May 13 , 2013 by: Bobby Gens Ace


1 If you are an RC enthusiast, you have probably spent countless hours on the internet shopping, researching, and watching videos to cure your hobby needs. Among many of those immeasurable periods of times you may have come across one of the largest RC youtube channels on the internet, RC Adventures. Ran by the comical Aaron Bidochka, also known to his loyal followers as DJ Medic, he has been able to build an empire of videos on Youtube reaching over 100,000 subscribers and 79 million views.

Despite his mass exposure and cunning understanding for the crafts of RC mechanics, DJ Medic humbly claims not to be an RC Guru or product endorser of any kind. With his laid-back and welcoming attitude, Aaron has been able to represent himself as a hobby enthusiast with the goal of gathering a community of creative RC talents from around the world. Mainly focusing on RC Cars of all types, he has built a name and reputation that is not equivalent to any other RC entrepreneur on the internet.

Based off the website RCSparks.com, DJ Medic has designed his own RCSparks Studio in the basement of his own home. A dream for many, he has collectively been able to grow the studio into an assortment of remote control products, tools, and mechanics, displaying his love as an RC aficionado.

DJ Medic is not alone through his crafty experiences often inviting his friends and family into the spotlight. With his wonderful wife Jem frequently helping around the studio, filming and even getting her hands on some of the RC Action, he truly shows his love for sharing the experience. Among his frequent visitors to the studio, Aaron has been able to draw in the attention of many hobby shops and manufacturers. Most who are inspired by his work, have collectively donated many parts for him to share with his viewers expanding his creative boundaries. With videos being frequently updated throughout the week, Aaron is able to express the innovative aspect of the RC industry.


Throughout his growth, DJ Medicís attention and appeal has allowed him to appear on Calgary local news as well as land him a feature spot on Velocity Magazine. Although he has been approached with so many opportunities, he sticks to his humble routes and stands himself next to his viewers as an enthusiast.

With many projects in the works he continues to develop, attending more shows, conferences, and traveling to expand his love for RC. The expansion of RC Sparks, RC Adventures, and DJ Medicís humorous yet dedicated attitude to the industry has allowed the Remote Control toy stereotype to expand to a mainstream source of having fun and enjoying time with family, friends, and even strangers. To learn more about DJ Medic, visit is website at RCSparks.com or his Facebook page: facebook.com/RCSparks.Studio.

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