Sky LiPo ROAR Approved

Sky Lipo Roar Approved Li-Po batteries are competition tested and proven by top drivers. These batteries feature high capacity for maximum duration and dimensions that fall within the specs required by international sanctioning bodies.

Sky Lipo batteries mark true discharge ratings unlike other companies that inflate their claims. Sky Lipo continous and burst C ratings are accurate and if anything conservative. We donít like our customers disappointed by outrageous claims.

Sky Lipo Roar Approved batteries consist of a balanced chemistry that delivers the most powerful and longest lasting cells. Our batteries weigh less and deliver more consistent power than our competitors. Experience an advantage over inferior products.

This battery features Sky Lipoís molded composite hard case and industry-standard gold 4mm bullet connectors mated with heavy duty silicone wires to minimize resistance and maximize current delivery. A pair of connectors is included with each battery.

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