Dynam Brushless motor+18A ESC+3pcs 9g servos for RC Park Flyer 60P-DY-1006
Dynam Brushless motor+18A ESC+3pcs 9g servos for RC Park Flyer 60P-DY-1006

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Content: 3pcs 8.4g servo 18A brushless ESC A21 Motor: the weight of motor: 37g KV: 1300 Li-po: 2-3 cells fit Prop: 8*4 8*3.8
"5" "RON Heimke" "April 23, 2014" "Good Price and good quality." "5" "Chick Ludwig" "July 7, 2013" "I've used 8 of these so far. The only problems are: 1-bad servo (out of 24), Prop shaft breaks easily. When they break, I just use a 2mm prop saver. A bulkhead mount adapter would be VERY helpful." "4" "sharuk" "January 29, 2013" "i got this rc combo and did a review on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG4NAVV7vWQ&feature=youtu.be hope you enjoy it" "5" "rwmcdaniel" "January 5, 2013" "Great combo at a great price!" "5" "Ace" "September 5, 2012" "Servos are more like 11 grams, not 8.4. The servo wires aren't really sturdy. But, with that said, this is an excellent combo deal. The motor has a built-in heatsink with a mounting hole for a 10mm square carbon rod or wooden rod. The ESC seems to be pretty smooth. Definitely ordering more of these for my scratchbuilds and foamies." "5" "David" "July 14, 2012" "Awesome for light weight and low load systems. My build was a little to heavy but scaling back size and minimizing weight fixed allowed motor and servo to perform well. Just a note, the servos are easy to strip if you are being a little rough with them. Luckily my build required two so I was able to drop in the third as a replacement. Great deal for the money." "5" "sensaibmf" "May 22, 2012" "I just received my combo pack and I am very impressed! Unbelievable price for what you get. The only thing I should have noticed is that is did not come with any connectors. All in all a great buy and I see more in my future." "5" "J. Payne" "May 14, 2012" "Great performance. fast shipping, at the right price FREE. and what a deal on the parts. I do not believe you can get consistantly low prices from any other parts store. thank you HOBBYPARTZ.COM J.Payne JDSGALAXIE@GMAIL>COM" "5" "BOB" "April 30, 2012" "I just got this motor and servo combo.... IT WORKS GREAT!!! i built a plane out of a glider from Toys R us, the plane will go straight up and wont stop till i let it! I am running a 3s 1400mah battery and i had about a 15min flight time, overall a great product will buy again!" "5" "Snipeworm" "April 12, 2012" "I have two of these mounted on a scratchbuild cargo twin. Auw is 2 lb, 4 oz. Runs great on 2 1550 3s Lipo. Plenty of power and very quiet.... recommend! Just wish they came with firewall mounts" "5" "George" "February 20, 2012" "powerful little motor. Pleased so far. would like to use a prop saver since the shaft is so long or as an added accessory along with a firewall mount. good deal." "5" "first timer" "January 28, 2012" "fast shipping good stuff" "5" "Eric Giorgiantonio" "January 27, 2012" "I ordered these for a foam airplane that I designed. WOW!! what a great combo. Motor is very smooth and powerful, speed control works flawlessly and the servos are super fast and center well with awesome power. This is one of the best deals available anywhere. I will be ordering 4 or 5 more of this combo set soon for other projects I have planned. Get some of these and keep them on hand you can't go wrong, Super great price, I love it!!!!!" "5" "Lance" "November 30, 2011" "This combo is awesome! Can't believe the price. Bought the a foam board dog fighter and it rocks. I will order more of these for sure" "4" "Tom Melsheimer" "November 22, 2011" "I have 2 sets of these running in 10oz, 30" span foamies using 3 cell, 500Mah. Models have unlimited vertical. Motor and ESC run cool. Excellent value! I suggest: 1. Shorten shaft (remove threaded section) 2. Use prop saver 3. Re-assemble with thread locker 4. CA glue the wire leads to bearing hub to prevent breakage Took off one star because 9 gram servo's are actually 11. Will buy several more!" "5" "mike" "November 16, 2011" "awesome product havent had no probs in balanceing or charging" "4" "mwrey" "November 5, 2011" "great combo to get someone