41G T-Pro SG5010 Ballraced Servo
41G T-Pro SG5010 Ballraced Servo

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- Coreless Motor
- Double Boll Bearing
- Light Weight
- Less Noise
- Connector Wire Length 300mm

Professional High Speed SG-5010 Servo
Dimensions: 1.57" x 0.79" x 1.44" (40 x 20 x 36.5mm)
Weight: 1.44oz (39g)
Operating Speed (4.8V no load) : 0.14sec / 60 degrees
Operating Speed (6.0V no load) : 0.11sec / 60 degrees
Stall Torque (4.8V): (8  kg/cm)  (110oz/in.)
Stall Torque (6.0V): (11kg/cm)  (156oz/in.)
Temperature Range: -30 to +60 Degree C
Dead Band Width: 4usec
Operation Voltage: 3.5 - 8.4Volts

"5" "Bill" "March 28, 2012" "Strong fast powerful durable. I like them. I had one eat a gear after a crash, parts were cheap." "5" "anthony" "February 16, 2012" "well over a year in my losi and still going strong and with bashing and racing it it has held up where the stock one stripped after a hard hit this one has taken hit after hit and still is asking for more. A+++++ product" "5" "Thomas" "December 30, 2011" "GREAT SERVO FOR PRICE.I HAVE THEM IN A "GIANT STICK". HAVE NOT FLOWN PLANE YET, BUT THEY SEEM TO CENTER AND WORK VERY WELL. A LITTLE NOISY BUT I CAN LIVE WITH THAT. CANT BEAT THE PRICE!!!" "5" "Rod B" "December 9, 2011" "I use these in my 8 foot Senior Telemaster. Good response time and centering with plenty of power. I have yet to find a servo that can out do these for the money. A real bargain...." "4" "Eggman dave" "November 30, 2011" "Have not flown yet but appears to be great servo. Upgrading old SIG 1/4 scale Cub. I have no issues other than the mounting holes are not compatable with the old antique sevros they are replacing. I am looking forward to out with the old in with the new and much more reliable. The old bird is going to rock again!!" "5" "Chuck Blaise" "November 26, 2011" "Very good performer and excellent value." "5" "ppalleija" "November 22, 2011" "Excellent servo for the price" "5" "Charlie Perritte" "November 3, 2011" "I bought three of these for our low-buck spec class at the local mini track. Using them in the HPI Cup Racers. I have been extremely impressed with the power and speed of these servos for the money. I do get some "hunting" out of one of them on the bench, but under load it does not seem to happen. Well worth the price for a budget servo." "5" "dan" "October 29, 2011" "I fly giant scale and this is the only servo i use now. I used futaba and jr for years and had failures from time to time but have never had a failure with these servos. I have a yak that I do heavy 3d with that has over 150 hard flights on and the servos work without a hitch. Dont let the cheap price fool you, these are as good a servo as anything on the market and cheap." "5" "Howard Yee" "October 7, 2011" "Great price < $5!!! Works well, i.e. quick response, strong. Sturdy build." "5" "superjaay" "September 26, 2011" "Great replacement for traxxas 2075. Housing is a little big so check you available space." "5" "Howard" "September 22, 2011" "Best bang for the buck. At less than $5, you can't go wrong. Strong servo that works well, i.e. precise movement." "5" "oldcrowjoe" "July 14, 2011" "These are good servos for the money. great movement , centering is great, I used on 40-120 size planes and there the real deal... I will tell anyone don't miss out !!!!" "5" "Gabe" "June 30, 2011" "These things work great, i put them in my x-factor and my hpi and traxxas and they are awesome." "5" "Wayne" "June 20, 2011" "Seem to work great with my NitroPlanes CMP J3 Cub. No issues." "5" "Austin" "June 15, 2011" "Just a great servo that is quiet, strong reliable and cheap. :D four of my favorite requirements for servos. I use them in my 1/3 scale piper J3 cub and they preform flawlessly, Will buy more." "5" "Larry C" "June 14, 2011" "Well made, solid performing, low low price" "5" "Gabe" "June 8, 2011" "I bought this servo based off the reviews of others on here and they were right. This servo is awesome, i have an XTM X-Factor2 and i used this as my steering servo and its great, better then the XTM X-77 that