2pcs 7g Sub-Micro Servo 60P-DY-1002
2pcs 7g Sub-Micro Servo 60P-DY-1002

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Item #:60P-DY-1002
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Weight: 7g/0.31oz
Torque: 4.8V 1.6kg-cm
Speed: 4.8V/0.12sec/60"
Size(mm) 24X11X24
Size(in) 0.9X0.4X0.8

Content Package: 2pcs 7 gram sub micro servos

"5" "Clark" "May 31, 2013" "Great servo for the price and the come in Pack's of 2. I did have a small crash with them installed and both the ailiron servos stripped but may have saved me from damaging the control surfaces of my basla FuntanaZ. i would definitely recommend these." "5" "rick" "December 12, 2011" "Great value. Resolution and power very good. Have bought more. Very nice sizing for ailerons in small plane wings." "5" "Sampath" "August 10, 2011" "These are quite smaller than the regular 9g servos like SG90 or MG9, but they have good torque and they center very well. They are good as long as you operate till 4V. I tried these on a firefox ep100 which is a gaui 100 clone and these things work great." "5" "R. Manuel" "July 6, 2011" "There is no down side to getting these servos! They are cheaper than the T-Pro 9g servos, weigh less but provide more power. I use them in my 50mm jets and even my 110mph Mutiplex Microjet! They have never let me down! I thought that it was a typo when I first read the price! By far the best deal out there!" "5" "Kenneth Armstrong" "May 27, 2011" "I find that these are better than the 2.77 9 gram servo's. they are stronger, faster, less bounce, and they center a whole lot better. I have ordered 8 of these and I use them in my home made experimental foamies, ranging from 1/2 pound to 2 pounds, and I have never had a problem with these little guys, the only issue that I do have is that the wire leads are very short, Ive never measured them but my guess is they are only 6 inches long, causing me to use extensions all the time. Over-all I highly suggest these, and i will continue to use them on all my smaller planes." "5" "Matt" "March 15, 2011" "These are great servos! I have started using them in place of Futaba 3114's Same performance and a fraction of the price!" "5" "Roger" "March 9, 2011" "These are unblievable servos for the price, I've ordered 20 of them and all are still working just fine in my and my friends planes." "5" "RJ" "January 19, 2011" "What a great little servo!! I purchased a couple sets a month ago, they work so well I have just recieved 4 more. I have them in my Typhoon, a PT19, One of my Strykers,and in a 41" Sukhoi. If there is any issue with these it would have to be how can they sell such a good product for a sixth of the price of compariable servos!!!GREAT PRODUCT AS USUALL!! THGANKS HOBBY PARTZ" "4" "R.Solai" "January 14, 2011" "They work great and I don't think you will find a better buy any place." "4" "Jim" "December 17, 2010" "These servos have lots of power and I love the arms that come with them. I didn't even know there were two in a pack when I ordered them. Two servos for $3.40! I love there. The only reason I gave them four, not five stars is because they wobble or bounce on endpoints and centering because at the end of the cycle, they tend to overrun just a little bit, but it really isn't noticeable on my jet or my 3D foamy." "5" "Ray Manuel" "December 16, 2010" "But a great product too! They work just as good as HS-55 servos and seem stronger! Very precise and stupid cheap!! Less than $2 each as opposed to $15 for an HS-55. I am going to buy some of these with every order just to make sure I always have some!" "5" "Wade" "November 24, 2010" "I use two of these servos in my 90mph glider that weighs 21 ounces and they have plenty of power for the elevator and rudder. And the price is the best deal I have found." "5" "Nils" "November 9, 2010" "Best price-preformace I have seen" "5" "Bill D" "October 30, 2010" "I have bought several of them. They work great and I don't think you will find a better buy any place." "5" "Charles B" "October 16, 2010" "The only problem I can find with these is they "bounce" on very fast stick movements. It's very slight, and not a problem for me. (most servos exhibit this trait to some degree) These things are fast, center perfectly, and have FAR better resolution than I had imagined. These are better than servos I have paid 4-5 times as much for. Not perfect, but for a 1.70 a piece!!!!!! Wow!" "5" "Charles W" "October 1, 2010" "These are very small and light yet they have the power I've been using 9 gram servos, but these are lighter they have more torque than most 9 gram servos and at $1.40 each how can you go wrong. Hobby Partz has fast service. So in the servo being small is not a problem go for it." "5" "Michel Deschamps" "September 22, 2010" "Excellent for price/quality" "5" "Clover Fallentine" "September 9, 2010" "Ordered 12, all worked fine, they center very well, no jitters, They are stronger and faster than i originally anticipated. Only complaint, the servo horns are soft and flimsy, which is common for small servos. Need to find firmer horns-" "5" "Tim" "September 8, 2010" "Excellent Little servo! Very impressed! Good deal for the price!" "5" "Maddux" "August 22, 2010" "These servos have performed beautifully on a scratch built foamie." "5" "Richard S" "August 21, 2010" "I bought a set of these for dual ailerons in Quan Li Zero. They worked so well, that I ordered seven more sets. Thats a total of 16 of these servos that I have, and they all work just fine. They are the same size as Futaba S-3114 servos, but have more torque. And the price, about 1/8th. Great little servos for park flyers." "3" "Reacher10" "August 11, 2010" "I bought four of these. All are working and the resolution is good however they all have bounce at center and end of travel. I have them in a World Models Melting which is a precision aircraft and the bounce is unacceptable with this plane. I was trying to save a little weight. As usual Hobby Partz was flawless handling and shipping my order. This is prolly my 7th or so order and have never had an issue. Thanks HP!" "5" "Matt Williamson" "August 10, 2010" "Two pack for this price is such a deal. They are nice small servos and fast at 5v. Using them for an Arduino project and they work great." "5" "joe flyer" "August 7, 2010" "Excellent buy for small park flyer" "5" "RC Bob" "June 2, 2010" "This two pack of servos is a terrific buy. I also bought some 5g SG-50s to compare, but these 7g servos are well worth the extra 2 grams. I think they feel exactly like my Futaba S3114 servos for about 1/5 the price. Very smooth and precise. Comes with 3 control horns/servo and nice light weight lead wires, much better than the stiff and bulky wires on the SG series." "5" "CHARLES" "February 12, 2010" "This servo is listed as a 9g but when I got it it's a 7g. Also it came 2 to a pack for the price listed for 1 and with all accessories. Even better than what I expected ! ! !" "5" "Steve" "December 8, 2009" "These servos are much faster than the Hitec HS-55, and are very similar to the futaba S3110, but a fraction of the price. Centering is great too. I've ordered lots of cheap micro servos from other places, but this is probably the best value micro servo for your money!!!"

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