started" "5" "Mr BlueAngel11" "November 4, 2011" "I have bought several Dynam combo,and I can say Excellent for the price. I have built several scratch RC Planes and I use the Dynam combo set in every one of them You just can't beat the price anywhere, I will continue to buy from HobbyPartz. I would recommend to anyone, I love it!!! Thanks Mr BlueAngel11" "4" "Mark" "November 3, 2011" "Overall I am very pleased with this kit. The servos have been great, however the original motor in the kit had loose magnets in the bell. After contacting HobbyPartz through the online ticket system I was promptly sent a new replacement motor." "5" "Jerry" "October 7, 2011" "All you would hope for and more. Installed on a home built high wing fomie with a 36" wing span. Performance of all components is better than expectrd. only drawback is the ;ack of connectors. It would be great if a seperate pkg was offered that contained the connectors." "5" "ib42" "October 3, 2011" "The motor in this little combo couldn't handle a recommended 3 cell lipo. Just would not power up, and sounded like it was stripping or something. Tried a 2 cell, and didn't have enough power to move the plane at all. It's not a heavy plane, a small AT-6 foamie. Disappointed, since I cut the too long shaft to use a prop adapter before installation, believing it would work. Can't return because of this. I'm sure others have had good luck, but I didn't...got a bum motor." "5" "edward Turk" "October 2, 2011" "this combo works great for the gws slow stick. i put a 2s 1600mah lipo on it and it works" "5" "Terry" "September 29, 2011" "Best deal on the web ," "5" "DocDoo" "September 26, 2011" "I brought 1, got it Used it and ordered 3 more. ya just cant beat this deal" "5" "BlueAngel11" "September 23, 2011" "Excellent for the money, I used one in a plane I built. has plenty of power, then I bought anotherone to put back in my Dynam Focus 400, It works great. Will buy more definately." "5" "Mr BlueAngel11" "September 20, 2011" "This dynam combo deal is an excellent buy for the money. It's perfect for park flyers and has more than enough power for your Home made built foam planes and small Park Flyers. I have bought several an I am well pleased. Mr BlueAngel11" "5" "brewbeer1" "September 11, 2011" "build your own plane out of foam board use this combo!!!!! great price!!!!!!" "5" "Carlos" "August 30, 2011" "Great combo and great value!!!" "5" "BREWBEER1" "August 22, 2011" "cant go wrong ,bought 2." "4" "Bill Smudge" "August 1, 2011" "Not a bad deal, one little oddity is the bearing tube on the back side of the motor is 9 MM so if you want a firewall mount, 9mm firewall mounts are hard to find. I bought a mount with a 8mm hole and drilled it out. Also I had to adjust the timing of the ESC to match the motor." "4" "Mark P" "July 26, 2011" "all in all not bad motor and esc lived up to expectation 2 of the 3 servo worked fine 1 was doa, I would use it again it again" "5" "Peter Lu" "July 24, 2011" "My only gotcha was that GWS propeller is for 4mm shaft while this motor is 3mm. I used a tiny strip of .3mm aluminum sheet folded as two layers. Then wrap around the hex part of the shaft to form a spacer. That works! :)" "5" "Peter Lu" "July 24, 2011" "I replaced the brushed motor of my GWS Slow Stick. The heat-sink mounting just fit the "stick" fuselage. I installed ailerons as well with 2 servos. Now I can fly inverted. I am using a E-Flite 1600mAh 2S lipo battery. After a 24 minute flight, she was still going strong. See my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ29Gfc9lTY Great stuff!" "5" "Mike K." "July 18, 2011" "Excellent deal for the servos, motor, and esc. I just wish they included the connectors. Had to order those separately and that added another $8 to the cost. If you need 4 servos you'll also have to order another Dynam one to match and that's another $4. I used it in a mini-stick and it worked great." "4" "Jason Uberig" "July 11, 2011" "Hobby Parts was GREAT to buy from and I will buy from them again! I had a bum motor the first time round, but they just shipped me a new one and I'm off to the races - or skies as the case may be. I've built a stik