LiFe Lithium-Phosphates Batteries

Gens Ace Li-Fe Batteries

Gens Ace Li-Fe line of LiFEPO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries offer many advantages over other Nickel batteries including Lithium-Ion Polymer counterparts. Below you will find many reasons why a Gens Ace Li-Fe is the ideal power application for your hobby.

Gens Ace Li-Fe batteries will provide four times the usable cycles, this means the useful life of the battery will outlast traditional batteries. Li-Fe cells are generally smaller in size which means you have more capacity and voltage compared to a traditional Ni-Mh cell, ounce for ounce. Gens Ace Li-Fe batteries do not require a low voltage cutoff, go ahead and disable that low voltage cut-off you are so accustomed to with your Li-Po batteries. Another significant advantage of Gens Ace Li-Fe batteries is the ability to charge at higher charge rates. Need to get back into action quicker? A 10C charge rate is no problem. Even with those high charge rates, Gens Ace Li-Fe batteries are more consistent and have no “memory effect” compared to Ni-Mh cells.

Gens Ace Li-Fe batteries offer better power density (the speed that charge can be drawn from them) and are inherently safer than Li-Po batteries.  Lithium iron phosphate cells are much harder to ignite in the event of mishandling especially during charge, although any battery, once fully charged, can only dissipate overcharge energy as heat. Therefore failure of the battery through misuse is still possible. Nevertheless, with proper handling, Gens Ace Li-Fe batteries will deliver thousands of hours of spectacular performance.

Gens Ace Li-Fe batteries are “greener” than other batteries. They are constructed of non-toxic materials and feature a high abundance of iron and manganese. Its excellent thermal stability, safety characteristics, and electrochemical performance are reasons why Gens Ace Li-Fe batteries are the ideal power application for your hobby.

Gens Ace Li-Fe Features:

  • Long shelf life, will not self discharge
  • Industry leading cycle life – thousands of charge cycles
  • Environmentally friendly chemistry
  • Long life – in the field and on the shelf - Rechargeable lead-acid (SLA), NiCD, and NiMH batteries will “self-discharge” when sitting on the shelf. Some (such as lead-acid) can be damaged by long-term storage and rendered unusable. Gens Ace Li-Fe packs will last years without use, and can be recharged thousands of times.
  • Availability of numerous application sizes for robots, receiver packs, and surface or air remote control models.

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