it had in it before." "5" "Gary P." "May 31, 2011" "to be honest i was a lil apprehensive on buying these servos , everything i have gotten from hobbypartz has been great , but i was still wary of them , but once i got them and installed them in my CMP clipped wing cub the worked great , good centering , good throw and not any humming , they work better than the JR servos i have in my otherplanes , if you got a .25 to .90 nitro or electric , these servos will work great!" "5" "Tim Bann" "April 10, 2011" "Exelent servo!Light weight-STRONG-centers very well and the price CANNOT be beat. These are the only servos I use in all of my planes!" "5" "Another RC Guy" "April 7, 2011" "This is a great Servo for the money. Quick easy universal fit. Its a strong one that took some serious abuse and still works good with broken pieces of front end still hooked to it." "5" "Roy C." "April 6, 2011" "Not flown yet, but, tested on the bench. Work great, the torque is just about as claimed approximately 110oz/in for a 4.8 volt battery. Just ordered 10 more." "5" "eli cortes III" "March 28, 2011" "these servos ROCK! i got 5 for a nitro plane and loved'um. i liked them so much i orderd 10 more. i got 10, 3D flights with my edge540t and there still going strong." "5" "Bigshades92" "March 28, 2011" "I use this servo in my 2wd Slash. The speed is great for countersteering, and stabilizing it. In terms of torque, it is ok: I would say it is better than the 2075 traxxas servo. I have had no issues with it." "5" "ROBERT" "March 22, 2011" "I HAVE OVER 15 PLANES MOST OF THEM OLDER MODELS.I USED THESE IN SOME NEW PLANES AND WILL BE REPLACING ALL MY OLD SERVOS WITH THESE. CAN'T BUY A USED ONE FOR THIS AT A SWAP MEET WHAT A BARGAIN." "5" "sbakr" "March 21, 2011" "Great servo, great price!" "5" "John" "March 17, 2011" "its a fast servo but it burnt out on my 1/10 after i used it for a couple weeks" "5" "Jim Fowler" "March 15, 2011" "So far I have not used them in anything, however I have just installed them in a P-47 7th scale aircraft to be used as flap servos. I have ran them several times through cycles and they seem to be working just fine." "5" "Anders" "March 11, 2011" "Very happy about this servos. Unbeatable at this prices, even China can't do better." "5" "Dennis Harvey" "March 8, 2011" "Great servo at a great price. Hard to believe the quality at this price!" "5" "anthony" "February 13, 2011" "very good product" "5" "Matt Hipple" "February 9, 2011" "Seems to be better than the stock hpi servos that came with my rs4. Using it as a steering servo and it centers well with plenty of tq for this application. Ummm, the price, where on earth can you get a nice servo this cheap?? This place is a nice find for electronics...." "5" "Zachary Blanton" "January 28, 2011" "This appear to be great servos. They arrived quickly and was exactly what I ordered." "5" "Al Delp" "January 25, 2011" "I absolutely love these servos! I have been using in .46 to .90 planes and have just installed them in a 30 Gas powered Edge. Great servo at a great price." "5" "anthony" "January 21, 2011" "i put this in a losi strike because the stock one is junk. it is doing better and the speed is good. better than stock because it will stay strait after i turn where the stock one would need the trim messed with after every turn." "5" "Ed" "January 21, 2011" "I bought 2 of these to try in a Top-flite FW-190 project. Vary happy with with them. I have bought more to finish the Fw-190 and for 2 more project planes." "5" "armando perez" "January 19, 2011" "they center very well great price been using them for a year they do a good job for the buck! Have them in 5 airplanes with no servo problems yet!!" "5" "Ray Clapper" "January 13, 2011" "These servos have fantastic power and are quieter than my JRs that cost 5 times as much. I can't even buy the connectors for my JRs for what these cost. So far I have 8 of these in all types of models. Couldn't be happier about these servos !" "5" "Ed" "January 10, 2011" "I've been flying 39 years and have never seen a better value. I fly a