plane 3/8" ply stick plus foam (poly styrene - the white 'bubbly' stuff) for the shape wings and tail section. Used a hot wire home brew cutter for most of it. I think the battery and the wheels are the two heaviest parts. Anyway... some tips for this motor & ESC: - first, read Dallasflyfisher's entries and Youtube vids... VERY helpful - second, ESC Programming PDF: http://www.dynam-rc.com/download/diantiao.pdf - third, DO consider cutting the prop shaft down and adding a prop-saver. It is long like Dallasflyfisher says and the prop saver's elastic will also soften the blow should you come in on the nose. - lastly, I was using this with a 3S 2200mAh 20C 11.1v battery ... which accounts for most of my weight. A smaller mAh would likely make a better choice for me for thrust to weight ratio, etc. Bottom line, great service, great combo, great price. My only reason for not 4/5 stars is due to the bum motor. That aside, it would have been a 5/5. Thanks Hobby Parts!" "5" "Tony" "June 29, 2011" "I needed a motor, esc, and some servos for a project. The kit eliminated trying to find the different pieces myself and couldnt beat the price. So far the motor, esc, and servos work well and creat alot of thrust for my project. Thanks!" "5" "Ed T." "June 24, 2011" "I've ordered several of these kits and they've all worked great. I noticed that one motor bearing was a little rough, so I ordered a new one from headsup rc, 3mm x 7mm x 3mm bearing." "5" "Jason Uberig" "May 26, 2011" "Very pleased with kit. I'm new to the hobby and to have a kit with already matched components is a big plus to me. I hooked up a 7.4 x 4.5 prop I had sitting around and combined it with a Blue LiPo 20C 3S 2200mAh battery. I haven't flown any of it yet, but on the bench hooked it up and spun the motor up. Like I said, I'm new to this, but the speed and thrust at HALF throttle kind of makes me nervous that I'm over powering this configuration with the 2200mAh, though, really, that should only dictate the run time. So maybe it is the prop. I'm going to go pick up an 8x4 like mentioned in some other reviews here. Only one comment that it would have been nice (for a newbie) for the wires to already have connectors on them. Not that I mind doing some soldering, but the cost went up a bit to put this together - and it's my own fault I should have noticed from the pictures. Either way, I'm a happy customer and may consider another when I get to my next build project." "5" "ParkzoneFan" "May 21, 2011" "Seems to be working great. Pulling 82 watts with a 8x4 GWS on 3s. Dont get much more RPM after about 65% throttle. might try a little smaller prop to get better performance and battery life. pulling 7.62 amps." "5" "eric freeman" "May 7, 2011" "this is a great value!" "5" "Reggie" "May 1, 2011" "Very performent with a 3 cells and 8 X 6 prop. Magnets came off after a few crash but a little bit of super glue took care of it. Still flying foamies and a tiger moth with them." "4" "Seth" "April 25, 2011" "Great little combo kit for the Price. Using it on my sons slow stick." "5" "BJ" "April 25, 2011" "Bought 3, great combo @ a great price. over 16 minutes flight times on a 1300 Blue Lipo." "5" "Shawn" "March 25, 2011" "Works as advertised! Awesome Power! Motors sound great! The Blue Lipos I purchased for these motors are excellent! Highly Recommend! Shipping was very Fast!" "5" "Donn "Corky"" "March 19, 2011" "I placed my order late wed. night and got my order today, Saturday! Thank you HobbyPartz & Nitro Planes for using USPS Priority Mail! As stated in the reviews this is a great inexpensive little combo! I got it to install on my new GWS Slow Stick I got for $33.90 and the Gens Ace 1300 3S Lipo (and others) I got here for $12.05. With this combo I'll have it flying in no time for $70.00!. The combo lacks the instructions but I found them on the manufacturers Site at.. http://www.dynam-rc.com/download/diantiao.pdf I know this will be helpful to others as the ESC is pre-programmed with "Brake On" and I want it turned off. It can also be re-programmed to "Hard Timing" for 6 or more pole motors for better RPM and more current (20%). Thanks to the other reviewer's tip