Professional Pilot Joe Smith Fly’s His Way Through SEFF 2012

Jun 15th , 2012 by: Bobby Gens Ace

Professional Pilot Joe Smith Fly’s His Way Through SEFF 2012

1One of our most prestigious sponsored pilots, Joe Smith, recently attended one of the largest electric flight events of the year, SEFF 2012. The event was held on Monday, April 23 and went through Sunday the 29th. Located in the open areas of Americus Georgia, at the Mac Hodge’s field, 407 registered pilots from all around the country showed up to participate in one of the greatest electric fun fly events known as the Southeast Electric Flight Festival (SEFF).
All aspects of Electric flight was represented including: sport planes, hotliners, parkflyers, 3D, giant scale, slowflyers, gliders, pylon, ducted fan jets, helicopters, scale, F5B, and a large array of other related Electric Flying activities. The event environment is primarily occupied with open flying following Noon Demos and finishing with a few distinct contests to participate in.
            Throughout the event Joe was primarily stationed at the 3D line, flying noon demos with the 3D Hobby Shop 104” Electric AJ Slick, but in his spare time he focuses on his greatest enjoyments when attending these events, which is helping and answering questions pilots have about the products he uses as well as helping others set up their planes.
            The planes Joe brought to the show were from 3D Hobby Shop which included the 104” slick, 87” Extra, 74” Edge, 58” Edge, 40” epp edge, and the new Vyper Biplane. (To see the products used at the events provided by HobbyPartz, please click the link at the bottom of the page).


During the week Joe had the opportunity to really push the provided battery packs to their ultimate performance. When speaking with Joe about the power behind the Gens ace and Sky Lipo batteries, he stated “I couldn't have been any happier with the performance these packs delivered. One main aspect of these packs that just sticks out to me is there ability to hold voltage underload.”

As a top tier pilot within the industry, Joe is constantly forced to push his equipment to the limit. From hovering on spot to Rollers on the deck, Joe’s planes require a large amount of power like his 104” Slick, which is pulling over 140 Amps at 12S. “With my flying style, it is very important to me that the batteries don't continue to drop voltage under load, I push the packs hard and my flying requires my components to be top of the line. From the lightest 2 cell packs to the big 6 cell packs they deliver what I need; performance, fast charging, High C rating, and most of all dependability with a constant voltage throughout the flight.” Joe stated, “I am privileged to represent these battery packs and have received many comments from other pilots about how they liked their Sky Lipo and Gens Ace packs. When someone asks me what batteries I recommend, I tell them the ones I fly, Sky Lipo and Gens Ace packs. I enjoy promoting this great product and I thank for allowing me to do so.”

Overall the event was a big success with some of the top pilots in the nation showing off there talents and planes. The Noon demos were fantastic and the Night flying was top notch. The SEFF event is one of Joe’s biggest events of the year and he is planning on attending many more events for the upcoming future. Next Stop is the world’s largest RC Show- Joe Nall. With Joe’s skills and continuous talents, we are proud to present him as a great representative and sponsor of HobbyPartz, Gens Ace, and Sky Lipo.

The list of products used by Joe Smith were the following:

In the 104" slick he used 4x Sky Lipo 6s 5000mah 40c batteries ( 77P-SL5000-6S1P-40C-6666 )to make a 12s 10000mah setup as well as 2x Sky Lipo 2s 4000mah packs ( 77P-SL4000-2S1P-40C-2222 )for the receiver
and 2x Sky Lipo 3s 1000mah packs ( 77P-SL1000-3S1P-30C-3333 ) for the Aurora RC lighting system.

The 87" Extra used 2x Sky Lipo 6s 5000mah 40c packs ( 77P-SL5000-6S1P-40C-6666 )for a 12s 5000mah setup.

The 74 Edge also used one Sky Lipo 6s 5000mah 40c pack ( 77P-SL5000-6S1P-40C-6666 )
and one sky lipo 2s 2200mah pack ( 77P-SL2200-2S1P-30C-2222 )for the receiver.

The 58" edge uses one Gens Ace 4s 4000mah 25c pack. ( 98P-25C-4000-4S1P )
The 40" epp edge uses one Sky lipo 40c 3s 1600mah pack. ( 77P-SL1600-3S1P-40C-3333 )
The new vyper bipe used one Sky Lipo 4s 2650mah 40c pack. ( 77P-SL2650-4S1P-40C-4444)


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