Hobbypartz Proudly Supports Better Education & the RC Community

May 24, 2012 by: Bobby Gens Ace Media Director: Jett He

Hobbypartz Proudly Supports Better Education & the RC Community

For a long time teachers and parents have been trying to find new ways in getting their child to strive in school. There have been many incentives from punishments to rewards, but these redundant plots just do not work! Recently HobbyPartz found a great opportunity to help a local middle school raise awareness to students about the importance of learning, steering away from the traditional after school programs and rewards systems provided in the classroom.

Edgewood Middle School, located in the region of West Covina California, has taken on a fascinating approach to encouraging students on maintaining a great scholastic record while providing a fun and safe environment. The approach was to build an afterschool RC club where  students could race, bash, and crash RC trucks and buggies. The rule of thumb was that they were required to maintain a minimum GPA and good behavior in all classes and curriculular activities in order to be allowed a spot in the club.

Soon as we were contacted by the club coordinator, we had to get involved!  Coming together with Edgewood Middle School, we found a way to jump on board, contributing to the club and providing the needed materials to help support such an remarkable program.

The organization started eight years ago with merely a few students, a faculty member, a couple of RC cars and a set of cones. The small club soon was able to build their first track on an abandoned dirt space on school property. With the support of the District office and the donations of the Medley family, the school was allowed to build a fenced track, supplied with PVC pipes and sprinklers for irrigation. By the summer of 2010 the final track was hand built with seven mounds of dirt and all the supplies needed to build a sturdy successful area for the students to enjoy the hobby.(To ensure safety practices, all RC items were supervised and provided by the school and donation contributors, allowing the advisors to safely oversee the students.)

Currently the after school program holds 36 students from 6-8th graders (both girls and boys), five parents, three teachers, a custodian, and several community volunteers. With all the efforts contributed to the track, Edgewood Middle School is proud to be one of the few dirt tracks known at any school in California and even the United States!

To support the students in maintaining good grades and proper behavior throughout the school year, Edgewood Middle School made sure each student was accelerating in their academic courses while holding a behavioral standard. We were proud to help donate to students that were able to maintain a proper scholastic standing, rewarding them with prizes and gifts at the end of the year.

Some of the products supplied by HobbyPartz would include Lipo batteries, transmitters/receivers, and a multi charger for the club, as well as banners, stickers, and other accessories to help embellish the track. With parent volunteers serving food, the kids and staff enjoying the races, and the RC company representatives coming out to support, the club was a major success.

It was apparent that the program created a vigorous approach to encourage students to understand the importance of education while providing them with the fun and enjoyment of RC racing and bashing. This played a large role in our involvement in the club as well as the great staff, students, and volunteers that contributed to the planning of the organization.

Through supporting the school's club and RC track to encourage better education, HobbyPartz is a proud sponsor of Edgewood Middle School RC Club and will continuously send our warmest contribution and support to many more organizations to help out not only local communities, but ultimately nation-wide organizations.

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