on cutting the shaft and using a prop saver! (I wonder if Tower-Pro prop shafts will work on this motor? Hummmm!" "5" "John Park" "March 7, 2011" "I built 44 in trainer this is a awsome deal. it is the best and it works great lot's of power i'm buying more... WHAT A DEAL. I'm totaly satisfied with the Dynam combo.Thanks for offering this combo to everyone..JP." "5" "eric freeman" "March 5, 2011" "great deal and value, works great, highly recommend!!!" "5" "Trent" "March 2, 2011" "Excellent, good for park flyers." "5" "BIG ERNIE" "February 27, 2011" "I USED THIS SETUP ON A GRAUPNER PARK FLYER.THIS COMBO IS THE ANSWER TO ANYONE LOOKING TO START FLYING ON A BUDGET. SERVOS WORK GREAT ,MOTOR AND SPEED CONTROL GIVE PLENTY OF POWER ESPECIALY WITH A 3 CELL/ 950 AMH LIPOAND A SMALL 5X5 PROP,GOING TO BUY MORE OF THESE, BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK" "5" "Plane1233" "February 10, 2011" "I build an 300s from rcpowers... Im planning to use the combo deal from hobby partz and a Blue Lipo 3-Cell 1300mAh 3S1P 11.1v 25C RC Battery from hobbypartz... ( http://www.hobbypartz.com/83p-1300mah-3s1p-111-25c.html ) will it work with the combo deal??? I want a POWERFUL battery that will give lots of FLIGHT TIME.... in the recconendations it says a 1300mah 2~3 cell battery will work... and will the combo deal be poweful evough for this rc plane??? Also how did you connect the battery to the speed control of the combo deal??? it dosent seam to save a battery connector.... Lastly, what charger will work with the battery (either the Blue Lipo 3-Cell 1300mAh 3S1P 11.1v 25C RC Battery or if it wont work for this setup whats a charger that will work for the battery you reccomend??? ) THANK YOU..." "5" "Andrew" "January 24, 2011" "it is a great combo with the esc and servos but it has like no power with that motor i would like to see a stronger motor with a combo like this and also without a 3 cell lipo its useless 2 cell will give you about 1/2 the potential power invest in a 3 cell" "5" "David" "January 6, 2011" "Very good combo deal but (for beginners) don't forget that the ESC and motor wires don't come with bullet connectors. If a you are a beginner and need help building a plane than email me at davidace7@gmail.com." "5" "ANDREW" "January 5, 2011" "IT HAS ALOT OF POWER AND IS A GREAT BEGINNER MOTOR SYSTEM" "5" "Doublebuck" "December 1, 2010" "This is an excellent combp for small balsa/foamies. Used with the recommended 8-4 prop it gives great performance at a bargain price. Super reliable too. I have bought three sets because of their performance vs cost." "5" "John Kitchens" "September 22, 2010" "Excellent quailty, good price/combo kit" "5" "Dan Baughman" "August 31, 2010" "This is a great combo set .It works good and all parts preform well." "5" "Richard S" "August 21, 2010" "I have purchased 3 of these combos. They all worked great. Quan Li Zero, Quan Li FW190, and Quan Li P-47. Zero uses GWS 8x4 prop. FW190 & P-47 use 8x3.8 prop supplied with Quan Li kits. All use 3 cell LiPos, 1300mah. Flight times exceed 10 minutes." "5" "Dave K" "August 3, 2010" "I purchased this combo for a GWS Pico Tigermoth. It works perfectly on that plane. It has plenty of power running off a 3 cell lipo." "5" "C Friedman" "July 23, 2010" "You'll see alot of reviews showing this package as good for foamies (it is) but... I use this for my small balsa planes (less than 35" wingspan - less than 1 lb total weight) has almost enough to make 'em 3D - set up my Guillows FW190 with 27" wingspan - 300gr total weight - use a 7.4v lipo throwing an 8x4 prop - works good. I'd recommend to anyone on a budget who wants to build an light RC aircraft - I've bought two of these, no problems at all... I'll be buying more - PS. the FW takes quite a bit of modification to fit the servos" "5" "Skydrol" "June 22, 2010" "Excellent combo pkg. everything you need to build a cheap foamy. All the parts worked perfectly even after a couple of hard landings (crash)." "5" "Bill" "June 19, 2010" "I've purchased two sets and both work very well. A great bargain. Keep them coming." "5" "Steve" "June 14, 2010" "Put this on a homemade foamie plane and it works great. Plane