sport pattern plane with a 90 two stroke and these have given no problems." "5" "Al Delp" "December 26, 2010" "High Quality, Low Price." "5" "Gregg Clement" "December 15, 2010" "great value, fast shipping!" "5" "Ed B" "December 10, 2010" "Work great for a standard servo, center well. Can't beat the price. I will buy more." "5" "BJM" "December 6, 2010" "Unbelievable that a servo this cheap performs so well. I replaced a pair of high dollar Futaba servos on my Gee Bee R3 as the output shafts rocked and allowed control surface flutter with them. Not so with the 5010's, no play at all. I've got 8 more going in my 90" P-38. These have become my go to servos in my larger birds." "5" "Glacier Girl" "November 28, 2010" "Great bang for the buck, I used these to correct a play condition I was getting in name brand servos when the output shaft rocked back and forth on them. Play in the control surfaces is not something you want in a pylon racer at 100 mph plus. These servos worked flawlessly,no play(dual ball bearings), were stronger then the ones they replaced, and nearly 1/3 the price!!!!!! What more could you ask for?" "5" "RC Master" "November 19, 2010" "Bought 2 of these to use for flaps and they perform great. I would outfit an entire plane with them." "4" "Jason Montgomery" "November 16, 2010" "I have had this in my e-firestorm at the track and it performs fine. I don't think it lives up tp the specs but for $5 you can't go wrong. It is better than most stock rtr servos. It is equal to any $35-$50 servo." "5" "John" "October 10, 2010" "I am very happy with the performance of these servo's. I am using them in a 110 size electric pattern airplane.No problems, they center as good as my JR's have good power and seem very reliable" "5" "Larry C" "September 20, 2010" "These are good solid performing servos, I fly sport nitro planes (40 to 60) and these are perfect for my use. Well made. Responsive. The price is unbeatable." "5" "Ray Clapper" "August 19, 2010" "I have 5 of these servos now and I don't know how they can sell a servo of this quality for the cost of a connector from other servo manufacturers. They work as good as my JRs or Hitecs. Great servos !" "5" "Mike" "August 19, 2010" "Although I have yet to use the 41g's I bought from Hobbypartz, I have used over 100 from other sources. With a failure rate of 2% (and this is extreme flying) and the price being what it is I cannot think of a better value buy. They work great and help to keep our sport affordable." "5" "J.C" "July 30, 2010" "Outstanding servos! I've been using them for a while with NO issues. Excellent value & performance." "5" "Simon" "July 5, 2010" "Small, powerful, easily convertible for continuous rotation, and an incredible price. Highly satisfactory." "5" "Nick" "June 16, 2010" "This is a great servo, for lifting 156 oz its quite a steal at five dollars. Too bad it doesn't come with metal gears that would make this the super man of all servos." "4" "Bob" "December 10, 2009" "Bench tested (6) upon receiving---seem quick , quiet & accurate @ 6V . Much more so than the (6) D226F digitals on same order." "5" "Hobbynutt" "November 25, 2009" "Have used these in three planes without any failures or performance issues. The servos are an absolute steal, compared to the ones that they replace for $29.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "5" "n/a" "October 4, 2009" "these are great little servos at a great price, easy to convert to 360 and extremly fast with lots of strength, these are going to be my standard servos from now on" "4" "platon lopez" "September 10, 2009" "this servo powerfull 140 oz torke awsome price i will purchase some dozen more buy it platon" "5" "josh" "April 2, 2009" "been a tower pro fan for like forever since it came out, use it on almost all my rc projects, although some occassional bad servo, i would say 98% of the tower pro servos have been a pleasant experience for me" "5" "walt" "March 13, 2009" "i fly these in my great planes 60 cub, thay hold like a servo should."

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