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July 23rd , 2012 by: Bobby Gens Ace

Introducing EnHobby Blog

1HobbyPartz and its subsidiary websites have undergone the creation of a new and innovative online blog, focusing on bringing a new perspective to the internals of our company and its blend within the industry. The site is still in its infant stages having launched only a couple weeks prior to this article’s publication. With bright minds and a steady focus, the staff has a clear idea and focus for what direction the blog will be heading in. Along with giving readers an inside look at the HobbyPartz family and its affiliates, EnHobby’s mission is to provide quality RC coverage that is not easily accessible. You will have the opportunity to be introduced to reviews, stories, and the activities that are taken on by pilots, drivers, special guests, and the staff here at HobbyPartz. The goal is not to only inform but to entertain the reader through untraditional approaches in writing styles and exposure.


Our objective with Enhobby is not to only expose one sided glorifying posts and promoting new products, but to develop an existent and authentic perspective at matters the viewer would want to recognize. The site will be exposed for both enthusiasts and newcomers to find reliable and uncensored opinions and subjects. Negative points are not omitted and positive points are not overly emphasized. We are realists that want to open a direct platform of communication between the industry and the reader.

Apart from reviews, Enhobby will also expose exclusive coverage of special events and staff projects. Subjects may include test flights and revealing new products to behind the scenes video production with genuine interviews and short articles. This will allow the reader to be able to grasp a closer look into the internals of HobbyPartz. Please take the time to come visit us at EnHobby.com and enjoy what we have to offer!

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