weights 11oz and flies with a 3s 1300mAh battery." "4" "FlyingMonkey" "June 13, 2010" "I used this package to get a friend flying. He wanted to get into the hobby on a budget, but I wanted him to have a kit that he could reuse in the event of a crash. Add this combo to some FFF blucor type foam, and you've got a wide variety of planes you can grow through." "5" "Dallasflyfisher" "December 30, 2009" "This is one awesome set up for the money. I mean really 3 servos, 9 servo horns, 1300kv motor, and an 18amp ESC for under $30. Works awesome for pulling my 9 oz Dollartree foam flier. See my helpful video on You Tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6NwIf3pa0s" "5" "travis" "December 30, 2009" "Works well with 3s lipos and the hobbypartz planes" "5" "dallasflyfisher" "December 29, 2009" "I purchased the Hobbypartz combo Motor, ESC, what I found was a nicely packaged complete combo perfect for foamie park fliers. This kit is awesome, there are no instructions, but it's very straight forward. First solder 3 bullet connectors to the 3 Wires on the motor and ESC. Then solder a battery connector of your choice to the 2 wires coming out of the ESC I use JST or DEANS Connectors on most models. Plug the ESC into your Throttle port on your RX. At this point you will want to make sure that you do NOT have a battery plugged in and no prop on your motor. Make sure your motor is securely mounted either in the plane or on a sturdy area. Turn on your transmitter throttle in the down position then connect the battery to the ESC. At this point just provide enough throttle to get the motor spinning. If the motor is spinning the wrong direction simply reverse 2 of the 3 connectors and try again. Once you know your motor is spinning the right direction you should mark your wires. I use a sharpie pen and simply mark matching wires with 1 line, then 2 lines, then 3 lines. or you can color code them with shrink tubing (I'm cheap so I use black on everything and use a silver sharpie to make my marks. The kit comes with a stick mount (with cooling fins) or there are various suppliers of firewall mounts available as well. Again I am cheap so I used the free stick mount and some wooden sticks I found in the craft section of Walmart. I would highly recommend picking up a propsaver and cutting the shaft with a dremel tool to reduce the chances of bending the shaft. When facing the motor from the front you will want to make certain the motor spins in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE position Attached is a foamie park flyer I made from scratch for my daughters soccer team, it was a quick build with no plans using the combo kit from Hobbypartz. and a Spektrum Park flier RX using Elevon mixing and a Blue Lipo 3s 20c 500mah battery spinning a 8x4.3 prop. The servos come with multiple arms so pick up a couple of control rods, battery, and RX/TX you have a inexpensive park flier. The Soccerball/Shoe flier was built with 3mm Dollar Tree foam board. Control horns were cut from scrap plastic in the garage So minus the Battery/RX/TX this plane literally cost me $45 to complete including the bamboo skewers, parkzone control rods, low temp glue, prop, prop saver, and Blue Lipo battery. Video has been added http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6NwIf3pa0s If you're a beginner and need help feel free to PM me here. Sincerely David Bradley aka dallasflyfisher" "3" "dditch66" "December 3, 2009" "I think I found specs on this from the dynam website and other websites. Servos are your typical 9g servos. Dynam 18A esc and the motor is an A1210 1300Kv motor for 2-3 cell lipo and 8x4 prop." "3" "Abe Gainer" "October 8, 2009" "Here is a collection of the power and control parts that any beginner would need for under $30. Combine this deal with the Exceed RC 6-chan package and the right battery/charger to complete the whole RC setup. If only there was some basic documentation included with the parts. Even a PDF link on the product page would do. Someone buying this set is sure to be a beginner in experimenting with RC, brushless motors, ESC, servos, etc."

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