have used.The gyro head lock is solid with no drift and you can turn up the gain without the tail wag that others have when you crank them up." "1" "jimmy" "February 25, 2010" "this gyro wont fit esky recievers!!!!!" "5" "heliguy60" "February 22, 2010" "have this gyro in a dragonus II and a exi 450. i'am truly amazed at how well this gyro holds! i will be purchasing more." "1" "jonathan" "February 19, 2010" "this does not fit on esky receivers waste of 20 bucks havent even tried it in flight" "5" "PjT" "January 3, 2010" "After reading the reviews I decided to try this gyro. I set it up and am amazed at how well this gyro holds. Absolutely no wandering. I'll be buying more for my other heli's..." "5" "Budblade" "January 3, 2010" "This is a great gyro! It's comparable to gyro's costing 5 times as much." "5" "Dionys R." "December 28, 2009" "Excellent performance for every penny. I was loookingsomething cheap to build my EXI-450 and I found this red square cheap Gyro and I put it on my copter with a TowerPro MG90 (Metal Gears) and both lock the tail as good as my Telebee with a digital Futaba 9650 servo. I recommended this Gyro to anyone who's looking to build a cheap helicopter." "5" "Mallory" "December 25, 2009" "Just hooked up 2 of them in both my EXI 450 kits.And i cant beleve how good they hold the tail makes flying so much better.!!!!!!" "5" "Richard Young" "December 1, 2009" "This is one awesome gyro for the price, it handle really nicely and it just make my 450 helicopter even better." "5" "Jose Feliciano" "November 26, 2009" "This gyro is great but you guys on Xheli should help this guy on the video. It is a shame to see those messages in a video that you are using to show your product performance. This video convinced me to buy the gyro. I will buy a few more of them. Absolutely, from the beginner to the mild 3d, it is the best choice." "5" "Ben Johnson" "October 14, 2009" "One of my good flying buddy Robert Peterson recommended the GY48V to me. Was interested in something cheap to build my 450 and he told me to check this out. I totally like the way it locks the tail. I mean you can feel it. Although i am still new to this hobby and I have already mastered the Honey Bee King 2 i think i am good enough to see a big difference already. Highly recommended this gyro! A" "5" "Tommy K." "October 11, 2009" "Unbelievable! This gyro is soooooooooooooo stable. I put this in my freind's 450 because he's a beginner so I figure i just get him something cheap to start off with. When i went to test it, i could not believe how stable the heli was. I did some 3D and the HH holds really well. Now I just can't believe that it is only $17.86. Hobbypartz is amazing. I love you guys. Too bad i wanted to stock up on this but sold out already! you guys need to get it back faast!!! cant wait for more...thanks, email me at"

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