HobbyPartz at 2012 IRCHA JAMBOREE

Oct 3rd , 2012 by: Bobby Gens Ace

HobbyPartz at 2012 IRCHA JAMBOREE

1A team of hobbypartz.com employees recently attended one of the most highly anticipated and largest heli fun flyís in the world, the 2012 IRCHA Jamboree! Attending the event this year were some of the most prestigious pilots, manufacturers, and RC helicopters from around the world. As a contributor to the heli industry, we were eager to gather among the greatest to experience the remarkable events and activities that IRCHA Jamboree had to present.

Upon arriving we were awestruck by the amount of vendors, pilots, and sponsors preparing for the week ahead (as well as the traffic jam of golf carts). Despite the predictions in upcoming storms, the heavy crowds, and the unfamiliar territory, we were extremely excited for the week ahead, preparing to present and provide our new line of high discharge rate batteries.

Watching everyone getting ready with set up was great as well as the opportunity to meet some of the best pilots in the industry (before the heavy crowds and cameras arrive). Among the best were some of our representatives and sponsors from all roots of heli brands including Synergy, Compass, Align, Gaui, Makado, and Whiplash. With the tents set up and everyone in place for the following days ahead, we did some practice flights, tuning, and hit the sack preparing for the next morning.

Over the next few days a combination of sponsors and companies were providing demoís, seminars, contests, giveaways, and much more. At IRCHA some manufacturers and designers prepared to expose all of the new sneak peaks and secret releases for the following years ahead. New building ideas and entrepreneurial innovations can be quite an excitement for the thousands of heli enthusiasts attending the event.

From the early morning, till the sun sets, manufacturers and hobby shops were providing center stage demoís, taking their top pilots to show off professional 3D flying with extreme hurricanes, quick funnels, pirouettes, rainbows, slappers, and all sorts of reversals rarely seen by the average pilot. Attending these events is always a rush, feeling the power of these heliís while being serenaded by the sounds of the blades switching pitches and positions is something only understandable in the flesh.


Among all of the insane aerobatics, close calls, and sneak peaks IRCHA Jamboree had to offer, it ended with a spectacular night flying show. This show was not a normal show, but was extravagant in its own manner, with LED lit heliís, synchronized music, tons of fireworks, and the best pilotís in the world all together to put on a show for the crowd and town of Muncie Indiana.

In the end we had to conclude that IRCHA was one of the best RC events in the industry. Apart from providing food, real helicopter rides, extreme demos, music and entertainment, IRCHA and the organizerís involved did a outstanding job making the whole event a blast. We will definitely be back next year!

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